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Finding the Perfect Mouse

March 09, 2016 Comment on this post [102] Posted in Hardware | Reviews
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I have a small problem. I'm always looking for great computer mice. I've tried a number of mice (and keyboards!) over the years.

Five black computer mice, laid out left to right, and described in order below

Here's the current line up.

But the left one...oh this mouse. That's the Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse and it's really top of the line and it's my current daily driver. It's usually $99 but I've seen it for $74 or less on sale.

The Logitech MX Master is a high end mouse, but rather than catering to gamers as so many mice do, it seems to be aimed more towards creators and makers. Prosumers, if you will.


  • The MX Master has rechargeable LiPo batteries that are charged with a simple micro USB cable. So far they've lasted me two weeks or more with just a few minutes of charging. Plus, you can use the mouse with the cord attached. There's a 3 light LED on the side as well as software support so you won't be surprised by a low battery.
  • Fantastic customizable software.
    Exceptional Logitech Mosue Customization Software
  • Uses the "Unifying Receiver" which means a single dongle for multiple Logitech products. I also have the Logitech T650 Touchpad and they share the same dongle.
  • Even better, the MX Master also supports Bluetooth so you can use either. This means I can take the mouse on the road and leave the dongle.
  • Tracks on glass. My actual desktop is in entirely glass. It's a big sheet of glass and I've always had to put mouse pads on it, even with Microsoft Mice. This mouse tracks the same on a pad or a glass surface.
  • Heavy but the right kind of heavy. It's about 5 oz and it has heft that says quality but not heft that's tiring to push around.

One of the most unusual features is the Scroll Wheel. Some mice of a smooth scroll wheel with no "texture" as you scroll. Others have very clear click, click, click as you scroll. The MX Master has both. That means you can use "Ratchet" mode (heh) or "Freespin" mode, and you can assign a Mode Shift. If I click the wheel you can hear a clear mechanical click as (presumably) a magnet locks into place to provide the ratcheting sound and feel which is great for precision. Click again and you are FLYING through long PDFs or Web Pages. It's really amazing and not like any mouse I've used in this respect.

On top of that there is a SmartShift feature that automatically switches you between modes depending on the speed and vigor that you spin the wheel. All of this is configurable, to be clear.

It's a nice mouse for advanced folks or Devs because not only can you change basically every button (including a unique "gesture button" at your thumb where you click it and move the mouse for things like 'Next Virtual Desktop') but you can also have...


...configurations on a per-application basis!


This is fantastic because I want Chrome to scroll and feel one way and Visual Studio to scroll and feel another.

It's been 6 weeks with this new mouse and it's now my daily driver for code, blog posts, Office, and everything.

Trying out this new @Logitech MX Master mouse. This thing is SO SMOOTH.

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What's your favorite mouse or pointing device? Let's hear it in the comments!

PSA: Be sure to check out all month long for great hardware podcasts, blogs, and videos! Spread the word and tweet with #MarchIsForMakers!

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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March 09, 2016 14:26
I too obsess over this stuff :-), even to the point of trying to get rid of the mouse using tiling window managers like xmonad and i3wm for example, but that is another story.

The best solution I have found is actually a macbook pro. The swiping motions of the trackpad are a thing of beauty and it means never moving my hand very far. Interestingly, I haven't had anywhere near as much pain using the macbook pro as I did when I used the Microsoft 4000 and a vertical mouse.

In terms of mice, my favourite are by far the logitech roller ball and the vertical mice.

And yes, you can run Windows on the macbook pros really well (accordingly to my colleague, I wouldn't lower myself to that level :-)!).
March 09, 2016 14:35
fantastic recommendation!
I've been looking for information and opinions about the MX Master, and probably will be my next mouse.

and... what about keyboards? Do you have an updated top list of keyboards? maybe the next post? :)
March 09, 2016 14:42
I'm using Logitech MX518. it's pretty old but it's best I found and I don't see any reason to replace it yet.
March 09, 2016 14:47
Hey Scott,

Cracking review - I agree that finding Mice these days is increasingly difficult, but I think I've got a tougher challenge for you...

I'm a Surface Pro user, and find that sometimes, the Surface Pro keyboard just doesn't cut it. I'll have a perfectly good surface to rest the tablet part on, but the keyboard ends up flapping about. I'd love to find a good quality Bluetooth keyboard, but the trick is, it's got to fit into my rucksack! Any ideas..?
March 09, 2016 14:54
I've been using a Logitech Performance Mouse MX at home for several years now. I had to replace the rechargeable battery last year as the lack of battery life was becoming irritating, but it's just a standard Eneloop AA cell so cheap and easy. From the feature set it seems like the MX Master has replaced it as their new flagship.

