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12/18/2022 Use your own user @ domain for Mastodon discoverability with the WebFinger Protocol without hosting a server
12/18/2022 I got tired
12/14/2021 Using Home Assistant to integrate a Unifi Protect G4 Doorbell and Amazon Alexa to announce visitors
09/28/2021 Differences between Hashtable vs Dictonary vs ConcurrentDictionary vs ImmutableDictionary
09/23/2021 How to make Shared Google Calendars show up on your iPhone and iPad Calendar
09/21/2021 The code worked differently when the moon was full
08/03/2021 Stringly Typed vs Strongly Typed
07/22/2021 Tips and Tricks and Best Practices for Hybrid Meetings with Microsoft Teams and more
05/27/2021 Watch the BUILD 2021 Application Development Keynote
03/09/2021 Try time-boxed panics
01/15/2021 Exploring my creativity through TikTok and YouTube technical education videos
01/14/2021 Looking back on Software Development in 2020 and forward to 2021
12/17/2020 Taking your PowerShell prompt to the next level with Windows Terminal and Oh my Posh 3
12/15/2020 The regular joy of the Adafruit AdaBox Subscription and exploring IoT with the family
12/10/2020 The art of Rubber Ducking or Rubber Duck Debugging
11/05/2020 Creating a question friendly environment
10/27/2020 How to deal with Extreme Physical Pain
09/10/2020 What is the cloud? Explained
07/21/2020 Finding Joy in Making Happy Little Computer Videos on YouTube
06/25/2020 You're tired because your lizard brain knows that Zoom meetings aren't natural
06/11/2020 The Importance of Nesting when Remote Working and Quarantine Working
04/16/2020 Quarantine work is not Remote work
04/14/2020 The 2020 Guide to Creating Quality Technical Screencasts, Presentations, and Remote Meetings
03/31/2020 A series of new YouTube Videos - Please Subscribe
01/22/2020 My views on community, productivity, kindness, and mindfulness on the Hanselminutes Fresh Tech Podcast
12/20/2019 The wires are crossed, literally! - Learning low level computing with Ben Eater's 6502 kit
12/06/2019 Advice to my 20 year old self
11/15/2019 Computer things they didn't teach you in school #2 - Code Pages, Character Encoding, Unicode, UTF-8 and the BOM
11/08/2019 New YouTube Series: Computer things they didn't teach you in school
10/24/2019 Be a Technology Tourist
10/08/2019 Video Interview: Between Two Nerds - Building Careers with Empathy
08/13/2019 I miss Microsoft Encarta
05/09/2019 Systems Thinking as important as ever for new coders
04/04/2019 Coders: Context Switching is hard for both computers and relationships
04/02/2019 The Transitive Property of Friendship - and the importance of the Warm Intro
03/26/2019 F7 is the greatest PowerShell hotkey that no one uses any more. We must fix this.
02/12/2019 How to convert an IMG file to an standard ISO easily with Linux on Windows 10
02/05/2019 Teaching Kids to Code with Minecraft Mods made easy using MakeCode and Code Connection
01/07/2019 Relationship Hacks: Playing video games and having hobbies while avoiding resentment
11/30/2018 On Developer Advocacy
08/24/2018 Decoding an SSH Key from PEM to BASE64 to HEX to ASN.1 to prime decimal numbers
08/22/2018 How do you even know this crap?
08/08/2018 11 essential characteristics for being a good technical advocate or interviewer
01/26/2018 You got this! You know the fundamentals. You are a learner. Plus The Imposter's Handbook
10/15/2017 Scaling Mentorship
07/20/2017 Monospaced Programming Fonts with Ligatures
07/07/2017 URLs are UI
06/17/2017 Get Solarized - Awesome command prompt colors for VS, VS Code, cmd, PowerShell, and more
05/17/2017 Suggestions and Tips for attending your first tech conference
03/09/2017 Relationship Hacks - Mindfulness - Don't live your life by default
03/07/2017 Relationship Hacks: An Allowance System for Adults
02/04/2017 NXTA - NexTech Africa Conference - Day 1 perspectives
01/26/2017 VIDEO: How to get started with technical public speaking!
01/11/2017 What .NET Developers ought to know to start in 2017
01/06/2017 Teaching coding from the Metal Up or from the Glass Back?
12/01/2016 I suck at vacation - What I did this week
11/19/2016 The 2016 Christmas List of Best STEM Toys for your little nerds and nerdettes
09/30/2016 Lonely Coding
09/06/2016 How to deal with Technology Burnout - Maybe it's life's cycles
08/24/2016 Psychic Weight - Dealing with the things that press on your mind
07/22/2016 Making YouTube videos look sharp and professional on a budget
07/14/2016 Self-care matters: Pay yourself first
07/07/2016 Is your stuff backed up? Recovering from a hardware failure
06/20/2016 Forgotten (but Awesome) Windows Command Prompt Features
06/18/2016 Stop saying learning to code is easy.
06/01/2016 Is technology killing curiosity?
05/12/2016 10 years and over 520 episodes of podcasting - Tech is a marathon, not a sprint
04/24/2016 Chatting with Prince on AOL in 1999 - "this way is modern"
04/13/2016 Give yourself permission to have work-life balance
12/18/2015 Signing into Windows 10 with your Face - Using an Xbox One Kinect with Windows Hello
12/06/2015 The 2015 Christmas List of Best STEM Toys for your little nerds and nerdettes
11/12/2015 The Crowdsourcing of Software Quality
09/04/2015 The Butterfly Effect of Technology Community
09/01/2015 Our great big 15 year vow renewal
08/26/2015 On Disconnecting
08/19/2015 Dealing with Software Religious Arguments and Architectural Zealotry
08/11/2015 The Evergreen Web
07/14/2015 Stop, think, research, debug
06/10/2015 Software and Saving Babies
04/24/2015 Bad UX and User Self-Blame - "I'm sorry, I'm not a computer person."
02/01/2015 Creating exact 3D Models for 3D Printing with JavaScript and OpenJSCAD
01/30/2015 Changing perspectives on your job - Will you renew your boss for another season?
01/27/2015 The Basics of 3D Printing in 2015 - from someone with 16 WHOLE HOURS' experience
01/24/2015 VIDEO: Do you really know how to use Microsoft Word? The Power of Tabs and Indents
01/21/2015 Rollup: Microsoft HoloLens, Surface Hub, Windows 10, Xbox One game streaming and more.
01/17/2015 Reality TV for Developers - Where is for Programmers?
