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MSN Messenger 50 Leaked Did Anyone Else Some How Get A Copy Of MSN Messenger Downloaded To Them By

November 22, '02 Comments [0] Posted in Musings
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MSN Messenger 5.0 leaked?

Did anyone else some how get a copy of MSN Messenger downloaded to them by clicking on an add in MSN Messenger 4.7 early this morning?  It was the standard "A New Version of Messenger is available" and now I've got what appears to be Messenger 5.0.0540 on my box ALONGSIDE my old MSN 4.7 and they seem to be fighting and sometimes run at the SAME TIME.  Thoughts? (screenshot to the right)

There seems to be some confusion because if you go to you get 4.7 but if you go here you get 5.0.

Note: These msn links will probably have link rot VERY soon...

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