At work I've tried two Microsoft wireless mice, but on both the rubber mouse wheel degraded completely (became sticky, stretched, and broke) in less than 12 months. Never had that problem with Logitech mouse so replaced it with a Logitech M705 Marathon mouse - accurately named because a pair of non-rechargable AA cells last approximately forever (just over a year so far and I never turn it off).
March 09, 2016 15:07
What about reliability?

I used to be very fond of Logitech Anywhere MX mice and kept buying new ones as soon as the old one stopped working. However, I had to do it more and more often, and the last one died after less than a month of use.

The symptom was always the same - left button stopped working, presumably because of a faulty microswitch.
March 09, 2016 15:10
I've been using the Logitech Performance MX at work for the last few years and thought it was about as good as a mouse could get. That was until I bought the MX Master for use at home about 6 months ago and realised just how much better it is again.

The scroll wheel SmartShift is such a subtle yet powerful feature that as soon as you go back to a mouse without it, you suddenly find scrolling really annoying.
March 09, 2016 15:11
The perfect mouse is called - trackpoint :-)
March 09, 2016 15:15
Logitech M570 trackball. Precise control and no more wrist pain. I couldn't imagine going back to a conventional mouse.
March 09, 2016 15:35
I can't get past the slight decrease in responsiveness of wireless mice. They keyboards always seem fine, but mice.. I don't know. Unless things have changed radically in the last year or so of course. I'm not particularly pernickity so an surprised that everyone else puts up with it, just to have a clutter-free desk.

As a result I use a SteelSeries Rival 300 which is pretty good, although I miss my discontinued Logitech G400 :(

Always surprises my how little thought business users put into something that they spend so much time handling.
March 09, 2016 15:46
I use Logitech Performance Mouse MX day to day at my desk both at home and in the office. They fit my hand better than anything else I've tried in 30 years. I've gone back from wireless to wired for a) security, b) responsiveness, c) no frickin' battery, and d) a mild and unjustifiable concern about just how much RF I'm surrounded by all day.

I have a couple of old thinkpads with trackpoint which I absolutely love, and as mentioned above, the trackpad on the MacBook Pro - mine is from 2015 - is genius.

When it comes to ergonomics I got tired of reaching past the keyboard number pad to the mouse - I can feel the tweak in my elbow and wrist each time - so I'm using a mechanical tenkeyless keyboard in the office and a tiny 60% item at home. I'm not doing much coding at the moment, so it remains to be seen how the Fn-key layer on the 60% affects my productivity, but it's definitely more comfortable to use.
March 09, 2016 15:50
Another vote for the Logitech M570 trackball. It has the added benefit of confusing people when they sit are your desk and try to show you something.
March 09, 2016 16:04
Totally useless to a left handed person.

Over the years I have tended to go for symmetrical mice. The moment there is a slight curvature or protrusion on one side, it becomes useless to a left handed person.

Logictech do make a left handed mouse (MX610), but trying to find a left handed mouse in our local shops are useless (in South Africa at least).

March 09, 2016 16:11
I use the Logitech m705. It's close enough to the MX Master in features and performance, but uses 2x AA batteries. The batteries last a really long time. The same awesome two-mode scroll wheel (which also scrolls left-right but I don't like that behavior so much), plus three side buttons.
March 09, 2016 16:12
I use the Arc Mouse as my daily driver in work, but need to have a "guest" mouse as most people refuse to use the Arc Mouse due to its looks and the way it feels.

I love the scroll bar(?) on the arc mouse, no wheel button but you still get that clickly feeling when scrolling.


March 09, 2016 16:34
In my searches for a perfect mouse I stopped with the CAD mouse from 3dconnexion:
I don't do CAD with it, only programming. (Before that I used top Logitech mice)
March 09, 2016 16:42
At work I try to touch the mouse as little as possible, but for gaming and design I've been using the Logitech G700S:

Customizable keymapping, ratchet/freespin scrolling, multiple tracking speeds, saved profiles, wired/wireless.
March 09, 2016 16:46
You seem to be ruling out Gaming mice as 'not for professionals'. Don't. I used to assume this and always had high end Logitech office mice like that but was never happy with how many buttons I had. 3 side buttons are great and give a good productivity boost, but I always seemed to want a couple more. So I got a logitech G501 (now replaced by the almost identical G502) for the office. It is wired, but that is a bonus as my employer doesn't like wireless mice. There are wireless models out there of course.