10/24/2014 I'm stuck in someone's for loop
10/17/2014 Put yourself out there and publish that Open Source project today
10/14/2014 100 Technical Things Non-Technical People Can Learn To Make Their Lives Easier
10/08/2014 Plex for Xbox One is here and my life is complete - Plus Synology setup how-to
10/03/2014 Can you trust your browser extensions? Exploring an ad-injecting chrome extension
09/30/2014 Inception-Style Nested Data Formats
09/16/2014 How do you deal with anxiety when Live Coding in Technical Interviews?
09/13/2014 Fear Driven Development - FDD
08/13/2014 Exploring Impostor Syndrome in Technology - SXSW '15
06/02/2014 This URL shortener situation is officially out of control
05/28/2014 We are abstracting on the shoulders of giants
05/21/2014 Bloggers: Know when to use a JPG and when to use a PNG and always Squish them both
05/07/2014 FREE Pluralsight video: "Get Involved" in community!
03/30/2014 Analysis Paralysis: Over-thinking and Knowing Too Much to Just CODE
03/19/2014 How to automatically notify the user that it's time to upgrade a Windows App
03/19/2014 AngleBrackets open web conference in Florida - April 2014
03/17/2014 OneNote and Microsoft's quiet API revolution
02/26/2014 When is it stealing?
02/24/2014 Announcing the new Roslyn-powered .NET Framework Reference Source
02/22/2014 Microsoft killed my Pappy
02/20/2014 Distributed Automated Browser Testing with Selenium and BrowserStack
02/17/2014 How do we know if mobile apps are secure?
02/12/2014 Download Wrappers and Unwanted Software are pure evil
02/10/2014 If you had to start over, what technologies would you learn in 2014?
02/04/2014 Fixed: The Synology NAS with Plex Server and mismatched version numbers
01/31/2014 Here's 10 things I did before I wrote this blog post title. What happened next will shock you.
01/27/2014 Why isn't People-Centric UI Design taking off?
01/23/2014 Yak Shaving Defined - I'll get that done, as soon as I shave this yak.
01/15/2014 Living a High-DPI desktop lifestyle can be painful
01/08/2014 Finding a low-memory browser
01/07/2014 The new Information Worker Resume or CV Template
01/05/2014 A Coder, a Programmer, a Hacker, a Developer, and a Computer Scientist walk into a Venn Diagram
10/02/2013 Do you miss MIX? Join us at AngleBrackets 2.0 in Vegas
09/29/2013 The Myth of the Rockstar Programmer
09/25/2013 Sit, Stand, Walk, Type - Using a Treadmill Desk
09/17/2013 The New Turbo Button - Balancing Power Management and Performance on Windows Servers
08/30/2013 The Broken Windows Theory of App Stores
08/23/2013 Am I really a developer or just a good googler?
08/01/2013 Do you have a digital or social media will? Who will maintain your life online when you're dead?
07/24/2013 The impact of a compliment
06/19/2013 They WILL take your photos and they WILL use them and you WILL like it.
06/14/2013 Stop Doing Internet Wrong.
06/12/2013 The Importance of Closed Captioning - How To and Why Subtitle
06/06/2013 Announcing "Get Involved" from Tekpub - Enhance your career by engaging with your peers
05/15/2013 Xamarin Evolve 2013 Talk Video - How C# Saved My Marriage
04/29/2013 How to enable Google Now for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) with Google Apps for Business Accounts
04/22/2013 Exposed: A Blog Comment Spammer's Source Template
03/12/2013 Technology fails in film are the new Wilhelm Scream
03/04/2013 Programming's not for you? How about thinking? Be empowered.
02/28/2013 The Internet's Best Placeholder Image Sites for Web Development
02/27/2013 Being a Remote Worker Sucks - Long Live the Remote Worker
02/20/2013 You're just another carriage return line feed in the wall
02/15/2013 Teach your kids to be fans
02/14/2013 I'd like to use the web my way, thank you very much Quora.
02/12/2013 Chasing an active Social Engineering Fraud at Amazon Kindle
01/30/2013 Plex is the media center software ecosystem I've been waiting for
01/24/2013 You are not your code.
01/22/2013 Cancer
11/14/2012 The Computer Backup Rule of Three
11/12/2012 The Internet is not a black box. Look inside.
09/24/2012 A Bug Report is a Gift
09/20/2012 Web Sites with Embedded Command Lines: You got your Command Line in my Internet
09/17/2012 Everything's broken and nobody's upset
09/15/2012 Dick and Jane: Jedi Masters
07/16/2012 Google+ Plus offers a Sophie's Choice to early adopters of Google Apps via an incomplete Takeout Migration Tool
07/07/2012 HOW TO FIX: Toyota Entune 2.0.1 Update breaks Internet Tethering over Bluetooth
06/29/2012 If malware authors ever learn how to spell we're all screwed - the coming HTML5 malware apocalypse
06/13/2012 Who is on your Life's Board of Directors?
06/09/2012 Visual Basic 6, Ruby and Getting Off My Lawn
05/29/2012 She let me take the computer home. - How did you get started in computers and programming?
05/17/2012 Please Learn to Think about Abstractions
05/09/2012 The Floppy Disk means Save, and 14 other old people Icons that don't make sense anymore
04/24/2012 A world of pretty cloud drive icons - SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, BitBucket and GitHub
04/19/2012 Root Cause Analysis for Toddlers and Medical Eyeball Tweezers
04/10/2012 My car ships with crapware
04/04/2012 What geeks need to tell our parents about shopping online safely and securely
03/25/2012 Turning 105 gigs of Digital Video into a one hour Wedding DVD with Windows Live Movie Maker
03/23/2012 The Privacy Chain - Your Site's Privacy Policy as the 3rd Party services pile up
03/22/2012 Why You Should Never Argue in 140 Characters or Less - Geeklist
03/16/2012 iPhone tethering personal hotspot shows up a as a new network each time (plus the smart quote is silly)
03/15/2012 On Pie Chart Diversity at Technical Conferences
03/07/2012 Dark Matter Developers: The Unseen 99%
02/24/2012 Change Considered Harmful? - The New Visual Studio Look and Feel
02/11/2012 It's 2012 and your kids have an iPhone - Do you know where they are? I do.
01/28/2012 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs of Software Development
01/18/2012 An analysis of SOPA and PIPA Protest "Blackout" HTML and CSS techniques
01/10/2012 Setting a Custom Icon for your External Drives in Windows Explorer
01/05/2012 Your Blog is The Engine of Community
01/03/2012 Ten Things To Do to Secure an Important Person's Computer (or even Ashton's or a Kardashian's)
12/29/2011 2011 Greatest Hits
12/19/2011 Give Grandpa and Grandma the gift of an off-site backup of your photos
12/15/2011 Link-bait Hacker Slash News Dot Considered Cancerous Request For Call To Action
12/14/2011 Apps are too much like 1990's CD-ROMs and not enough like the Web
12/12/2011 Good UX in the Wild: A comic book geek returns after twenty years away to a brave new digital world
12/07/2011 Good UX in the Wild: Dropbox's attention to detail on their download page
11/15/2011 How To: Convert a PowerPoint Presentation from 4:3 ratio to 16:9 without distorted or stretched images
11/09/2011 Your users don't care if you use Web Sockets
11/06/2011 Got clocks?
