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[OT] 22,000 dead, and This White Guy - Western Media and the Devaluing of Brown People

December 27, 2004 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Musings
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This is a technical blog, so note that I don't do this all the time so forgive me ahead of time if you don't like my rants.

I'm looking at the home page of  There are currently over 22,000 brown people dead, and apparently this white guy. I feel for his family, but I feel more for the countless hundreds of thousands of displaced and suffering others.

I am tired of the American Media (last night it was ABC News) who spend 5 minutes on a massive natural disasters, and then gloss over it when we are told "and no Americans were injured." Notice the text of this CNN blurb - 22,000 dead and 27 Western People, which details the counts of British, French and Italians.

This is unspeakably ethnocentric and it makes me a little ill.  I'm not trying to be P.C. here, but these are humans, and whether it was a hundred Somali Fisherman, or this guy from Illinois, I expect more from a leading news organization. This is like a home-town newspaper concerned about its native son away on mission.

We must never forget that tommorow isn't promised to us. One day there will be an earthquake off the coast of Oregon. No doubt that will get media coverage.

God help us all, but thanks for the time I've had.

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