The difference was amazing. For a start the build quality and feel is much better. The mouse feels like it will last forever unlike most that have quite a plasticy feel. I presume that is because it has to survive gaming abuse rather than just hoping for a careful MS Office user. It has a 4 direction wheel that actually works properly and doesn't move sideways when you try to middle click. The software allows even more customisation than the MX Master (apart from the gesture stuff I think) and it will even store the customisation on the mouse.

Some gaming mice just seem to be all buttons, and I can see why that would make someone think that no gaming mice are for anything but gaming, but not all do. The ones with a sensible number of buttons seem to make better Dev mice than the 'pro' mice do. I would never go back to a non-gaming mouse now, and I have never used a mouse for gaming in my life.
March 09, 2016 17:00
I'm a fan of trackballs - no moving the mouse around in tight confined places or any worries about tracking on surfaces. Also on multiple, large resolution displays I can just flick the trackball across w/o picking up my mouse and resetting it to cover the distance. I use the Logitech M570 wireless and before that I used the Logitech Trackman. The battery life on the M570 is so great and I never have to think about it. It fits naturally in my hand as well. The distance is great too - I have a PC hooked up to my bedroom TV and I use the mouse from across the room. I'm more of a no-frills guy and so while there isn't much more that two buttons and a scroll wheel that's fine by me.
March 09, 2016 17:07
Rowan just beat me to the punch [gaming mouse]. I got a very nice deal on a Weyes 6d gaming mouse. It is the same comfortable size and shape as the original Microsoft "wheel mouse optical", has a heavy duty cloth sheathed cord that my cat can't chew through, and was only EIGHT BUCKS. It looks totally non-business, but it works great, and I can ignore all the extra features, using it just like a plain vanilla Microsoft mouse, and I have saved $31!
March 09, 2016 17:33
MX1000 is still my favorite. So much so that I recently went on ebay and bought a few, then newegg for some extra batteries, and have multiple working ones in case one ever dies again.
March 09, 2016 17:50
I also use the MX Master at home and at work - replaced the Performance MX for me.
I also use the "thumb-button" as middle-mouse-button as closing tabs in Chrome or Visual Studio is a action I perform very often and with the thumb always in place this gets very easy...
With the old Performance MX I could only set it to the middle-mouse-button, but with the MX Master I now also have media-function on "up and down" and back/forward on "left and right" which is really great.

As someone asked for keyboard advice:
I love (ultra-)slim keyboards and so I use the Rapoo E9050 and E9080 which are really great keyboards as soon as you get used to them - I can't type fast&error-free with any other keyboard at the moment anymore ;-). Before Rapoo I used the slim/flat versions from the more expensive lines from Cherry which where also not bad.
One feature I needed to get used to but do not wan't any other way now: Fn + Arrow keys for Pos1/End/PageUp/PageDown - really easily accessible and I use them a lot during coding...
March 09, 2016 18:12
I am reading this with my Logitech Performance MX, which is very similar (slightly more rounded design than the master).

The smooth scroll wheel is the one thing I miss as soon as I touch a "normal" mouse - they all feel very primitive by comparison. I'm on my second MX: so far two have lasted me about five years. I bought a third one to go with my laptop, because I just hate trackpads.

The forward/back buttons (above the thumb) are also great in Visual Studio as Navigate Back/Forward keys when inspecting code.

Expensive? Yes, very. But then I sit in an Aeron chair for the same reason I use an MX - I spend a lot of time using it, I deserve the best!
March 09, 2016 18:17
My favorite one is: Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 for Business
Light, easy to grab, great scrolling and stable. No more palm pain.
March 09, 2016 18:19
Hey Scott,

"Microsoft Mobile Mouse 4000" link is going wrong spelled Microsoft search on Amazon. You may wanna fix it.
March 09, 2016 18:19
I haven't needed a new work mouse since 1999, I am still using my Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer (yes the first one) that I bought when I lived in the UK and brought with me to the US when I moved here. It may not have high DPI but I am not an artist and I don't play games on that machine, and since it is a wired mouse I have no battery issues.
March 09, 2016 18:23
Amiga 500 had a nice mouse, warm memories:
March 09, 2016 18:48
I remember with fondness my Microsoft Trackball Explorer, as seen here. I have since been a convert to the gaming mouse for work club, and use a Logitech G700s
March 09, 2016 18:57
I was pretty apathetic in the mouse discussion for a long time. But then I started to get a lot of pain in my elbow/shoulder from traditional mice, and started looking into vertical mice. J-Tech's ended up being my favorite, and it is super affordable. It is impossible to describe how good it feels in your hand, and as an added bonus, it looks/feels a little like you are flying a spaceship.
March 09, 2016 19:15
Razor DeathAdder!
March 09, 2016 19:45
I use an Evoluent Vertical Mouse. It is fantastic for wrist strain. Can't compute without it.
March 09, 2016 19:55
Wow -- I have three of the four mice on the right. Great minds, eh?