11/04/2011 Your images are a virus. They are EVERYWHERE on the Internet
11/04/2011 Google+ Ripples brings something interesting to the table
11/03/2011 Profanity doesn't work
11/02/2011 It's the transparency, stupid!
10/28/2011 Embrace Authorship - The importance of rel=me and rel=author on your content's SEO and Google
10/26/2011 I know apps
10/24/2011 Reading more than ever: An analysis of four lazy years with an Amazon Kindle and no dead trees
10/16/2011 There is only one Cloud Icon in the Entire Universe
10/11/2011 Just please comb their hair and wipe their noses - My month as a single dad
10/10/2011 410 Gone - Thoughts on Mark "diveintomark" Pilgrim's and _why's infosuicides
10/05/2011 Brain, Bytes, Back, Buns - The Programmer's Priorities
10/02/2011 The Sweet Spot of Multiple Monitor Productivity: That Magical Third Monitor
08/24/2011 The Technical Friend's Essential Maintenance Checklist for Non-Technical Friend's Windows Computer
08/22/2011 Summer 2011 Stats - Tailoring your Blog to your Readers' Browsers
08/19/2011 Hire and Pay a Designer and Be Happy
08/17/2011 I'm a phony. Are you?
08/13/2011 A suggested improved customer interaction with the Apple Store (and Cloud Services in general)
08/12/2011 Welcome to the Cloud - "Your Apple ID has been disabled."
07/27/2011 Request for Comments: Issues with .NET and Microsoft Product Versioning
07/26/2011 Updated for 2011 - McDonald's WiFi Guide with updates for Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7
07/20/2011 Fanciful names and acronyms often create LIFE
07/19/2011 The Guide to Creating Quality Technical Screencasts
07/07/2011 Why the #AskObama Tweet was Garbled on Screen: Know your UTF-8, Unicode, ASCII and ANSI Decoding Mr. President
07/06/2011 JavaScript is Assembly Language for the Web: Sematic Markup is Dead! Clean vs. Machine-coded HTML
06/27/2011 Using Code Signing Certificates to sign downloaded MSIs and build reputation with IE9 SmartScreen
05/31/2011 Hanselminutes Podcast 268 - Personal Systems of Organization - Rey Bango interviews Scott Hanselman
05/05/2011 Developer Stand up Comedy - Coding 4 Fun
05/04/2011 Should I use HTML5 or Silverlight? One man's opinion.
04/05/2011 Spring 2011 Fiction Reading List - Young Adult eBooks Will Save Science Fiction
12/29/2010 Reviewing a Decade of Digital Life - The size and the direction of personal media
12/18/2010 This Developer's Life 1.1.0 - Disconnecting
12/08/2010 BACKUP YOUR CRAP: Missing Operating System, Backups, Disk Images, Home Servers, BootRec, BootMgr, RebuildBCD, FixBoot and Problems, Plural
10/25/2010 Our Tenth Anniversary
10/12/2010 Subtle but Very Important Twitter Tips and Techniques You Should Know (cause no one will tell you)
09/16/2010 The Ultimate Guide (of Five Things) for New IE9 users Who Fear Change
08/27/2010 The Programmer's Body
08/19/2010 Awesome Visual Studio Command Prompt and PowerShell icons with Overlays
06/23/2010 Ultimate Developer PC 2.0 - Part 1 - Building a WEI 7.9 and RFC for building a GOM (God's Own Machine)
06/22/2010 Do they deserve the gift of your keystrokes?
06/22/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 218 - Baratunde Thurston on Punditry, Politics, Race, iPads, The Onion and the Web
06/04/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 216 - Geek Relationship Tips with Scott's Wife
05/28/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 215 - World Airplane Travel Tips with James Senior
01/21/2010 Hanselminutes on 9 - Follow up, 6 months later, On Managing People with Chris Sells
01/01/2010 2009 Blogged - Greatest Hits
09/21/2009 Square Foot Gardening for Programmers
08/08/2009 Hanselminutes on 9 - Managing People (and wisdom with Chris Sells)
07/22/2009 Best Practices for Individual Contribution
07/14/2009 Burnt Day - I need a Do-Over for Monday
06/29/2009 Twitter: Let the Information Wash Over You
06/23/2009 These are the little bugs that lead to madness
06/01/2009 Bosom Buddies: How to make Google Chrome use Microsoft Bing for Search
05/26/2009 When Word of Mouth Got a Permalink - Companies, Customers and Twitter
05/07/2009 Switching my Windows 7 Boot Disk from D to C with BCDBoot rather than BCDEdit
04/29/2009 Don't Give Bile a Permalink - Finding Balance within The No Asshole Rule
04/23/2009 Paint Fence, Cut Wood, Pull Weed, Plant Tree - Finding Geek Balance Outside My Comfort Zone
04/13/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 157 - Hanselminutae-five with Richard Campbell
04/04/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 156 - Dealing with Diversity in Agile Teams with Aslam Khan
04/01/2009 .NET 4.1 Preview - New Base Class Library (BCL) Extension Methods - RFC
03/16/2009 FizzBin - The Technical Support Secret Handshake
03/05/2009 10 Awesome Things I Remember About Computers
03/02/2009 Experiencing ALT.NET Seattle 2009 Open Spaces
02/24/2009 IE6 Warning - Stop Living In The Past - Get off of IE6
02/18/2009 Baby Sign Language 2.0 - Update at 14 months
02/05/2009 How To Twitter - First Steps and a Twitter Glossary
02/04/2009 Technical Presentations: Be Prepared for Absolute Chaos
01/27/2009 Painful Reminder: Focus on Core Competencies (and Back Stuff Up)
01/16/2009 Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue Nerd Dinner - Jan 19, 2009
01/03/2009 South Africa 2008: NewsFlash - Turns out eating less and moving more causes weight loss
12/27/2008 South Africa 2008 - Make Your Own Dual 1/8" Airplane Headphone Adapter
12/18/2008 .NET 3.5 SP1 GDR is available to download
12/02/2008 Christmas Cards Made Easy - Shutterfly, Excel, and a Word Mail Merge
12/02/2008 Upgrading an old Compaq Ipaq from Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger to 8.10 Intrepid Ibex
11/05/2008 2008 - Congratulations, America has a President-Elect
11/04/2008 Tiny Victories Inside Microsoft - SmallestDotNet makes headway
10/25/2008 Happy Eighth Anniversary
10/13/2008 Here Comes Trouble
10/04/2008 Meme Time: Growing Up Geek
09/30/2008 October 6th - Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue Nerd Dinner
09/20/2008 Working Remotely from Home, Telepresence and Video Conferencing: One Year Later
09/16/2008 Baby Sign Language 2.0
09/05/2008 Firefox, ClickOnce, XBAPs and .NET 3.5 SP1
09/05/2008 Family Calendar Management - Sharing Life between Outlook and Web Calendars and the Magic of iCalendar
09/05/2008 Skyping the Wife: Foolproof Video Conferencing with Your Family While on the Road
08/27/2008 The Case of the Failing Disk Drive or Windows Home Server Saved My Marriage
08/24/2008 SmallestDotNet: On the Size of the .NET Framework
08/08/2008 More Channel 9 Silliness
08/06/2008 I like cake! - Cakemail, Ninjas on Fire, and other Anecdotes
07/25/2008 July 2008 Technical Reading List
07/21/2008 Adding OpenSearch to your website and getting in the Browser's Search Box
07/15/2008 July 22nd - Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue Nerd Dinner
06/30/2008 The Spirit of Open Source - Netiquette can be subtle
06/26/2008 NotNorthwind - Update #1 - All Your Northwind Are Belong To Us
05/31/2008 Professionalism, Programming, and Punditry and Success as a Metric
05/30/2008 Community Call to Action: NOT Northwind
05/21/2008 Vista 64-bit Blue Screens with INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR Immediately After Installing VMWare Player
05/12/2008 VS2008 and .Net 3.5 SP1 Beta - Should You Fear This Release?
