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Women in Technology - Betsy Aoki on Channel 9

May 02, 2006 Comment on this post [0] Posted in TechEd | Speaking
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Wesuckless_largeBetsy Aoki makes GotDotNet run.

She came to Portland a few years back (there's a picture of Rory and I on her blog) and when I bumped into her later on campus and she'd changed her hair and I didn't immediately recognize her and felt really bad about it. However, I now know she changes hair styles regularly - note that her hair matches her jacket. You don't just stumble on that kind of coordination. I know this because I'm a fashionisto. :)

She's the PM not only for but also so she really drives community. She's also got some interesting thoughts around women in the technology industry. There's a whole series of Channel 9 Videos on Women in Technology.

She just got video-interviewed on Channel 9 and to my surprise mentioned me in the first few seconds of the talk. There's already a review of the said video at Channel9Hawk

We talked at TechEd 2004 and I wrote "We suck less" on a T-Shirt to remind folks that GotDotNet really pulled out of some rough times (availability, stability) to turn into a very useful destination on the net.

I really have to say that I enjoy just about everything I see on Channel 9 and have to give big ups to the folks over there that just walk into an office and start interviewing. Transparency in marketing, community and PR is where it's at, no question.

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