BTW the arc touch mouse feels good, but drives me nuts because the scrolling regularly cuts out, causing me to "try turning it off and on again" to get it to resume scrolling.

I use the Anker at work, and for a cheapie mouse it really helps my wrist feel better.

May have to check out the MX though...
March 09, 2016 20:01
My personal favorite is the Nexus Silent SM-8500. It is whisper quite and fits in my hand perfectly. My only complaint is that it seems to wear out pretty quickly. I have to replace it every 12-18 months.
March 09, 2016 20:07
I use different mice at my office and home office. One is a track ball. The other is a basic Logitech.

The one at my office gets more use, but when switching to the one at home, it helps prevent hand pain because my hand uses different muscles for that mouse.

I also have a bunch of extras lying around both at both places in case my hand tells me it's time to switch.

Also, I have one at work that is just for a guest or co-worker so we can both use the pointer when looking at something together.

And besides I don't want cooties from others touching my mouse. An don't touch my monitors either ok? :) Thanks.

Getting to my point:

My big complaint though, is that the clicks, ratchets and general moving parts of all the mice I've ever used - sound - and feel like cheap plastic junk - with out a hint of quality.

Or at least they get that way soon after you start using it.

There are such cool wooden and other high quality keyboards that take those devices to a new level. Mice? Still in the plastic-y junkie, el-cheapo dark ages.

Thanks for this mouse suggestion Scott, I am going to try it.

March 09, 2016 20:10
I've used a Logitech Performance MX at home for years after getting it during a sale.

At work for development I've used a $2~ Dell supplied wired mouse. I noticed my hand was started to get sore as it was not completely filling my hand and my hand was "crouching" to hold it in an awkward position.

A few weeks later I noticed that the Performance MX was once again on sale. So old MX went to work, and brand new one stayed at home.

Has been so much better using that mouse - even for programming as opposed to gaming which I think it was designed for.
March 09, 2016 20:50
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 for work, because of its uber-confort and its great dedicated double-click button, but slight lack of precision. It mostly is because of how you hold it. I will probably buy a left-handed one too as I like to have two mouses, one on the left hand and one on the right hand.
Always plugged in G700 for home and gaming, though I do not use most of the buttons. The battery life is really awful (around 4 to 6 hours) even in economy mode, and even with brand new and fully loaded batteries. But I could not care less as I prefer wired mouses.
March 09, 2016 20:58
I'm also interested in that 'mousepad' you seem to be using. For anyone also interested, I think it's this one:
March 09, 2016 21:15
I'm an advocate of the trackball. I used to buy very cheap mice in the 90s and never really saw the benefit of an expensive pointing device until I used a Logitech Trackman Marble Wheel (c. 1998), ever since I've been using trackballs and am now currently using the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 - less movement of the arm, less repetition, just fits in my hand. Microsoft used to make some nice trackballs but stopped a while ago and apart from Logitech it's very hard to get an alternative.

I also use the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic desktop set and whilst I love the keyboard I don't like the mouse so much - been using Trackballs too long I suppose.
March 09, 2016 21:24
I also decided a few months ago that the MX Master was the mouse for me. I love the 3 pairing slots with the mix of Bluetooth/dongle. I wish my keyboard had the same feature. My only worry is my last few MX mice (not MX Master) would start degrading seriously after a year and with the price of the MX Master.. I don't want to have to replace it every year.
March 09, 2016 22:17
I have a high end mouse with a smooth scroll wheel and I HATE IT. I'm always bumping it by accident, and stopping the motion after a scroll usually ends up back tracking slightly. It's extremely annoying and I don't know how anyone could like it.
March 09, 2016 22:32
Few years back I switched to Logitech M570 wireless trackball and never looked back. I found out that trackball is a lot gentler on my wrist after long sessions in front of my box.
March 10, 2016 0:51
I'm a big fan of the SteelSeries Sensei. It's a wired mouse, but the big drawcard for me is that it's ambidextrous. The design is reminiscent of the original Microsoft Intellimouse, but with 2 buttons on each side of the mouse.