05/09/2008 Introducing RockScroll
05/03/2008 RFC: OpenTweets - Why is Microblogging centralized?
04/27/2008 Greatest Hits
04/24/2008 Books: We need more So What, Now What and What For? and less just What
04/09/2008 Packing Light for Travel with Power and Geek Style
03/31/2008 10 Guerilla Airline Travel Tips for the Geek-Minded Person
03/31/2008 Spontaneous New York Ethiopian Nerd Dinner
03/26/2008 7 Blogging Statistics Rules - There is Life After Page Views
03/19/2008 Twitter: The Uselessfulness of Micro-blogging
03/03/2008 Six Months in the Inside - Am I evil yet?
02/29/2008 How to attach MP3 sound effects to PowerPoint animation elements
02/20/2008 Learning Languages Fast - Can you Flush the Toilet in Zulu?
02/12/2008 MS-Ajax Client Javascript integrated within the Aptana IDE
02/04/2008 The Weekly Source Code 15 - Tiny Managed Operating System Edition
01/31/2008 February 13th - Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue Nerd Dinner
01/25/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 98 - Raising Geeks with Scott's Dad
01/25/2008 ASP.NET MVC - WebForms Unplugged
01/24/2008 Best Mobile Websites for Tiny Browsers
01/22/2008 Standing on their shoulders and paying it forward
01/18/2008 Verizon FIOS TV - Review and Photo Gallery
01/16/2008 Long Term Viability of AppleTV
01/15/2008 Blog Stats are Confusing - GETs, Views, User-Agents, Readers, Eyeballs
01/15/2008 Your Opinion Matters - Screencast Techniques Survey RESULTS
01/14/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 93 - Pex with Jonathan 'Peli' de Halleux and Nikolai Tillmann
01/14/2008 Windows Home Server Unsupported Feature - Backup Duplication
01/11/2008 CodeMash 2008 Wrapup - What are you working on?
01/10/2008 Is rooting for Visual Basic like rooting for the Red Sox?
01/01/2008 2007 Wrapup
12/26/2007 Happy Chrismahanakwanzika 2007
12/19/2007 Moq: Linq, Lambdas and Predicates applied to Mock Objects
12/19/2007 Wiring the house for a Home Network - Part 6 - Identifying Performance Factors of Home Gigabit Networks
12/18/2007 How to make Vista Taskbar Previews and ALT-TAB Thumbnails Bigger
12/14/2007 Small Town Internet
12/14/2007 Community is not just Cold Pizza
12/13/2007 Your Opinion Matters - Screencast Techniques Survey
12/09/2007 Power Consumption of the HP MediaSmart HP Home Server
12/04/2007 Web 2.0 Video: Here comes another bubble
12/01/2007 Wiring the house for a Home Network - Part 5 - Gigabit Throughput and Vista
11/29/2007 Plant, Pet, Person - Ten Days with Baby T
11/27/2007 Visual Studio 2008 InstallFest - Portland Edition
11/27/2007 Wiring the house for a Home Network - Part 4 - Thank You Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet
11/25/2007 New Job, New House, New Baby, and Designing a Totally New Home Office
11/15/2007 Saving Money on Lighting the New House
11/12/2007 Dynamic Language Translation Widget from the Windows Live Team
11/11/2007 Baby Sign Language - Update at 2 years
11/03/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 87 - Planning, Placing and Building a House with Google Earth and SketchUp
11/02/2007 How To: Use Google Earth and SketchItUp to Visualize a New House Lot - Part 2
10/31/2007 Wiring the new house for a Home Network - Part 3 - ISP Hookup
10/29/2007 November 8th - Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue Nerd Dinner
10/28/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 86 - Open Source Software Licensing with Jonathan Zuck of ACT Online
10/24/2007 How to easily disable Reply To All and Forward in Outlook
10/23/2007 Wiring the new house for a Home Network - Part 2 - Design Q&A
10/23/2007 Wiring the new house for a Home Network
10/23/2007 Where's my Orange Box Royalties?
10/21/2007 Web Common Sense isn't too Common
10/15/2007 The Five Second Rule - Does it Apply Internationally?
10/02/2007 Getting Organized While Drinking from the (Outlook) Fire Hose
09/29/2007 Typing Test twice, once with Voice Recognition
09/28/2007 TODO: Update your DVD-ROM's Firmware
09/27/2007 How-To: Installing Windows Virtualization Services (Hypervisor) on Windows Server 2008 RC0
09/27/2007 Seriously, Amazon, could you ship things in larger boxes?
09/25/2007 2007 Diabetes Donations from Our Sponsors
09/24/2007 A Blog's Heartbeat
09/21/2007 Managing Multiple Configuration File Environments with Pre-Build Events
09/20/2007 The Nuclear Option: Resetting The Crap Out Of Your Network Adapters in Vista
09/19/2007 The Mystery of the Failed Live Meeting Launch
09/18/2007 Launching your Web 2.0 Site with a Giant Text Box
09/13/2007 Forcing Google Apps for your Domain (GAFYD) into Mobile Mode on your iPhone
09/12/2007 DNRTV Screencast - Powershell is still shiny
09/10/2007 Will Video Chat ever work?
