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Windows 10 "Developer Mode"

July 20, 2016 Comment on this post [96] Posted in Win10
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imageThe new Windows 10 update coming in a few weeks. It's called Windows 10 "Anniversary Edition" (I would have just called it 10.1, because, I dunno, monotonically increasing numbers and all, but whatever) and it has a LOT of really nice refinements.

Windows 10 is continuously updated and has been a few times since release, but this most recent one adds a lot of cool stuff like support for Bash on Ubuntu for Developers. For some folks who say they "wait for version 3" - this coming update is that version 3.

One thing I've noticed - and I'm personally rooting for - is a specific section in Windows Settings that seems to be getting some more love. I'm hoping we (developers and power users) will see some real investment here. If you agree after reading this post, sound off in the comments and maybe someone at Microsoft will notice and agree.

If you go to the Settings app on these newer Windows 10 builds, you'll notice "For Developers" as a new menu item. Now, to be clear, I'm reading into this and likely adding meaning where there may not be, but I love this. It's a formal place in the operating system where I can TELL IT THAT I AM A DEVELOPER. 

I can say "I want this machine to be in developer mode."


Under Developer Mode in the Insiders' Builds there is a nice collection of developer and power-user related settings brought together under one roof. What's great about this is that you already know these settings. As a developer you likely install Windows and then immediately go around to Windows Explorer, the Registry, and a bunch of other places to tweak Windows to how you work as a developer.

For example, Windows Explorer. Non-technical parent doesn't need to see Hidden Files or have the Full Path in the Title Bar. But I DO, and those settings are all in one place.


Seriously, the "Full path in the title bar" thing is super useful. I used to say "that should be the default." Now I realize that it shouldn't be. It should be the default for Developers.


There's other options as well for Remote Desktop, PowerShell, and remote diagnostics.


Today this new Developer Mode settings page looks like a nice collection of conveniences, but I really think it's got amazing potential, again as a formal declaration that I am a developer.

In the future I'd love to see (totally brainstorming here as I am not in the Windows department) a quick way to turn on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10, or quickly download VSCode or Visual Studio Community, get .NET Core, install Python, install mobile device emulators, install SysInternals or prep my system for remote debugging.

What do YOU think?

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July 20, 2016 11:07
Love this concept!

This is what leveling up user experience looks like. Stepping out of genetic lists and universal settings pages and optimizing for widely/heavily used cross sections.

I'll have 2!!!
July 20, 2016 11:09
for developer mode should also give you the option to have the t-rex and ninjacat as background.
July 20, 2016 11:09
I'm not sure, but can't many of those settings be enabled through the folder properties window, the control panel or the general settings menu? Why go via the registry?
July 20, 2016 11:11
Agreed, I use all the mentioned settings myself. Another pain I could use help with, is a convenient way to change my hosts file in this settings section.

July 20, 2016 11:23
The ability to quickly set up my machine to be developer friendly is an amazing one. Another set of options that would be nice to see is turn windows features on or off - whether the actual list or a link to that settings dialog.

In addition the ability to keep sync settings based on logging in with a live ID would mean theoretically I only have to do this setup once, and then any machine I provision in the future will already have everything ready for me.
July 20, 2016 11:26
This idea has huge potential, I like it a lot. I am dreaming of Windows XP Tweak UI times, where I as a power user had a neat little UI to customize many things I otherwise had to script or fiddle around in the registry for. I doubt they will go that far, but having those settings in one place is always a step in the right direction.
July 20, 2016 11:32
Yes please, this would be so convenient :)
July 20, 2016 11:35
One thing that sort of annoys me about Win 10 is the fact that the new Task View feature comes with a set of keyboard shortcuts that cannot be changed/disabled. They conflict with some keyword shortcuts I use and made me change my 5 year-old workflow. I would love to be able to configure different shortcuts and Developer Mode seems to be the right place for such settings.
July 20, 2016 11:36
That looks really great.

I'm with you to get more advanced features like the bash or sysinternals ;)

One of the great things here is, YOU HAVE the option for all seperately, that's great
July 20, 2016 11:37
Good idea. I agree.
July 20, 2016 12:02
Is "Bash on Ubuntu for Developers" and "Developer Mode" will be available only for Windows 10 Pro ? what about developers working on Windows 10 Home Edition ?
July 20, 2016 12:31
This is definitely an awesome thing to add and I'm very welcoming of it. Adding more settings in a "You should know what you're doing but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated" section is a very good idea. Android has a similar area (though it's more hidden) and it's very useful.