And for those that like a bit of personality to their hardware, the mouse comes with customisable LEDs that can be set to just about any colour. This happens to fit nicely with my nice red laptop (which Scott himself saw a couple of years back, when he was in NZ holding a workshop attached to a local tech conference).
March 10, 2016 1:36
A Microsoft Trackball explorer has been beside my keyboard for 10 years.

They're no longer in production, but you can get your own for $699.99 (yes, really)

March 10, 2016 2:01
IMHO, the best mouse is actually a Trackball, despite its name: Kensington Expert Mouse
March 10, 2016 2:08
Are you able to click the wheel and configure what that does? I use mouse wheel click as a double-click religiously...
March 10, 2016 2:19
Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0! I have 2 in use at work and at home and another 2 in unopened packages in case. Never found anything close for my tastes.
March 10, 2016 2:20
I have been using the Logitech Performance MX for a number of years. It is a bit large. I got tired of forgetting to throw the mouse in my laptop bag when going out, so I bought a MX Anywhere 2. It is smaller. After using the MX Anywhere 2 for a few days straight, going back to the Performance MX was uncomfortable due to the size (I have medium sized hands). The unifying receiver makes it easy to move between mice/computers.
March 10, 2016 2:54
I concur with Brian, the IntelliMouse 3.0 is the perfect work mouse. I also have a spare in case anything happens to my daily driver. Who cares that it has a USB cable. No batteries to worry about and no pairing problems ever.
March 10, 2016 3:00
I also use the MX915 from Logitech, as that was my first true "gaming mouse" for personal use. It was only a few years later when I realized how great it would be for at the office, so I bought a second one and have been using it ever since!
March 10, 2016 3:50
I found out my "Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000" a few days ago and started to use it again. I like its laser pointer especially when I'm boring...
March 10, 2016 6:02
Nothing will ever beat the 20+ year old(!!!) Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for me. Best mouse ever. For gaming I use a Steelseries Sensi which is a very similar shape and what I will use when the IntelliMouse dies. :-(
March 10, 2016 8:58
My vote is for the Logitech Marathon M705, but if I required bluetooth then the MX Master would be at the top of the list.

The Wirecutter's top pick in The Best Wireless Mouse is the Logitech Marathon M705 with the MX Master being "Also Great".

In The Best Tech and Apps for Your Home Office they pick the MX Master as their first choice.

For the person(s) asking about bluetooth keyboards, the 2nd article above has some keyboard recommendations. They go into more detail in The Best Bluetooth Keyboard.

March 10, 2016 11:40
I agree on the good and pricey things :(, until they break.
I have actually two trackball, Logitech M570, which are very nice when you don't need a surface for scrolling (working in bed and such). Until the micro-switches break and render the thing unusable. I paid for a second one as a replacement and got so far as to order micro-switches from china in order to repair my first broken one.

I switched to Trackball to relief some pain caused by the normal mouse. Now my thumb hurts...
I will try the Anker vertical which is very cheap to see how it goes.

My current setup is:
Work: MS Ergonomic 4000, Normal mouse
Home: Corsair Rapid-i (Mechanical, TKL), Logitech M570
March 10, 2016 11:45
My perfect mouse setup for maximum comfort, ergnomics and I have tested lots. Same detup at home and work:

- Evoluent vertical mouse

- Razer Destructor 2 Hard Gaming Mouse Mat -

- CS Hyde PTFE Mouse Tape -

- Mouse Mitt Keyboards -
March 10, 2016 12:53
I remember there was a time when one could buy a mouse for 10$ and be happy with it.
March 10, 2016 13:09
I'm currently using logitech touchpad t650. It has some rudimentary touch gestures as well and it is really nice to work with.
March 10, 2016 15:20
I use a Logitech G9X which is fantastic, similar design to an MX but wired and probably more aimed at gamers. You can change the weight of the mouse and the texture can be rough or smooth by swapping the case. Certainly works well for my fingertip grip style.

The biggest change I have made in the last few years is the surface I use. I used to just use glass like you but I was given a Razer Vespula which is a solid mouse mat with two options for texture roughness. I really like the way it feels and prefer it to the super smooth glass or squishy mouse mats it just feels right to me. I would recommend trying one or a similar product.

March 10, 2016 18:24
I used a bad desk for a few months while working as an intern. Which resulted in pain in my wrist, lower arm and shoulder.

I tried a few different things, but what seemed to work the best, was this little weird thing.

Note. At the time i bought one, there was no wireless models available, so the above link is not the exact one i got.

