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Windows 10 - The Fast Ring and BUILD 10061

April 23, 2015 Comment on this post [23] Posted in Win10
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Take a moment, if you will, and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel at I've actually got quite a bit of content over there, most recently a series of Microsoft Word and Office How-To videos.

However, I've also been installing each new Fast Ring build of Windows 10 on real hardware and been going over the changes for you! Today Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10061 came out.

I've put my Windows 10 Technical Preview "Build-To-Build" YouTube Playlist up here and I encourage you to check it out. Windows 10 daily builds are still quite rough in spots, but that's part of the fun of getting these almost-daily builds. I wouldn't put this on my main machine, and I haven't. But, I do have a few extra laptops and have been keeping up to date with Windows 10, looking for changes and updates between builds.

Below is my playlist and today's video on Windows 10 Build 10061 and the changes I've noticed.

Have you installed Windows 10 on any machines? What's your reaction been so far?

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April 23, 2015 12:59
Been running Windows 10 on a Dell XPS13 infinity for a few releases now.
Found the UI horribly inconsistent. Also, only gives 2.5hrs battery life versus the 9-10 this machine should have.
April 23, 2015 13:23
Horrible UI, something I have last seen on Linux circa 90s. Pretty much made my 10 inch tablet useless and made me really want to go back iOS. Same problem with battery life as RichB with HP 2in1. Whole Live tiles stuff is wasted in Start menu since you only click it when you want to do stuff and it's open for like second.
Pretty much turned my ones all day 2in1 to Visual Studio machine and rest is in iOS. If Apple would bring 12 inch iOS or Google Android tablet I would move my development to cloud like Scott showed in one article, true future.
April 23, 2015 13:27
I've installed Win 10 on a $350 hybrid tablet/ultrabook in October '14, since my wife wasn't happy with the Win 8.1 UI and I didn't want to downgrade to Win 7

It's hasn't crashed a single time, support for touch screen is great. I think it's easier for a Win 7 or XP user to step to Win 10 than to start using Win 8.x

The best thing is that the installation of this Technical Preview + updates and even the eventual RTM are completely for free!

(I've also upgraded my 2010 MacBook Pro with BootCamp to Win 10, but though I got it working after a few workarounds and some trickery, I took it back to Win 7, since the fan + CPU had a hard time with Win 10. But with recent/decent hardware I would go Win 10 definitely)
April 23, 2015 16:05
From a UI point of view I like where the mail and calendar apps are going. Very clean / fresh and modern looking. The side "menu" (on the right where you changed into table mode) looks bad, amateurish at best.

I like how the Cortana search box blends into the task bar; better than previous builds.

Overall, though, there are still a LOT of inconsistencies. Are we still using the old control panel (when changing background image)?!

If it was me I'd take the guys that designed the mail/calendar apps and have them dictate the looks of/to the rest of the OS. Is this thing going to be ready by Summer?
April 23, 2015 17:13
I like the idea of snap assist, but I really wish it would go away if I press a key (even shift/ctrl/alt). A lot of times I want to see the left half of the app behind it when I snap an app to the right side of the screen. In 8.x I used to just hit Win+Left/Right and start typing. I submitted it in the Windows Feedback app

Explorer has been flaky for a while now. Ctrl+Shift+Esc is your friend. You can kill explorer from the processes tab, then File -> Run new task, explorer.exe to get it back again. Make sure not to start it with admin privileges (this used to be impossible) as the modern apps won't run elevated (and everything else will).
April 23, 2015 17:46
So, has the Windows team done a lot more work that just hasn't landed in the main branch yet? They can't seriously be targeting a Northern Hemisphere summer release, can they? Given how important it is to have a solid follow-up to the somewhat unpopular Windows 8/8.1, surely it's worth taking the time to really polish Windows 10.
April 23, 2015 17:58
I completely agree with Peter - I have a hard time finding some settings between Control Panel and the new Settings app. There needs to be ONE PLACE that has all the things! Also, where the heck are the Windows Update settings? I can find them if I go digging through Settings, but try typing "update" into the search bar - it doesn't find the settings page at all.

Other than the crashing apps (known issue) in the previous build, I've had a great time with the Preview in a VMWare Fusion VM on my machine. Definitely my favorite edition of Windows after Windows 8.1! :-)

April 23, 2015 18:00
It is very good windows , I actually made it my main development OS , it is also seem light and more desktop/laptop friendly , the only problem is the courtana search is very heavy and I waint a couple of seconds to load it each time I want to search on something , because should be a way to disable it and replace it by search engine search .
April 23, 2015 19:40
Scott, I'm guessing from your commentary that you don't like the new icons? Given that VS adopted these sort of icons (actually far worse...) in 2012, I'm pretty used to the flat, simple look.