On this note, I'd just like to make people aware of something somewhat related (In terms of quickly setting up a dev machine) that I find really awesome - Boxstarter:

In a nutshell, it's a way of quickly bootstrapping your machine by installing almost any programs you want and setting certain windows preferences how you like. Oh and it can then loop windows updates until your machine is fully up to date, even if it requires reboots.

Once you've got it set up (you just need a simple script you can throw into github as a gist), it's a one-liner into the command prompt after your first boot, then come back a couple of hours later. It can install anything from Chocolatey, so you can easily get VS, code editors, frameworks and all sorts installed. The script itself is actually powershell, so you can really go to town with your machine set up. If you're not familiar with Powershell, don't fret, it's pretty easy to write a simple "Install this stuff, set these settings and make sure it's up to date" script. Here's an example I have:

If the Windows 10 dev panel is great to you because it lets you quickly and easily set some options you regularly set, then have a think about Boxstarter.
July 20, 2016 12:34
@wekiut - just get Win Pro, just got building new machine bought product key license only for Win Pro on Amazon for £29.

I don't trust IIS express so I always test using full fat IIS which is only available in Pro.
July 20, 2016 12:34
This is greatly appreciated.

As computers grew more and more user-friendly they became more and more developer-unfriendly.

Nice to see this addressed (finally).
July 20, 2016 12:38
The feature to show file extensions should be ON by default for everyone. That 'feature' alone (i.e. hide file extensions) has caused so many issues with virii/malware in the past years. Enable it already.
July 20, 2016 12:51
Bash On Ubuntu On Windows will still be in beta in the Anniversary Edition, but it sure would be cool to have a setting to install it in a single operation in the next one.
July 20, 2016 12:56

I'd just want Windows 10 to *work*. Not suck my battery and give me the confidence that I can upgrade my Lumia 930.

All these bells and whistles are really neat, but what happened to the basics?
July 20, 2016 13:00

Looks wonderfull. I think that will be another good idea when developers cab store such developement setting like "enable verbose logging" or "Use Beta Features" into this too.

July 20, 2016 13:08
What about the "Run as administrator" by default? Hate having my visual studio complaining it's unable to access the IIS metabase every time I open it from the taskbar.

The "Control+Shift+Enter" shortcut is quite cool but I would rather open it from the pinned solutions on the taskbar.
July 20, 2016 13:36
Fix debugging in Edge while using VS
July 20, 2016 15:37
Tirolo, you can also use control+shift when clicking on the taskbar to open as Administrator.
July 20, 2016 15:54
Showing the file extension should be the default setting for all and every user, not only devs. Clicking on a "myDocument.docx.exe" wouldn't happen that often.
July 20, 2016 16:00
Yay for developer mode. I urge Microsoft to continue to consolidate the configuration of OS/application developer features under one category in the "Settings" menu. Thank you.
July 20, 2016 16:18
Make it the quick install for all the developer things. It would be great to one click, install tools and get a bunch of them, or maybe the ones I specified in my windows account or work account that I use, then windows just makes it happen. Then creating new vms or repaving a laptop is easy, just start it and come back and it is all installed. great idea
July 20, 2016 16:19
Isn't Chocolatey the solution for developers who want to quickly install apps and frameworks like Python etc?
July 20, 2016 16:36
If you dig that, imagine the gratification that awaits from running an operating system so "developer-centric" that no one but a developer would dream of using it.
July 20, 2016 16:38
Seriously, the "Full path in the title bar" thing is super useful. I used to say "that should be the default." Now I realize that it shouldn't be. It should be the default for Developers.

I agree, but I actually think "Show file extensions" should be the default option, and not just for developers. The choice isn't between showing extensions and not showing extensions; it's either "show all extensions" or "show extensions for unknown filetypes", which I think is confusing for everyday users and contributes to the whole TotallyLegitFile.doc.exe problem.