You are supposed to wrap the band around your finger, but I used it more like a pen. That combined with a trackball, stretch exercises for the entire upper body (not just where the pain is located) and switching which hand I used, made it a lot better for me.
March 10, 2016 18:25
For me it's the Logitech M705 called Marathon... never changed the battery in 2 years, and that my primary mouse!!!
March 10, 2016 18:25
IntelliMouse Explorer for me too! I had one in use and one unopened, but recently had to break the seal on the new one after the cable stopped working in the original (also, the beige was starting to just get that yellow tinge). I'll repair that cable one day, with a short usb lead (like the old Apple wired mouse). I need to get a couple more spares; that mouse fits my hand like a glove and feels better than anything else I've tried.
March 10, 2016 19:48
Looks beautiful.

If only there were a left-handed mouse of similar quality. I must be the last lefty on earth who still uses the mouse in his left hand with the buttons swapped.
March 10, 2016 20:58
I'm with Rafael regarding the Kensington Expert Mouse - silly name for a trackball but it's a great pointing device. I was introduced to the pre-scroll ring version at a job years ago and got completely hooked (after a bit of an adjustment period). Expert Mouse + MS Natural keyboard has been my go-to input device duo for decades now.

Unfortunately the Expert Mouse is about the least portable pointing device available, so in my laptop bag I've got the somewhat more travel-friendly Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring (slightly smaller, and the ball is secured in place).

Kensington has newer trackball models with touch-sensitive scroll zones, slimmer profiles and wireless capabilities. I can't say how they compare, because my aging wired units are still kicking.
March 10, 2016 22:57
Personally I like trackballs. Tried one out after my wrist started giving me problems with extended mouse use. Been using one for 10+ years now..

Currently using the Microsoft Trackball Optical.

March 11, 2016 0:49
Surprised no body mentioned the almighty Apple Magic Mouse! Compatible with the Surface Pro series and my MacBook Pro of course.

Best feature has to be switching between desktops. Would love to see something like that for Windows 10 desktops.
March 11, 2016 1:14
I second Sander's comment, the Magic Mouse is the best I've used in long time. I've had wrist pain in the past and resorted to gaming-type expensive mice, but the Magic mouse seems to have all those benefits rolled up in a tiny sophisticated device!
March 11, 2016 1:47
I'm going to chime in as another M570 user. It's not the best imaginable, but it's among the best I've found. Apple's trackpad is also quite nice, but the one I borrowed from a friend behaved a bit wonkily with Linux so I haven't been willing to shell out the bux to get one for myself.
March 11, 2016 7:35
Meh, I use Razer Mamba and configure it to some Visual Studio shortcut keys. Really nice
March 11, 2016 14:55
Hi Scott, can the Unifying Receiver work with any mouse? I use the MS Sculpt ergo keyboard and mouse. They are great to use, but the receiver is apparently unique to the individual kb/mouse. I've lost the receiver in a job move and now left with £70 of useless plastic. Not very eco-friendly!
March 11, 2016 16:56
Vince >>> The Unifying Receiver only works with specific non-gaming Logitech peripherals. If you want a universal receiver, you'd better buy a Bluetooth one and Bluetooth mouses.
March 11, 2016 19:15
I go between two ergonomic pointing devices. Like a few others in the comments, I use an Evoluent mouse. It's really good.

The other one I use hasn't been mentioned yet: RollerMouse Red.

It definitely takes some getting used to. It took a few days and some fiddling with the settings to not feel like I've never used a computer before. Since I got over that hump, it's been fantastic. It greatly reduced elbow and shoulder movement.
March 11, 2016 20:17
I used to be a fan of the MX series, but I have to buy a new one every year because the microswitches fail.
I have contacted Logitech several times if they want me to sell some switches so I can fix it myself, but they won't do that.

My next mouse will be another brand.
March 11, 2016 20:48
I currently use a Logitech M705 and have found it to be very nice for both performance and price. At home I've always used a trackball but those seem to be harder and harder to find. I used a Trackman Optical wireless and got tired of the corded dongle and have tried to use Logitech's current trackball but just can't get use to using my thumb for the ball instead of my fingertips.

For those mentioning the trackpad on the MBPs, has anyone used Apple's standalone trackpad as a pointing device, especially with windows? My impression is they are expensive but if they're that good maybe it would be worth it...
March 11, 2016 22:59
I have to put in my 2 cents for the Evoluent Vertical Mouse as well. Using a traditional mouse for 15 years, with my large hands, gave me chronic pain. I could not hold my hand in the necessary "squeezed" position any more.

I found the Evoluent mouse around 2005 and switch to my left hand. Not having to pronate my wrist and having my hand in a completely normal, relaxed position has allowed me to work a mouse every day since with no pain.

