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XmlDevCon: Don Box's talk...

July 10, 2003 Comment on this post [2] Posted in Web Services | XML | Tools
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Don Box is up (early, schedule change) and he's giving a talk that is obstensibly the first chapter to a book he just started. Some notes for myself follow. Don throws a lot of possibly deep concepts out at breakneck speed.  I'll need a few minutes to absorb.

Brian Cox was a visionary. Objects have become the moral equivalent of a Software IC.  There is an IC Plant on your desktop.

[re: WS-*.* specs] The cost of cross-company collaboration is WAY higher than I ever expected...

If it takes too much thought to explain/understand an abstraction, it's too hard...

XML Schema is a relative interpretation of truth.  It's not a Type System (whoa...) To expect those XML Schema constructs to find their way into your programming model, is wrong.  The goal for Schema instead is to validate what is allowed input and outputs to a service.

Object-Orientation: Managted develop and test cycle, abstraction-driven IDEs, Platform Constrained, Compiler technology focused.  Security == private?

Service-Orientation: Unknown integration partner.  All I can do is write constraints on variation.  Primitive tooling, Unknown platform, WS-Technology in controlled descent.  Intense security requirements.


If the amount of abstraction you have to sell me is nil, that's a really good place to be...

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July 11, 2003 0:56
Linus Torvalds, in the book, "Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary," also discusses the importance of creating a simple design (and how difficult it is to do) and building from there.
July 11, 2003 0:59
Best line of the day (from Don) "People who replace their own CPUs dont get laid."

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