I've never quite understood why it was never flipped the other way (or maybe it was and didn't test well; I dunno).
July 20, 2016 16:39
If we're brainstorming then one thing that would be awesome is a right-click on a folder -> Command prompt (or bash prompt) here. That would smooth the transitions of UI/command line nicely.
July 20, 2016 16:40
All settings should be available by default. Showing or hiding extensions or files isnt just for developers. If somebody is scared of "too much" settings then lets divide settings into normal/advanced or simple/extended modes with slide-like UI (think of WPF control property editor in VS). I hope Windows wont ever become oversimplified...
July 20, 2016 16:42
We need more developer friendly options.
July 20, 2016 16:46
This is great. I know Microsoft understands that developers have been a big part of their success but it is nice to see some love coming our way!!
July 20, 2016 16:52
An option to run all programs as administrator should be a essential option.
July 20, 2016 17:15
This already exists, you just have to hold SHIUFT while right clicking and you'll get a few extra commands including "Open command window here"
July 20, 2016 17:17
Who cares ? Windows 10 is spyware. Until you can uninstall *ALL* the telemetry, Cortana and any service you want then Windows is a dead system. Last good Windows was 7. Since then it's not worth installing.
July 20, 2016 17:25

If we're brainstorming then one thing that would be awesome is a right-click on a folder -> Command prompt (or bash prompt) here.

That has been possible for a long time already: Shift+right-click and choose "Open Command prompt here".
July 20, 2016 17:41
"...a quick way to turn on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10, or quickly download VSCode or Visual Studio Community, get .NET Core, install Python, install mobile device emulators, install SysInternals..."

yes, please!
July 20, 2016 17:44
I'd go so far as to say there should be a Developer Edition of Windows 10 that you can download from MSDN or TechNet, like there is for SQL Server, with all these bells & whistles enabled as default.
July 20, 2016 18:21
I'd also like to be able to :

1- activate a shortcut to keep a selected window always on top

2- launch web platform installer (and why not have it propose all packages I usually install?)

3- add common Windows features (IIS for instance, with my common options already selected?)

4- integrate chocolatey

How about that?
July 20, 2016 20:19
@CMW - another option is to browse to the folder you want to open a command prompt on and then type "PowerShell" in the address bar. PowerShell will launch within that folder!

@tim - turn off UAC and everything will run as an administrator. However, I personally prefer to leave it on and grant individual apps the administrative token by default.

@Matthew Blott - Windows 10 has a package manger built-in that'll utilize the Chocolaty feeds -and- NuGet feeds! It's called the PackageManager (formerly OneGet) and it is a PowerShell module.

@Tirolo - you can change the properties of the shortcut, or the app itself under the compatibility tab, to launch as an administrator by default.
July 20, 2016 20:31
Having the OS understand "my context" could be massive improvement.

Looking forward to "Ubuntu on Windows 10" as well. It gives me a chance to play around and try things out without having to get a VM running.
July 20, 2016 21:21
I love this idea! We provide a different environment in our web applications for developers, we give developers different levels of access to the operating system in business environments, even Android has a Developer Mode. Offering developers a unique set of options and defaults in the Windows Environment would be a welcome addition.
July 20, 2016 21:44
Developer mode sounds great, but I don't trust MS with it. Devs have never been the focus for MS.
Even the server versions of Windows are dumbed down to the point you'd think the UI was designed for kindergartners, not IT pros.

Some way to make an open sourced version of Developer Mode might work.
July 20, 2016 21:49
Thank you for this information.

I thought I was banned from being a Win 10 remote desktop 'server' unless I bought an Enterprise license. This brings it back easily.

Great when I want to move between a Win machine and Linux at home.
July 20, 2016 22:24
MSDN does offer a dev version of win 10 pro KN suffix I think. Removes skype email games cortana and other stuff. Still not enough and Im not sure nanoserver would be enough from the minimal no gui starting point.
Boxstarter is good as is Packer + boxstarter. Also ansible and puppet have a lot of modules to help with windows configs.
July 20, 2016 22:31
I really like the idea of enabling "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" on this settings page. Right now, getting Bash installed is a bit convoluted. It would be nice if it were a single check box. And if you add Bash here, you should also think about making Hyper-V a single checkbox on this settings page.
July 20, 2016 22:42
I don't know who Windows 10 is supposed to be targeting.
I don't think they know either.
I would have to strip it down to be of any use to me.
I may as well stick with Vista.
To me it is worthless and will not be used for anything besides bug hunting in Windows 10,if I ever get my hands on 1.
July 20, 2016 22:43
My one addition to this would be:

An option to turn on showing keyboard accelerators without having to press ALT. Developers (should) live and breathe on the keyboard, so this should be a generally speed increasing option for their daily tasks.
July 20, 2016 22:57
Please go yet another mile and get rid of \r\n in favor of \n as default EOL.
July 21, 2016 0:34
I love this idea of "Developer Mode". More so because Apple has all but abandoned developer computers for phone or super thin Macs leaving me looking for a new developer machine (Mac Pro last updated 943 days ago But I don't want crawl around in the guts of Windows configuring. I just need a "Developer Mode" to set and get on developing applications after using OSX since abandoning Windows at Vista.
July 21, 2016 0:38
YES! I also agree with the suggestions of being able to quickly edit the HOSTS file.
July 21, 2016 0:51
I need all this on server SKU not workstation. My main dev box is server. I am sure I am not the only person like that
July 21, 2016 1:19
Seems like a positive step, but I've said that before without seeing it. Look, Win 10 Settings is a disaster. The Edge-style interface is still a work in progress. It violates almost all of the UI rules. There is no help or assistance. And it can get itself into a state where particular settings are forced at every boot or return from hibernation. I hope they've fixed the fundamental flaws along with new functionality.
July 21, 2016 1:36
I wonder if I'll even get this update. I'm still stuck on the RTM version. The November update won't install for some inscrutable reason. If it doesn't upgrade this time I may have to do a clean install which is annoying.
July 21, 2016 5:19
Best course of action though is to 'defenistrate' and make the base OS as linux and run any Windoze version you like in a VMM box.
Problem solved.
July 21, 2016 8:17
Does the developer mode menu work if I don't want to enabled unsigned apps? To me that's a completely independent choice from all those other options.

And hiding file extensions is madness for all userlevels. Why not hide the first 3 chars, or 3 from the middle...Would be just as useful.

July 21, 2016 9:07
That's cool
July 21, 2016 9:14
OMG. Yes, please.
July 21, 2016 10:18
It's really handy... Everything under one roof. I have been using this for the past few months, but it always shows "Some features might not work until you restart your PC."

Any suggestions?
July 21, 2016 10:45
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July 21, 2016 13:59
Good to see 'Run as Different user' as standard.

'Open command prompt here as Administrator / Different user' would be welcome additions to the explorer context menu
July 21, 2016 14:15
I love the idea, and please give me more. Thanks Microsoft.
July 21, 2016 15:00
That's the nice idea, if Microsoft continues to expand the feature to also give additional debug info for System components.
July 21, 2016 16:02
I think it's great!
It's something I've been talking to my peers about, like "hey, you know what'd be nice? A 'Windows Developers' Edition'." And it seems very close.
Other features I could think of are easy ways to setup virtual environments, like Python's venv, easy access to a more powerful command prompt (not specifically Power Shell), open procmon from the Taks Manager, command bars on Windows Explorer, hex editors... I mean, some already exist, but I imagine using them seamlessly with the OS.
July 21, 2016 17:22
This mode should allow one to log in as administrator and get all the Win 10 apps.
July 21, 2016 17:25
I think that having a "formal declaration that I am a developer" is a GREAT idea. Especially if the OS actually switches to becoming developer friendly; there are all kinds of mods that would make this mode a blessing for us. Please Microsoft, INVEST IN THIS!
July 21, 2016 17:33
Yeah, I like the developer mode idea. Just hope the implementation is done well.

Currently, I use MSYS2 in my development process so the inclusion of a decent posix layer is a welcome addition. Hopefully, it will operate at close to native speed (MSYS2 can be slow).
July 21, 2016 18:11
Great feature, though I can make my account Admin, It is still a pain to go to different locations to make the changes you want.. This Developer mode would pool in all those mods in one place for developers to tweak, once a user account is declared as Developer.
July 21, 2016 18:33
Darn, the secret's out on how developers customize their computers. I won't be able to impress my end users anymore. ;-) Great idea tho'!