I think this is the modern UI paradigm that is being adopted by pretty much everyone in the industry.
April 23, 2015 20:23
I'm running the Tech Preview on my daily use machine. Yes I know, I know, risky business. But for me my Surface Pro 3 is literally my only machine (OK, I have a Dell 8" tablet too). Yep, I used to have a couple three machines, but since last Summer just the SP3. I want the UBER machine that does it all and the SP3 is close.

BUT. The Tech Preview is still a hot mess on the Surface. Hangs, reboots, failures to start, overheating, multi-monitor freakiness, you name it. Totally unreliable. Yep, I dug my own hole. Acknowledged. I was just really hoping that since probably a quarter of Microsoft is running a SP3 (yeah I made that stat up, but is it wrong?) that it would get tons of love in making sure the Tech Preview was stable. Nope.

I have been thiiiiiiis close to going back to Win 8.1 on more than a few occasions. One too many failures to resume from suspend and losing everything I was working on, or a reboot, or what have you. But then I think about what goodness I might miss with the next update. So I'm a mouse on the treadmill.

I hope Microsoft appreciates folks like me. Not feelin' it, but I hope.
April 23, 2015 20:30

I like the multi desktop feature. Is it possible to save the desktop settings? So when I reopen the desktop, all the apps that I have moved there would come back.
I'd like to have one desktop for development, one for project management, one for social catch up. When I switch desktop(context), all the things I need are there and I can just jump right in.
April 23, 2015 20:43
I tried it a few weeks ago but it was way too buggy and haven't had the time to look at it since. From what I saw it looked like Windows 8 with Stardock.
April 23, 2015 20:49
VPN still doesn't work (it broke in the previous build) but other than that I love it. It's like Windows 8 without everything that made Windows 8 bad. My laptop (Asus Zenbook) definitely runs faster and with better battery life on 10 (as opposed to 7).
April 23, 2015 22:32
I don't like the UI at all. It sucks for Desktop (Mouse, Keyboard) and touch users. It is more worse than Windows 8.1. Also the new Apps with Hamburger menus are horrible to use. #NotUpgradingToW10
April 24, 2015 5:51
@CuriousTechie Maybe you should be running Win10 on a VM instead of as the primary OS? Oracle VirtualBox is free and runs Win10 just fine for testing.
April 24, 2015 11:09
I don't know if fast screen brightness control on notifications center was in 10061. Nice to see that you can quickly switch between 25%/50%/75%/100% without opening settings window.
April 25, 2015 2:24
Installed and played with Win 10 ... unambiguously Linux Mint with Cinnamon is much more better :P
April 25, 2015 3:52
What is Bio Enrollment in Apps?
Why do I have Korea Messenger Center in Apps?
Just using it everyday I have neglected checking out the features.

I like about the Preview is the price, and the automatic updates including video card. To install Windows 10 Technical Preview needed exactly zero drivers including printers.
April 25, 2015 16:09
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April 27, 2015 5:36
I've been using Windows 10 for my development environment for the last few months, admittedly in a Parallels VM on a MacBook, but I like it.

Its been stable as far as I can see and the UI inconsistencies aren't too painful. If the core was stable I could live with a rolling release, get the important 80% working and released and then have small weekly/monthly upgrades to bring the rest into line.
April 27, 2015 17:54
Random, but any chance you've noticed if hyper-v in windows 10 supports live migration?
April 29, 2015 9:42
ha ha ha.

After saying I had found it very stable my latest copy of Windows 10 is BSOD regularly, me and my big mouth.
May 01, 2015 23:41
I installed it on a spare Acer Laptop, removed it a day later. The main problem I had was that it just "felt" weird, for example, the mouse not exactly following my movement, the wait cursor appearing out of nowhere and other quirks like that. The UI Icons look a bit toylike, but I can get used to that and that's not a big problem anyway. I like the general approach, having modern UI apps run in windowed mode is great.
I'm using Xubuntu for my main development machine right now and fairly happy with it. That said, Linux seems kind of boring when compared to Windows 10. So I'm really hoping you guys can sort issues out and deliver a kickass desktop system that customers will love.

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