I'm 58 and hope to keep mousing for many more years. Do your hand and wrist a favor and get a comfortable mouse before it's too late.
March 12, 2016 1:14
I agree with Meh and the gaming mouse guys. I'm personally using a Razer Naga. It has 12 extra buttons you can map commands to. Of course you can have profiles as well so they map to different commands in different applications when they are in focus. It would be nice to not ever need a mouse or rarely need a mouse, but when you use the most a lot and you execute the same commands over and over it can come in handy. It even supports macros. So you can assign some frequently used set of keyboard shortcuts to a button or do just about anything you want at the touch of a button. I have one at home for gaming which is amazing not having to touch the keyboard for games like Diablo 3, but its also very useful in Visual Studio when you want to do a find next or go to declaration kind of thing when you aren't scrolling your code with the keyboard. Just my 2 cents. I think the choice of tools, like a mouse and keyboard are often personal decisions or should be, just like choosing a mate. Find the tools that fit your work and/or play style best and stick with them.
March 12, 2016 19:29
Now using the Logitech MX Master at work and at home(nice to use the same mouse for the desktop, laptop and Surface with just a push of a button).

Had only Microsoft mice before (all of them), switched because there are no more Microsoft Sidewinder X5 and/or X8.
March 13, 2016 12:03
I have a tried a few mice over the years but like some people mentioned, I always feel guilty when they break or just don't fulfill their purpose anymore. Maybe it's better if I just pick the cheap option and keep replacing it although a shiny new Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse sounds amazing!
March 13, 2016 15:28
I'm interested in how this compares to the Microsoft Sculpt Ergnomic mouse, in terms of comfort.

I also hear the back/forward button placement is a little awkward on the MX Master... what did you think?
March 14, 2016 14:48
Same as Scott I have a glass desk so my selection of mices was very narrow. Currently I'm using Logitech Anywhere MX2. Best thing is that it can switch between 3 machines so I've hooked it with a dongle (that also hosts logitech keyboard) to one laptop and using bluetooth on the other. Switching works fine. Working on glass also very well. I have a feeling that works bit better than in Anywhere MX - the old one
March 14, 2016 18:12
Another vote for a gaming mouse! I'm using the Logitech G602. There are six side buttons, and all buttons are configurable on an app-by-app basis in software.

I really like how my side buttons are set up (if I do say so myself). The buttons are in two rows of 3, but I think of them as three pairs (top and bottom). The front pair is forward & back. The middle pair is CTRL+Tab & CTRL+Shift+Tab - so I can switch tabs right from the mouse in either direction. The rear pair is CTRL (on the top button), so I can hold it down and scroll to zoom, and CTRL+F4 (on the bottom button) so I can close the active window.

So for anyone playing along at home:
Button G4 => Back
Button G5 => CTRL+Shift+Tab
Button G6 => CTRL+F4
Button G7 => Forward
Button G8 => CTRL+Tab
Button G9 => CTRL

I'm so used to these extra functions on the mouse that it feels really clunky to use a mouse that doesn't have them...
March 14, 2016 19:13
Desktop use - Razer Death Adder 2013 or Logitech MX518, previously Logitech Wireless G7
Macbook - Logitech Anywhere MX 2
Win Laptop - Logitech M525
Desktop Mousepad - Razer Destructor 2, previously Ratpadz GS

This is such a subjective topic, but wanted to share in case someone might come across something new.
March 15, 2016 0:57
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 + Microsoft IntelliMouse

March 15, 2016 1:43
3M has a good ergonomic mouse if you are interested.
March 15, 2016 17:32
I'm a fan of the smaller mice (I wear the smallest size golf glove they make for adults), and cords are a PITA. I have one of the small Logitech M-series mice, two buttons and a scroll wheel, and it works great. I do wish Logitech would upgrade the Marble Mouse, though. I used to swear by that, and I hate the ball on the side like it is on the new trackballs.

Gonna look into something a little more serious, though.
March 15, 2016 22:19
Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse 1.1a.

Why a mouse that is more than a decade old? Because I have yet to find a mouse that is more forgiving to my wrist and fingers. It would be great if Microsoft kept making this model; instead, you have to go to Amazon and the like to try to find one. From the comments I've read there, people who got used to the original thought highly of it.
March 16, 2016 0:48
Yea, seconding the guy that asked for the left-handed version. Searched Amazon for "anker vertical mouse", all of them are for right handers. :(
March 16, 2016 1:08
Another Logitech M570 user, both at home and work. Before that was the two previous generations of the trackman as well from Logitech.