Does anyone know if these settings syncs across computers using the same login?
July 21, 2016 18:42
MS already tried for years to count users as idiots. Result? MS fails. Soon or later, are you user or goddamn hacker/proger, you HAVE to deal with Windows guts! I didn't see even one PC didn't customized after install! It means only one - MS goes wrong way and should stop making us stupids! WE KNOW why we buy PC and we HAVE to have proper configuration tool.
More MS hides, more they annoy experienced users. That's why Linux, sh!tiest OS of the world, so popular - OPENNESS. If you install it at least once, you know how many things you can adjust for yourself and that's cool. MS has no idea what users wants, that's why they even cannot select proper default values! Who the moron who bring idea "hide file extension"?! In which paradise that idiot lives where you don't have to see extension?? (esp. when every even virus makes files "document.txt.exe"!)

Shortly, MS _had_ to make all settings clear and accessible, don't make it now as a MS benefit!
July 21, 2016 19:42
hi scott,

thanks for sharing this.

cool! I have a windows 8.1 home edition . If I upgrade to windows 10, will I still get this feature OR will I need professional edition ?

thank you,

July 21, 2016 20:05
Thanks, it's great! That's good idea.
July 21, 2016 20:32
Agreed. Thanks for sharing.
July 21, 2016 20:36
Another thing that is sorely needed is an easy way to do side loading. What ever happened to the build install project template in VS 2015?
July 21, 2016 21:08
Yes! This would be a nice addition to the OS. I love that Microsoft is stepping back from the "A PC is just a large phone" concept and making the OS something tailored for desktops again. The addition of the Bash shell is awesome! I've waited 15 years for an ssh client to be natively included with Windows.

I love what Microsoft is doing with .NET as well. I don't write code for exclusively x86 anymore; I target ARM devices as well, and being able to do so with Visual Studio Code and C# has literally made me one of the happiest embedded developers of all time. It's a good time to be a developer.
July 21, 2016 21:47
Love it! Just needs a toggle for UAC (I haven't seen it yet) as this is one of the first things to go on my dev machines. Whilst the warning holds value for regular users (even though it's a "cheap imitation" of sudo for the most part), it's REALLY great for secondary accounts on a machine -- like my son's account on his laptop: he's just too young (5) to have that kind of power yet.

I'd love to know if these settings are persisted between preview build updates -- because the UAC settings most definitely aren't ): I have to reset after every preview update.
July 22, 2016 0:47
<sitting waiting patiently for Aug. 2 and "The Download">
I've taken note of the Developer stuff and as soon as the new stuff with Ubuntu is in, I'll be loading VS and a few other things to start work on some projects that have been hanging fire(partly due to my new Rift and Elite Dangerous cough...cough) and I've finally got the last few parts for "The Beast", my development PC. I7-5820k (6 core) with 64GB ram and 6TB of HDD with a 500GB SSD running Win 10 Pro(so I can have Hyper-V...that's also why 64GB of Ram...the mobo is 128GB capable so eventually...). Like your other post about the Ultimate Developer PC, I do have a good video in it as I also do some 3D content on request.
July 22, 2016 4:11
"Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" - such a catchy name.
If you're running it in a Windows VM on OSX, would it be "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows on OSX"?
July 22, 2016 5:26
Actually, I think this is kind of annoying. Instead of wasting time with this, I would like to see Microsoft come up with one way of doing things. The control panel settings are an absolute mess. With every new version of Windows they completely change around where everything is. I would be fine with this, if the changes resulted in a more organized system. However, that isn't the case. There are a lot of settings that are still in the old control panel. Overall I just think it's a total disaster. The only saving grace is that you can search for things in the search box. If it wasn't for that, it would be totally confusing, and still is. IMHO, a setting should appear in one place. And also, I don't see how any of the settings you mentioned above have anything to do with being a developer.
July 22, 2016 6:24
+1 for Boxstarter, love it.

"Bash on Ubuntu on Windows"...
BoU oW, as in "Boom chikka"?
July 22, 2016 8:08
I'm sticking with saying "A lot of things SHOULD BE THE DEFAULT", for example disk encryption via BitLocker or something else, especially for "regular" users.
July 22, 2016 10:55
There are so many other things that need attention too.
e.g. Settings vs Control Panel.
The Settings options have just added more clicks to get to items, and in a lot of cases end up opening the old control panel windows.
The UE when attempting to perform certain tasks (like connect to a VPN, or change mouse properties) now involves more steps than previous, and in some cases involves a change between UI styles (Metro/non Metro).
The UE is worse for people who access these things regularly.

