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Open Source (356)

04/25/2024 Open Sourcing DOS 4
11/23/2021 A Nightscout Segment for OhMyPosh shows my realtime Blood Sugar readings in my Git Prompt
11/18/2021 Upgrading a 20 year old University Project to .NET 6 with dotnet-upgrade-assistant
11/11/2021 DotNetConf 2021 - .NET Everywhere - Windows, Linux, and Beyond
10/21/2021 Parallel.ForEachAsync in .NET 6
09/30/2021 ASP.NET Core Diagnostic Scenarios
09/09/2021 Minimal APIs in .NET 6 but where are the Unit Tests?
09/07/2021 Minimal APIs at a glance in .NET 6
09/02/2021 A .NET 6 Minimal API Todo example Playground
08/31/2021 My Ultimate PowerShell prompt with Oh My Posh and the Windows Terminal
08/19/2021 Carter Community for ASP.NET Core means enjoyable Web APIs on the cutting edge
07/20/2021 How to install .NET Core on your Remarkable 2 e-Ink tablet with Remarkable.NET
06/29/2021 C sharp or B flat? Experiments in self-contained native executables in .NET
05/13/2021 Exploring the Visual Studio Code REST Book extension for native Notebooks
05/11/2021 Updating FloatingGlucose to .NET 5 - Display Nightscout or Dexcom Glucose Values on the Windows Desktop
03/23/2021 The Windows Terminal made better with the Command Palette plus Multiple Actions in one Command
03/18/2021 Visual Studio hotkeys at the PowerShell command line in Windows Terminal
03/11/2021 Ryujinx is an Experimental Nintendo Switch Emulator written in C# for .NET Core
03/02/2021 Don't forget about the GitHub Command Line
02/16/2021 Free eBook: How to use Dapr for .NET Developers
02/11/2021 DotNet Boxed includes prescriptive templates for .NET Core
02/09/2021 Tiny top-level programs with C# 9 and SmallSharp and Visual Studio
01/22/2021 Using Tailscale on Windows to network more easily with WSL2 and Visual Studio Code
11/19/2020 How to make a WinForms app with .NET 5 entirely from the command line and publish as one self-contained file
11/17/2020 Spectre.Console lets you make beautiful console apps with .NET Core
11/12/2020 Your dotnet outdated is outdated! Update and help keep your .NET projects up to date
10/20/2020 Don't ever break a URL if you can help it
10/01/2020 How to use autocomplete at the command line for dotnet, git, winget, and more!
09/17/2020 dotnet-trace for .NET Core tracing in PerfView, SpeedScope, Chromium Event Trace Profiling, Flame graphs and more!
09/01/2020 It's 2020 and it is time for text mode with Gui.cs
08/27/2020 Exploring the .NET Core library Coravel for Task Scheduling, Caching, Mailing and more
08/25/2020 Docker 101 and How do containers work?
08/04/2020 THE EASY WAY how to SSH into Bash and WSL2 on Windows 10 from an external machine
07/21/2020 Finding Joy in Making Happy Little Computer Videos on YouTube
07/16/2020 Exploring the .NET open source hybrid ORM library RepoDB
06/23/2020 Using the Blockly visual programming editor to call a .NET Core WebAPI
06/08/2020 Easily rename your Git default branch from master to main
05/21/2020 Mirroring your Presence Status from the Microsoft Graph in Teams to LIFX or Hue bias lighting
05/12/2020 Windows PowerToys FancyZones is the essential window manager for Windows 10
04/23/2020 CoreBoy is a cross platform GameBoy Emulator written in C# that even does ASCII
03/12/2020 CSI: The case of the missing WAV audio files on the FAT32 SD Card
03/10/2020 How to SSH into a Windows 10 Machine from Linux OR Windows OR anywhere
02/19/2020 How to install Visual Studio Code on a Raspberry Pi 4 in minutes
02/14/2020 It's time for you to install Windows Terminal
02/12/2020 Announcing .NET Interactive - Try .NET includes .NET Notebooks and more
02/07/2020 Your Todo application is too complex or not complex enough
02/05/2020 Hundreds of practical ASP.NET Core samples to learn the fundamentals
11/27/2019 The open source Carter Community Project adds opinionated elegance to ASP.NET Core routing
11/06/2019 Announcing .NET Jupyter Notebooks
10/17/2019 How to make a pretty prompt in Windows Terminal with Powerline, Nerd Fonts, Cascadia Code, WSL, and oh-my-posh
10/03/2019 Now is the time to make a fresh new Windows Terminal profiles.json
09/24/2019 Announcing free C#, .NET, and ASP.NET for beginners video courses and tutorials
09/20/2019 What's the difference between a console, a terminal, and a shell?