Close to 20 years now I've used this product line.

However, where my trackmans were bulletproof, the M570 I've tossed many when they've failed on the mouse buttons. Not holding a depressed click, double clicking when you've single clicked, etc. Still being the best thumb trackball (not many choices) I've found, I replaced with the same model.

My latest home M570 is acting up (no more than 2 years old) so I'm going the route now of ordering new micro-switches for it to hopefully get better quality then what Logitech is using these days.
March 16, 2016 6:09
My combo is the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard + Logitech Performance MX (I think the Master recently replaced it). That combination has more or less eliminated my RSI.

I did buy the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic combo but was incredibly disappointed with it. While i liked being able to move the keypad out of the way and the space bar being two separate keys, I found the shared function and media keys were just too annoying.
March 16, 2016 16:32
I've started using a Logitech G300 somewhere last year and haven't looked back ever since.

In my regular workflow i switch allot between code, Photoshop/Illustrator and browsing the web.

This mouse has support for multiple profiles and responsiveness which you can switch on the fly.

Then there are additional face buttons which are very handy for comment/uncomment and collapse/expand in VS.
March 17, 2016 21:01
I bought the Mionix NAOS 7000 from Massdrop a few months back and haven't looked back since. It's a wired mouse but the ergonomics on it are amazing. I tried the MX Master for a bit, but I found the arc too be too small. I don't have large hands so I thought the MX would be a good fit (especially after watching the promotional vids) but the NAOS has a larger arc and fits perfectly.
March 18, 2016 20:26
You can try logitech G602 it's a gamer's mouse, but so far the best mouse I used.
March 21, 2016 8:16
Loved the MS 3500 for years but kept killing the scroll wheel. Then I discovered logitech's with hyperscroll and I fell in love but couldn't find a model that was comfortable. I eventually committed to the MX anywhere 2, it cost an arm and a leg, but I finally found mousing Nirvana.
March 24, 2016 18:08
The perfect mouse is a trackball. Much easier on your wrist and elbow...
March 28, 2016 23:46
@David Cohen Yes I currently use a Logitech G400 but I don't know why but the MX518 just seems to track better. Fantastic mouse. Was always very happy with that one.

Other timeless favourite was the Intellimouse Explorer 3. I've had 2 or 3. None died - just gave them away when something new and shiny came along or have one as the work mouse!
March 29, 2016 18:13
I didn't like the MX Master after just 10 minutes of use. There is only one thing wrong with it but it is a deal breaker for me. The gap between mouse housing and scroll wheel is too large. It causes finger skin to be pinched between the wheel and housing when scrolling. To make matters worse the housing edge there is relatively sharp plastic making the whole experience uncomfortable with my preferred hand position. Try it in the store before you buy. In my case I'm returning the mouse to the store.
April 01, 2016 23:15
Discontinued Logitech Nano VX probably best notebook mouse.
April 03, 2016 3:04
Count me in as another Razer mouse addict. They're gaming mice, but top-notch quality, pixel precision, and buttons. Have both a DeathAdder and Mamba.
April 06, 2016 18:51
Logitech MouseMan M-BA47. Nothing else has anything like it's thumb button, which sits on the bottom of the mouse, and which I have a hard time doing without. When my (ancient) one finally dies, I'm going to have to do some hard thinking about what to use next.
April 08, 2016 20:11
I also use a M570 trackball as my main pointing device for around 2 years. Less wrist stress than a classic mouse and need less space on the desktop. Forget gaming with this kind of things.

Still have another passable logitech M510 mouse around on the same universal receiver for visitors and the rare gaming sessions.
April 08, 2016 21:08
Another vote for the M570, but I'm really tempted by the Kensington wireless ones too (
April 08, 2016 21:28
The two mice I return to are the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse and a Logitech Wireless Trackball M570. All depends what I'm doing, the Sculpt better for times I want a traditional mouse with a really comfortable grasp, and the Trackball if I feel like my wrist is acting up and wants a rest from moving around.
April 08, 2016 21:28
I keep hearing about the Logitech MX, must feel great. Me, I'm sold to trackballs, from a couple of years, I bought these: CST L-Trac USB Laser. When I used a mouse I had strain on my forearm, now it's gone. Plus the trackball feels very precise, forearm movements seem more efficient and this model comes with a big scrollwheel. Some people also game on it, though I wouldn't recommend it.
April 08, 2016 21:50
I'll cast my vote for the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. I like it very much and have been using it for several years now. The size is a problem if I use the mouse for prolonged periods (big hands, small mouse).

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