09/08/2007 iPhone - Everything that could go wrong did
09/04/2007 Microsoft patch causing network outages/DNS issues?
08/30/2007 5:01 Developers, Family, and Excitement about the Craft
08/24/2007 Make the Windows Text Cursor (Caret) Wider
08/16/2007 Installing iTunes 7 on 64-bit Windows Vista
08/16/2007 Three Monitors - I can't go back
08/16/2007 Windows Update should hide HResults
08/07/2007 32bitness and 64bitness and migrating DasBlog on IIS7 and ASP.NET under Vista64
08/03/2007 The Great Geek Gadget Giveaway Grab Bag, er, Auction
08/01/2007 The Developer's Quitting Your Job Technology Checklist
07/29/2007 Measuring Satisfaction - We are a Nielsen Family!
07/26/2007 Hanselforums - Evaluating Forums Software - AspNetForums and InstantForum.NET
07/26/2007 The Developer Theory of the Third Place
07/25/2007 Uncle Ronald
07/21/2007 Blue Badge
07/21/2007 Task: Remove a Programmatic Crutch
07/20/2007 MUIs and LIPs - How to write in Chinese and localize Windows in your language
07/20/2007 Sony: Anatomy of a good web interaction
07/13/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 72 - Be a Better Developer in Six Months
07/13/2007 First, turn off everything that beeps
07/13/2007 Wife Nixes iPhone, Man Buys Apple Newton Instead
07/11/2007 The CodingHorror Ultimate Developer Rig Throwdown: Part 3
07/10/2007 Sez You Architecture and the Architecture Ninja
07/06/2007 Lenovo T61 - The Battery is too hot, run!
07/05/2007 Caught in the Act
07/05/2007 MSN For You - MSN Messenger Worm Virus Self Phishing Replicating Evil
07/03/2007 Password should not contain any special characters, symbols or spaces
07/01/2007 Why You Deeply Want an iPhone - NOW
06/29/2007 Set Tops Are Back - Microsoft Media Room
06/28/2007 About Me
06/28/2007 Reply To All Snowball - Know When To Escalate Communication
06/26/2007 The Skynet Compute Cloud: I think there is a world market for maybe Five Computers
06/26/2007 Considering Moving the Family to Google Apps
06/21/2007 ADD and Flaming Potato Development
06/20/2007 The CodingHorror Ultimate Developer Rig Throwdown: Part 2
06/17/2007 TMI (To Much Information) Networking Dialog Box of the Day
06/15/2007 Teaching Children and Kids to Program the Old School Way
06/14/2007 A Toy Train for Z
06/13/2007 Some Guiding Principles for Software Development
06/13/2007 Six Essential Language Agnostic Programming Books
06/12/2007 Video: Windows Browser Speed Shootout - IE7, Firefox2, Opera9, Safari for Windows Beta 3
06/11/2007 Microsoft Silverlight in Safari for Windows
06/11/2007 Safari for Windows - First Impressions
06/10/2007 How To: Use Google Earth or Virtual Earth to Visualize a New House Lot - Part 1
06/08/2007 Can you show screenshots of an application you built for another company on your resume?
06/08/2007 Random Friday Lowercase-A arguments
06/04/2007 Blog Interesting - 32 Ways to Keep Your Blog from Sucking
06/02/2007 Educating Programmers with Placemats - NDepend Static Analysis Poster
06/01/2007 Does Spelling Matter? I think it does.
05/31/2007 TED: Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Photosynth demo
05/31/2007 Google Gears - Maybe all Rich Internet Applications needed was Local Storage and an Offline Mode
05/30/2007 Is This Useful? - Google Street View
05/30/2007 Going to Foo Camp 2007
05/30/2007 The Duh Files - The file is too large for the destination file system
05/30/2007 Virtual Machine CPU Performance
05/29/2007 MSMPENG.EXE, TrustedInstaller.exe, SearchIndexer and SLSVC.EXE at 100% CPU on my Vista Machines
05/24/2007 Reading Documents on your Screen Effectively
05/23/2007 Four Life-Changing Gadgets - GPS, iPod (MP3) and Tivo (DVR)
05/21/2007 Explaining CyberGeek Fame to my Wife
05/21/2007 Is Microsoft losing the Alpha Geeks?
05/20/2007 ATI Radeon 9800 Vista Drivers - Flash and Windows Video Stops or Stutters
05/08/2007 Garage Sales and Garage-Sale Quality Code
04/27/2007 Silverlight is Argentum in a Flash
04/20/2007 The (Programming) Language Explosion
04/18/2007 Network Connections: Using Verizon Broadband Access Wireless Internet without VZAccess Manager
04/11/2007 Fix: "General Failure" while launching FireFox URLs from Outlook
04/11/2007 Adding PNGOUT to the Explorer Right Click Context Menu
04/11/2007 Blogging to DasBlog from Word 2007
04/10/2007 Email Signature Etiquette with Outlook 2007 - Appropriate Flair
04/07/2007 Fix: Windows Vista Media Center missing photos and pictures
04/06/2007 Naming a File a Reserved Name in the Windows Vista Operating System
04/06/2007 Are Blog URLs important?
04/03/2007 Hanselminutes on Channel 9 - Video #2
04/03/2007 Gamma Correction and Color Correction - PNG is still too hard
03/29/2007 Life Beyond Pie Charts: The right visualization for the right job
03/28/2007 On Losing Data and a Family Backup Strategy
03/27/2007 Blog Redesign 2007
03/26/2007 Adobe Acrobat 8 on Vista - The Temp Folder is on a Drive that is Full or is inaccessible and what is LocalLow
03/21/2007 Google Internet Calendars and Outlook 2007 - The DST Fun Continues
03/20/2007 Vista Sticky Notes and other updated Applets
03/19/2007 How to adjust your side/rear-view mirrors (and why you need 3 monitors)
03/13/2007 Managed Snobism
03/09/2007 The CodingHorror Ultimate Developer Rig Throwdown: Part 1
03/08/2007 Email Signature Etiquette - Too Much Flair?
03/07/2007 Is the Library at Alexandria burning every day? How do we cluster the cluster?