09/12/2019 Emulating a PlayStation 1 (PSX) entirely with C# and .NET
09/11/2019 How to fix dfu-util, STM, WinUSB, Zadig, Bootloaders and other Firmware Flashing issues on Windows
08/23/2019 dotnet new worker - Windows Services or Linux systemd services in .NET Core
08/15/2019 SharpScript from ServiceStack lets you run .NET apps directly from a GitHub Gist!
08/08/2019 The PICO-8 Virtual Fantasy Console is an idealized constrained modern day game maker
08/01/2019 Dotnet Depends is a great text mode development utility made with Gui.cs
07/30/2019 Docker Desktop for WSL 2 integrates Windows 10 and Linux even closer
07/25/2019 Ruby on Rails on Windows is not just possible, it's fabulous using WSL2 and VS Code
07/18/2019 Installing PowerShell with one line as a .NET Core global tool
07/09/2019 Dealing with Application Base URLs and Razor link generation while hosting ASP.NET web apps behind Reverse Proxies
06/27/2019 Git is case-sensitive and your filesystem may not be - Weird folder merging on Windows
06/25/2019 Adding Reaction Gifs for your Build System and the Windows Terminal
06/20/2019 You can now download the new Open Source Windows Terminal
06/18/2019 Dynamically generating robots.txt for ASP.NET Core sites based on environment
06/11/2019 Visual Studio Code Remote Development over SSH to a Raspberry Pi is butter
05/30/2019 What's better than ILDasm? ILSpy and dnSpy are tools to Decompile .NET Code
05/21/2019 Visual Studio Code Remote Development may change everything
05/15/2019 Introducing the Try .NET Global Tool - interactive in-browser documentation and workshop creator
05/07/2019 An experiment - The Azure Cloud Shell at the command line with AZ SHELL
05/03/2019 A new Console for Windows - It's the open source Windows Terminal
04/25/2019 Software Defined Radio is a great way to bridge the physical and the digital and teach STEM
04/11/2019 Blocking ads before they enter your house at the DNS level with pi-hole and a cheap Raspberry Pi
03/29/2019 Displaying your realtime Blood Glucose from NightScout on an AdaFruit PyPortal
03/19/2019 What is Blazor and what is Razor Components?
03/06/2019 Converting an Excel Worksheet into a JSON document with C# and .NET Core and ExcelDataReader
02/22/2019 Learning about .NET Core futures by poking around at David Fowler's GitHub
02/15/2019 Exploring nopCommerce - open source e-commerce shopping cart platform in .NET Core
02/07/2019 Lighting up my DasKeyboard with Blood Sugar changes using my body's REST API
01/23/2019 How to use Windows 10's built-in OpenSSH to automatically SSH into a remote Linux machine
01/18/2019 Remote debugging with VS Code on Windows to a Raspberry Pi using .NET Core on ARM
01/16/2019 Installing the .NET Core 2.x SDK on a Raspberry Pi and Blinking an LED with System.Device.Gpio
12/26/2018 Using Visual Studio Code to program Circuit Python with an AdaFruit NeoTrellis M4
12/12/2018 How to set up ASP.NET Core 2.2 Health Checks with BeatPulse's AspNetCore.Diagnostics.HealthChecks
12/04/2018 Announcing WPF, WinForms, and WinUI are going Open Source
11/23/2018 Upgrading the DakBoard Family Calendar with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Read Only filesystem
11/21/2018 How to build a Wall Mounted Family Calendar and Dashboard with a Raspberry Pi and cheap monitor
11/16/2018 Compiling C# to WASM with Mono and Blazor then Debugging .NET Source with Remote Debugging in Chrome DevTools
11/09/2018 Terminus and FluentTerminal are the start of a world of 3rd party OSS console replacements for Windows
10/16/2018 New prescriptive guidance for Open Source .NET Library Authors
10/12/2018 C# and .NET Core scripting with the "dotnet-script" global tool
09/28/2018 Exploring .NET Core's SourceLink - Stepping into the Source Code of NuGet packages you don't own
09/25/2018 A command-line REPL for RESTful HTTP Services
09/18/2018 Azure DevOps Continuous Build/Deploy/Test with ASP.NET Core 2.2 Preview in One Hour
09/14/2018 A complete containerized .NET Core Application microservice that is as small as possible
09/12/2018 How do you use System.Drawing in .NET Core?