I'd like to be able to disable all telemetry if I choose to. Calvin Klein is not lining up to find out how I use my underwear. Toyota don't get any info about how I use my car. It should be my choice. You can even have it on by default if you like, as long as I can turn it off.

That said, in the developer mode,
I'd like to an option for disabling Aero Snap on the mouse altogether, but leave the hotkey options. The best you can get towards this currently is to disable mouse snapping, but it still grabs the screen edge when moving slowly between monitors. I want to stop this. This is with the "Enhance mouse precision" option turned on, and the mouse speed set all the way up. Yes I realise I could move faster, but I shouldn't have to.

Disable Aero Shake.

I'd like to be able to disable Windows update from restarting my computer altogether - I don't care if they download, but if you restart when I'm in the middle of doing something, and do not save what I was doing (and it has on several occasions), that just really is annoying, especially when the update them takes 20 minutes to finish updating. You may whinge at me, but do not ever restart without permission, and do not provide sneaky popups that grab focus and take an errant ENTER as permission.

You can manage the above via registry hacks, external tools, group policy, and such like, but I'd prefer not to have to.
July 22, 2016 19:11
I love the Windows 10 design, the combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8. With that said, the developer option would be even more awesome! :)
July 22, 2016 20:58
Great, very appreciated feature.
July 23, 2016 10:35
Cool. Will be nice to have 'show extensions for registered types' also
July 23, 2016 13:59
Some sort of qos/bandwidth limiting for windows update downloads would be cool.
July 23, 2016 16:54
I completely agree with you, Scott. Your ideas will make Windows much more intuitive for developers. It's a win-win situation!
July 23, 2016 20:02
I like it and use the Device Portal to deploy apps to my 950XL. Also viewing perf data of the phone is nice.

Also the improved ETW capturing in version 1607 is nice, but I would like to export list of all available providers and the ability to view the manifest for the providers.
July 25, 2016 21:32
I like it, a lot. Now if I could find the "Never, EVER, Hide file names" option. Drives me nuts that Windows hides the filenames by default in Video folders.
July 25, 2016 22:20
If I lock this down does that mean users can't use those features (like full path in title bar). I don't see that as a dev feature, just a power user feature. Not everyone needs to be a developer to need some of that, but is seems a great way to inventory the "developer" machines in a company.

@Bob, calvin klein is in fact wondering how to get the data on your underwear prefs and Toyota (like every car manufacturer) has implemented complete logging in the car (retrievable during forensics or whenever they get access - like maintenance - did you really think toyotacare was actually free?), and if you have any of the new cars with cell ability (onstar etc) they do remote diags based on that data. We live in a world where companies (google) makes billions solely off reselling your information based profiling and searches. At least Microsoft anonymizes the data and you can reduce the amount to a very basic collection of what you use the OS for so they can figure out that things like developer mode is actually needed. I'd have a problem if it was being resold but if it's just for usage, crashes etc - I've no problem with that.
July 26, 2016 3:52
Show the command line in the task manager by default
July 27, 2016 9:57
What windows for developers should have out of the box is a setting do change add or edit hot-keys, keyboard shortcuts.

From changing the hokey for opening explorer.exe, to adding PowerShell scripts.
August 02, 2016 2:43
I am setting up 3 machines now. 4 if I count the Ra's pi. I was horrified on the last prev build. Right now .. jumping of happiness. There is so much more in the dev previews! Ms stuffed all the useful parts from up coming server in the build : D.

August 04, 2016 17:59
Will Bash on Windows be available without enabling developer mode in the future (like when Microsoft believes it is really stable enough and "beta" is removed from its name)? I am afraid of this "install any signed app" side-effect but I still want to use bash for some gcc/g++ and python stuffs.
August 06, 2016 10:23
Its high time you returned back to your failed standup gig, i am sure your gonna have more success now as you have mastered the art of fellating the masses with a smile & fervor that would shame even a pro retired gigolo.

Am really happy to know the new word for a pill pusher in the IT sector is DEVELOPER MODE.

wow i now see, why we should all install windows 10 immediately, since taking an Axe & cutting our legs is really the way to live, why should you choose so foolishly to live a healthy & safe life, thats for dummies.

i wonder if microsoft has begun to officially include rectal servicing of customers in the terms & conditions finally. if not may be your expertise wil shine a light on this issue... where the sun don shine, let the light of the darklord,
shine on it..

August 09, 2016 23:03
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