03/06/2007 March 2007 My Reading List - Home
03/03/2007 Portland: Special BONUS March PADNUG Meeting with Adam Cogan
02/26/2007 Enabling Aero Glass on Windows Vista with a Toshiba M200/M205
02/26/2007 Grandma
02/23/2007 Google GuestMap 2007 and adding Google Maps to your Site
02/23/2007 The Programmer Phases of Grief: or Language Translation is Harder Than It Looks
02/22/2007 LifeHack: Carry Fewer Club Cards with BarCodes and lose the Costanza Wallet
02/22/2007 Using ISAPI_Rewrite to canonicalize ASP.NET URLs and remove default.aspx
02/21/2007 Google PageRanks considered subtle
02/11/2007 How to rotate an AVI or MPEG file taken in Portrait
02/10/2007 Yahoo Pipes - Simultaneously Brilliant and Dumb
02/08/2007 Web 2.0 Explained in Video by Michael Wesch
02/08/2007 KB928388 Breaking Tests with Windows DST TimeZone Patch and Past Dates
02/06/2007 How to change the width of the text insertion cursor
02/06/2007 Isabel Hanselman
02/05/2007 Asking Permission of your Docking Stations
02/01/2007 Ssshh...Secrets and Betas and NDAs, oh, my
02/01/2007 I'm totally Vista'ed now - Upgrading The Family to Vista
01/30/2007 Finding Free Radio Station Frequencies for my iPod
01/25/2007 Daemon Tools and my new Lenovo T60p
01/18/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 47 - How to start your own MicroISV
01/17/2007 Windows Vista Media Center Online Spotlight Launches
01/11/2007 iPhone and iScott and
01/11/2007 What do you buy the geek who has everything?
01/08/2007 SOLVED: Windows Media Sharing gets SLOW after installing Zune
01/06/2007 Family Portraits to start 2007
01/04/2007 Five Things You (Seriously) Didn't Know About Me
01/03/2007 FavIcon.ico can be a bandwidth hog
01/03/2007 Problem caused by Windows XP Service Pack 2 - Install SP2 to fix
01/02/2007 1990 called, they want to their software back
01/02/2007 Beta Rev Disk Drivers for Windows Vista
01/01/2007 Last Post of 2006 - Best Of
12/31/2006 Getting Quoted is Fun
12/31/2006 Zune vs. iPod Video vs. iRiver Clix
12/25/2006 Arusha Tanzania 2006 Day 24 - Travelling with an Infant
12/11/2006 Arusha Tanzania 2006 Day 10 - Malaria
12/08/2006 Arusha Tanzania 2006 Day 6
12/05/2006 Arusha Tanzania 2006 Day 3
12/01/2006 Vista's "Show Compatibility Files" and the Scrumptious Wonder that is File Virtualization
11/28/2006 System won't pass the BIOS POST - Yank external USB drives
11/27/2006 Making a list and checking it thrice
11/22/2006 Baby Sign Language
11/03/2006 Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle - Will eBooks happen this time?
10/10/2006 The Wisdom of IE7 and Suspicious Web Sites
10/04/2006 What is Abandonware?
10/03/2006 $25 Dollars from ING DIRECT with Deposit
09/30/2006 How Geeks become Do-It-Yourselfers and Tile their Kitchen
09/29/2006 Windows Vista, Junctions and moving My Documents to another drive.
09/23/2006 NewsGator Desktop Sync Beta (Windows RSS Platform / NewsGator Online Synchronization)
09/22/2006 USB Ports are the next power supply for the world, replacing Car Cigarette Lighter Ports
09/21/2006 Getting FinePrint to work on Vista RC1
09/21/2006 Vista and ReadyBoost
09/20/2006 An Error occured during the installation of assembly component - 98cb24ad-52fb-db5f-a01f-c8b3b9a1e18e
09/20/2006 Downloading Audible Content under Vista using IE7 in Protected Mode
09/18/2006 Sun's Java JRE switches Vista Aero into Basic UI Scheme
09/07/2006 Changing your colors in Visual Studio.NET - Black versus White
09/07/2006 Grandpa
09/05/2006 Microsummaries - Über Simple Syndication
08/29/2006 No "Open In New Tab" option in IE7 - Disable the Google Toolbar
08/29/2006 Prime Pattern
08/29/2006 Scott Hanselman's 2006 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
08/25/2006 Citizen Mo
08/24/2006 August 2006 - My spare time
08/23/2006 Death to Carriage Returns and Linefeeds
08/17/2006 AnkhSVN: Using Subversion within Visual Studio
08/15/2006 Enabling Evil - Overriding System.DateTime's default ToString
08/15/2006 A Day in the Z - Mischief and Mayhem 1
07/31/2006 Websense update - I'm not banned anymore!
07/14/2006 Do I sleep?
07/14/2006 Some tips for saving money
07/12/2006 FLV won't play when a Camtasia Video is uploaded to an IIS site
06/22/2006 New Mexico 2006
06/01/2006 How to disable Windows Media Player Guide
06/01/2006 Unblocking blocked attachments in Outlook
05/24/2006 Office 2007 - Everything you know is Different?
05/24/2006 Mo's Computer says System32/Config/Software is either missing, corrupt or has an error.
05/23/2006 Multiple Homepages with Firefox
05/18/2006 Bringing an Inkjet Printer back to life
05/17/2006 Psychic Weight- Life is Pending
05/14/2006 Happy Mother's Day to Mo and Z
05/10/2006 Share my OPML, everyone's doing it
05/03/2006 Consolas Font Family now available for download
04/21/2006 Scott Hanselman, 11 Successful Large Projects, 3 Open Source Applications, 1 Collossal Failure
04/17/2006 Binding the SlickRun HotKey to Windows-R (and my silent quest for a 1970's style green screen console)
04/15/2006 Paying off your Mortgage early
04/08/2006 Tracking down a Trojan
04/07/2006 IBM Laptop Wireless Adapter Turns Off Automatically Without Asking
04/07/2006 Coloring Windows Folders with Custom Icons
03/27/2006 The Ultimate Zoom Tool? Sysinternal's ZoomIt
03/10/2006 ZEB (Zero Email Bounce) and a new Outlook Rule
02/28/2006 Comcast Cable adds CBS to Portland HDTV and why digital TV just ain't happening.
02/23/2006 Reflectoring with the Keyboard
02/23/2006 Windows Defender Errors 0x8024402c 0x80240022 and 1609
02/14/2006 Linksys Firmware DD-WRT BitTorrent optimizations
02/08/2006 Face Recognition...uh, not quite
02/05/2006 Re-re-discovering Jeff Atwood
02/01/2006 Vista on a McBook or iMac or Intel Duo
01/26/2006 ColumbiaSoft Enginering is Hiring
01/25/2006 Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer and Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer - Whew!
