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Hanselminutes Podcast 60 - Silverlight and Web 2.5

April 21, 2007 Comment on this post [4] Posted in ASP.NET | Podcast | XML | Mix | Silverlight
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My sixtieth podcast is up. We discuss "Web 2.5" as Silverlight (ne WPF/E) is announced. Seems that Rich Cross-Platform Runtimes quickly approach from both Microsoft and Adobe. What does this mean to the average developer? We also try to make up for some misinformation we spread in Show 46 on WPF/E, and while we do it, we probably speculate wildly and spread more.

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Links from the Show

WPF/E Show - Be sure to read the commments (o3p)
Ted Patrick, Flex Evangelist on Silverlight and Flash/Flex (o3u)
Keith Elder speculates on a Mobile Silverlight (o3z)
WPF/E Announced at Mix06 (o3q)
Scott Barnes says "Stay Agnostic" (o3v)
Tools for developing Silverlight (o40)
Paul Wilson's Analysis of the Silverlight Announcement (o3r)
Adobe Flex (see the screencast on creating Flex apps also) (o3w)
MSDN Silverlight SDK (o41)
Silverlight Home Page (o3s)
Adobe Apollo - Next Gen RIAs (o3x)
Silverlight Architectural Overview (o42)
Tim Sneath on Silverlight (o3t)
Developing Flex Screencast (o3y)

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Telerik  is our sponsor for this show.

Telerik is a new sponsor. Check out their UI Suite of controls for ASP.NET . It's very hardcore stuff. One of the things I appreciate about Telerik is their commitment to completeness. For example, they have a page about their Right-to-Left support  while some vendors have zero support, or don't bother testing. They also are committed to XHTML compliance and publish their roadmap. It's nice when your controls vendor is very transparent.

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Enjoy. Who knows what'll happen in the next show?

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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April 21, 2007 1:23
As you may know, the IDE for Flex2 is based on Eclipse. I work for Teamprise that provides the Java clients for Team Foundation Server, including an Eclipse integration. We've been pleasantly surprised at the take-up of our Eclipse plug-in with Flex2 developers - especially considering how new the Flex2 IDE is. Now the typical customer that we see are .NET friendly (if they are making the investment in Team System) but who want to leverage TFS for all their development platforms. We are seeing quite a few small Web 2.0 shops who have .NET web sites and back-ends using Flex to develop Flash parts to their fancy Ajax web sites. Flash has always had a decent integration with Javascript in the browser but it has been getting better and better of late – especially with the Ajax techniques getting wider adoption.

So, some shops have obviously got that message. It would be interesting to see how the Mix announcements change this situation and if Microsoft have a easier time getting developers about this concept. Personally I think they will. I just hope that Visual Studio the IDE get’s better – Eclipse is way ahead in terms of productivity in the base product at the moment, but that’s another story.

Finally, another data point. You’d be amazed at the number of folks that purchase our client for Unix based machines. Not just GNU/Linux, but Solaris, HP-UX etc etc. In fact, most months we get someone asking us for a mainframe client to TFS – occasionally on an OS I’ve never even heard of (and I’m speaking as a former PL/1 developer on OS/3900 :-) ). Now, I’m a Java / .NET developer – but I’m amazed how cross-platform “cross-platform” is today. I hope we see Silverlight clients for more than just PC and Mac or that will actually be a deal killer for some companies – especially in the embedded space.
April 23, 2007 5:36
Important note: Flash 9 is last reported to be on 85% of the "sampled" computers world-wide (ie I underline sample as folks whom they sampled had to be 18yrs old and over etc). Flash 6 is reported to be on 98% of the world's computers. We are currently at Flash 9 and it's required for FLEX 2.0.1 development as a minimum (excluding Flex 1.0)

May 03, 2007 20:16
Hi Scott.

I was one of the commenters on the original show (yeah, sorry), and just wanted to say - Great show!

I'm really looking forward to getting some time to play with Silverlight. I think the idea of a Javascript programmable object model is brilliant, and opens some great opportunities (Jon Udell comes up with the idea of using Greasemonkey to manipulate a Silverlight control) and the recent Mix announcements of the embedded CLR (and the rather tasty DLR) look very interesting. WCF in a browser?

Anyway - nice show. Thanks.

May 06, 2007 6:20
I would love to program in Silverlight. Unfortunately I work at a big company 20-30% of the people here are on Unix/Linux

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