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Keynote - Greg Gilley with Adobe

October 27, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in
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* They've brought out the folks from Adobe.
* They've got an image editing program (Adobe After Effects) that can export images/vectors/ui as XAML declarative UI directly!
* They imported the XAML file directly into VS.NET and get a form.  Its a VERY dynamic, sexy UI with annimations, charts, gradients.  The kind of stuff you'd have to do in Flash. 
* They just called a Web Service and populated the metadata.  The designer created the UI and the WS programmer didn't have to sweat the UI at all. 
* Now, Jim Karkanias from Merck
* Awesome, they are going to show how they are using Indigo to support a Health Clinical Trial.  An app after my own heart.
* Cool, real time wireless health data from a health monitor attached to Jim.  Jim has a resting heart rate of 87bpm.
* Now they've created a health anomaly iin Jim and identified a pattern with other people in the study, then they pulled map data in and found out if the patients have location in common.  They they alpha-blend a map of the current pollen count (another WS call) to discover that the anomalous event was an unusual pollen count.
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