01/24/2006 Vista-style Task Switching on XP
01/24/2006 Humor: Marriage and Video Games
01/10/2006 egoSurfing
01/07/2006 Google Pack
01/05/2006 Virtual Machines and External Hard Drive throughput
12/29/2005 "Unexpected Error 0x8ffe2740 Occurred" Error Message When You Try to Start a Web Site
12/27/2005 The end of Adobe Acrobat - Thank you Foxit
12/26/2005 How to Reset your Google Desktop Index Cache
12/26/2005 Productivity Tip: Make Outlook's Priority "Above Normal"
12/11/2005 Best Packet Writing Software?
11/23/2005 20% off Acronis TrueImage
11/23/2005 SlickRun and QuickSilver
11/05/2005 View Internet Explorer in a Firefox Tab
11/04/2005 RFC - RSS Advertising
11/02/2005 Stupid Error Messages - November 2nd, 2005
10/31/2005 Craptastically Useless Stuff - How much is your blog worth?
10/31/2005 Svchost.exe Sucks CPU and Rebulding the WMI/WBEM Repository
10/22/2005 Getting Email updates of
10/13/2005 Resetting Microsoft Update - Error 0x8024001D
10/06/2005 Windows Pre-Login Wallpaper
09/29/2005 Network Intrusion My Ass
09/28/2005 Office 2003 SP2 available via Microsoft Update
09/26/2005 Pasting Unformatted Text a Better Way - PureText
09/20/2005 Comcast adding CBS in HD in Portland on October 4th?
09/10/2005 CrapCleaner Registry Cleaner
09/04/2005 AntiSpyware Expired and I'm back from the future
09/04/2005 Google Maps adds Katrina Satellite Data
09/03/2005 Are you from the Northwest?
08/25/2005 Baby Registry
08/24/2005 More Interesting Maps
08/10/2005 Google GuestMap - Where are my Readers?
08/07/2005 It's official - FeedDemon is the Bomb
07/20/2005 Presentation Tips PPT
07/19/2005 Microsoft Update versus Windows Update
07/15/2005 The Big News - Update #1
07/08/2005 Better Url for the Ultimate Tools List
07/07/2005 When Bad Ideas become mainstream FAQ Entries
07/07/2005 KB895953 - TCServer.exe TabletPC Crash/Memory Leak HotFix
06/30/2005 25 Rules of Management
06/21/2005 How to run a Disk Scan/chkdsk/fsck and Troubleshoot your iPod
06/14/2005 PowerPoint - Can you see me now?
06/14/2005 The Big News
05/24/2005 Ah, crap...
04/05/2005 Updating an old iMac's Firmware while running OSX
03/31/2005 Quotes of the Day - March, 31, 2005
03/31/2005 Internationalization Support in Windows XP
03/28/2005 On the Train to the Indigo SDR in Seattle
03/23/2005 Computer Zen - Meaning
03/16/2005 My new theme
03/14/2005 Need a Professional Photographer?
03/11/2005 Getting a Shared Network Printer to work under DOS
03/08/2005 Rotating the Screen on the Toshiba m205 TabletPC
02/15/2005 More great "Effective Presentation Tips"
02/01/2005 How to speed up FireFox - like it could get any faster
01/26/2005 Internet access (and Skype) at 36000ft. Schweet.
01/24/2005 IMAP vs. POP3 in Outlook 2003
01/19/2005 Reflections on turning 0x1F
01/16/2005 Nerd Scores: Why do we fill these out?
01/06/2005 Microsoft's AntiSpyware Beta - We shall see how it stacks up against SpyBot and AdAware...
01/06/2005 Someone explain BlogShares to me...
01/05/2005 Darned Usable - Yet Another Reason that Notepad2 is the editor of choice and the magic of CR/LF vs. LF
01/01/2005 Cannon Beach, Oregon - Panoramic Digital Photography
01/01/2005 Happy New Year - And from My SPOT Watch as well
12/29/2004 Tsunami - has updated their home page with links to Donation Sites...Microsoft next? Plus Indian Ocean Tsunami Satellite Pictures
12/28/2004 Start a movement! Donate all your Google AdSense Revenue to Earthquake Relief
12/27/2004 [OT] 22,000 dead, and This White Guy - Western Media and the Devaluing of Brown People
12/09/2004 Note to World: Stop thinking that "Recall this message" will work. It NEVER will.
12/08/2004 Missing Operating System - Learn from me, backup your hard drives THIS YEAR!
12/02/2004 FireBlogging - The View From My House
12/02/2004 Adobe PDF Reader slower than Molasses? Speed up Acrobat Reader 10x+
12/01/2004 Opportunity: Windows is completely missing the TextMode boat...
11/26/2004 Today's Quote - "The Internet combines the excitement of typing with the reliability of anonymous hearsay."
11/22/2004 Setting the Title of the "DOS" Command Prompt from a Batch File
11/15/2004 Interesting...Man Sets Himself on FIRE near the White House...and no one covers the story?
11/05/2004 New Beta 2 Whidbey IDE Feature
11/04/2004 We are a divided nation...
11/04/2004 Digging the new Vertical Mouse - Helping my Carpal Tunnel
10/28/2004 Search Blogs from the Microsoft Office 2003 "Research Pane"
10/25/2004 How to Reset your TCP/IP Stack under Windows XP/2000/2003
10/21/2004 Podcasting = Verbal Incontinence
10/15/2004 Indexing FireFox Browser History with Google Desktop
10/15/2004 Sending in a Windows Crash Analysis (Error Reporting) actually paid off once
10/14/2004 Google Desktop Search - I knew they'd get it right
10/11/2004 Superman is dead, world mourns
10/08/2004 Google SMS launches
10/07/2004 Addressing a PDF at the Page Level with an URL
10/07/2004 For the Love of All That is Holy, Go Home and BACKUP Today
09/28/2004 .NET To Go Mobility Road Show in PDX on November 8th
09/13/2004 Forged Bush Memos - Someone used Word and had AutoCorrect turned on.
09/07/2004 Paint.NET joins the ranks of "tools that Microsoft won't improve, so someone else did it themselves"
08/08/2004 Protect your PC...
08/03/2004 Free Tablet PC from .NET Rocks...
08/03/2004 Oh yes, it kicks much booty - Just ripped my whole CD Collection to MP3 with RipDigital
07/10/2004 Obscure Off-Topic Tip of the Day - How to Get Windows Explorer File Copy/Move to "Yes to All" or "No to All"
07/07/2004 PC Gaming Illogic
06/29/2004 Wanna buy some stuff?
06/18/2004 Quote of the Day [Overheard]
06/18/2004 ATTN Portlanders - Pioneer Courthouse Square launched their new site
06/17/2004 Windows XPSP2 RC2 on the TabletPC doesn't work in FireFox 0.9? *GASP*
06/15/2004 The Wayback Machine - turning back time to seen your website in the past
06/15/2004 Brilliance - How do you JUST KNOW a product is going to work? The AirPort Express
06/11/2004 Linus is moving down the street from me...
06/09/2004 Virtual Keyboard for PDAs and Laptops
06/09/2004 The beginning of a streaky LCD...and the end of Multiple Monitor Productivity?
06/08/2004 Phishing...for EVIL!
06/07/2004 The Simpsons: The Map of Springfield
06/07/2004 Vonage vs. AT&T CallVantage
06/03/2004 Buy a Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard today, deprecated tommorow
05/14/2004 What a night...will it ever end?
05/07/2004 Using Internet Explorer on High Resolution Displays
05/01/2004 Healing...emotionally and physically
04/07/2004 Technical Documentation: What is the difference between i.e. and e.g.?
03/29/2004 .NET in the Real World - the Regional Director Column launches
03/14/2004 Coder or Developer?
03/14/2004 LASIK: The Conclusion
03/08/2004 More on My Lasik and the Windows 98 Machine that Zapped Me
03/01/2004 What to think about before getting your eyes lasered (LASIK)
02/25/2004 Changing the Font Size of the Reading Pane in Outlook 2003: Impossible?
02/18/2004 Choosing the best computer for 1982.
02/13/2004 A busy day indeed...let's start with the burning flesh...
02/10/2004 To funny to not post - sorry it's not technical
02/10/2004 Summary of the Annoying PowerPoint Survey
02/07/2004 Had to Three-Finger-Salute my Watch today...what else can I reboot today?
01/30/2004 Support for Windows 98 finally comes to a middle...
01/28/2004 I bought a Suit and a Robotic Vacuum yesterday...
01/24/2004 BSOD SPOT-ted?
01/09/2004 Tragedy! My Watch has been delayed!
01/09/2004 Google Juice? Hardly.
01/08/2004 Microsoft "MSN Direct" and Wrist.NET applied to "Wearables"
01/08/2004 NEWSFLASH: Microsoft Wrist.NET - Fossil launches new Fossil Wrist.NET Watches and is taking orders
01/07/2004 Plaxo and my Contact Database
12/22/2003 Welcome Slashdot!
12/11/2003 The one where I rediscover a book I never finished from years ago.
12/10/2003 Portland Nerd Dinner - Be There AND Be Square
11/21/2003 I'm late but: How I got into Computers
11/19/2003 My Ultimate TabletPC
11/09/2003 Emancipation...
11/07/2003 My quest for the ultimate TabletPC
10/31/2003 Windows XP: Media Center Edition 2004
10/21/2003 How to always launch Firebird in a new window
10/17/2003 Wow...iPod Update 2.1 and iTunes for Windows in one swell foop
10/04/2003 Never a good sign: "The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator"
09/25/2003 Google plus MapPoint = GooPoint? Mapgle?
09/22/2003 Neal Stephenson in Portland doing a book signing for Quicksilver
09/20/2003 Note to self: Buy diverse dolls
09/12/2003 Linux/J2EE causes colon cancer?
09/10/2003 It came in the mail today...
08/07/2003 .Common - beat poetry
07/31/2003 Portland Area .NET Users Group (PADNUG) - The After Party
07/16/2003 Successful GoogleWhack!
07/10/2003 Goodhewisms...
07/10/2003 Conflate...word of my day?
07/09/2003 Zen Judaism
06/20/2003 That's clever...
06/19/2003 Quote of the Day
06/12/2003 A Test of Google and Blogs: Selling my wife's car
05/10/2003 Translator Job Available in Portland: Klingon->English
05/07/2003 I'm WAY too connected...
05/02/2003 The greatest website on the 'net for the travelling wonk. Full stop.
04/16/2003 Overheard
04/08/2003 Google as proof of my Burning Ears?
03/27/2003 Steven Frank's Blogging Anthem
03/06/2003 This is just too stupid for words...The largest Chee-to in the world
03/05/2003 Wireless - An excuse to not pay attention....
02/28/2003 The erosion of society and Internet as society's desparate attempt at a Virtual Third Place
02/27/2003 BlogStreet's VisualNeighborhood
02/17/2003 I wallpapered the office today...
02/11/2003 Mentioning a buddy's site considered harmful?
02/11/2003 Quote of the Day
02/10/2003 Dude, yer losin' your contract...
02/10/2003 Transcript of Powell's Speech
02/07/2003 ROTFLMAO
02/02/2003 High on Life
01/27/2003 "Energy Consumption" or "Can We Recapture The Extra Heat From My Funeral Pyre?"
01/24/2003 Radio Userland sucks my left ass
01/24/2003 Noteable - Extending Windows NT Server 4.0 Support
01/21/2003 Cringely is killing me
01/19/2003 What the heck is this for?
01/13/2003 New Pocket PC?
01/07/2003 Is Safari just Phoenix? I mean, really, Home, Forward, Back, Google. How hard is that?
01/02/2003 Overhead on the NetQuote of the Day Our management style is largely one of deception
12/24/2002 I think even when go 15 years without a confirmed BSOD sighting and our k
12/23/2002 What is this crapnbsp I noticed that my tabs in Windows Messenger 47 disappeared recentlywhen I renabled them
12/12/2002 Google Weblog Announcing Froogle A hrefhttpwwwjepstonene
12/11/2002 httpwwwtinyurlcom a simple even RESTful solution to a big problemnbsp Its
12/09/2002 The Internet as Linguistic Bridge Between Cultures I had a fantastic series of conversations over Ins
12/09/2002 Good BooksnbspJoel
12/06/2002 Internet spammer Cant Take What He Dishes Out Alan Ra
12/05/2002 Sweet LordHalf a Terabyte of Po
11/25/2002 Wow a 512 meg CF Card for 140nbsp Crapa
11/23/2002 Lots of email and comments on the Messenger thingapparently in my ignorance I assumed that a jump from 47 to 50 indicat
11/22/2002 MSN Messenger 50 leaked Did anyone else some how get a copy of MSN Messenger downloaded to them by
11/21/2002 A lot of people have been showing up here searching for the fix for the friendgreetingcom virusso you dont go away from
11/19/2002 Hey umif you havent heard you know Michae
11/19/2002 Heisenberg got pulled over for speeding The cop says Do you know how fast you were going And Heisenberg sayd
11/19/2002 Hierarchies scale theyre just not fun So what about the file systemnbsp Practically a
11/12/2002 GarySPAN
10/28/2002 If MSN Messenger signs me out automatically again Im gonna kill someonenbsp Ive got Messenger on 3 different boxes and
10/15/2002 Ken Bereskin talks about my favorite feature in Jaguar Th
10/13/2002 Hawthorne Hunts Life My cousin

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