09/05/2018 Always Be Closing...Pull Requests
08/29/2018 Improvements on ASP.NET Core deployments on Zeit's and making small container images
08/24/2018 Decoding an SSH Key from PEM to BASE64 to HEX to ASN.1 to prime decimal numbers
07/31/2018 One click deploy for MakeCode and the amazing AdaFruit Circuit Playground Express
07/27/2018 SQL Server on Linux or in Docker plus cross-platform SQL Operations Studio
07/25/2018 Example Code - Opinionated ContosoUniversity on ASP.NET Core 2.0's Razor Pages
07/20/2018 AltCover and ReportGenerator give amazing code coverage on .NET Core
07/18/2018 .NET Core Code Coverage as a Global Tool with coverlet
07/13/2018 Lynx is dead - Long live Browsh for text-based internet browsing
07/10/2018 NuKeeper for automated NuGet Package Reference Updates on Build Servers
07/06/2018 dotnet outdated helps you keep your projects up to date
06/29/2018 Detecting that a .NET Core app is running in a Docker Container and SkippableFacts in XUnit
06/26/2018 .NET Core and Docker
06/23/2018 Using Flurl to easily build URLs and make testable HttpClient calls in .NET
06/20/2018 Using ASP.NET Core 2.1's HttpClientFactory with Refit's REST library
06/13/2018 EarTrumpet 2.0 makes Windows 10's audio subsystem even better...and it's free!
05/23/2018 Real Browser Integration Testing with Selenium Standalone, Chrome, and ASP.NET Core 2.1
05/18/2018 Installing PowerShell Core on a Raspberry Pi (powered by .NET Core)
05/12/2018 Using LazyCache for clean and simple .NET Core in-memory caching
04/24/2018 Adding Resilience and Transient Fault handling to your .NET Core HttpClient with Polly
04/19/2018 How to setup Signed Git Commits with a YubiKey NEO and GPG and Keybase on Windows
03/22/2018 Automatic Unit Testing in .NET Core plus Code Coverage in Visual Studio Code
03/20/2018 Turn your Raspberry Pi into a portable Touchscreen Tablet with SunFounder's RasPad
03/16/2018 Cross-platform GUIs with open source .NET using Eto.Forms
03/07/2018 Major build speed improvements - Try .NET Core 2.1 Preview 1 today
03/05/2018 A multi-player server-side GameBoy Emulator written in .NET Core and Angular
03/01/2018 Running ASP.NET Core on GoDaddy's cheapest shared Linux Hosting - Don't Try This At Home
02/21/2018 The Squishy Side of Open Source
01/30/2018 How to set up Kubernetes on Windows 10 with Docker for Windows and run ASP.NET Core
01/29/2018 Building a Raspberry Pi Car Robot with WiFi and Video
01/19/2018 Running BBS Door Games on Windows 10 with GameSrv, DOSBox, plus telnet fun with WSL
11/22/2017 Trying out new .NET Core Alpine Docker Images
11/08/2017 Lightweight bundling, minifying, and compression, for CSS and JavaScript with ASP.NET Core and Smidge
11/08/2017 WebOptimizer - a Bundler and Minifier for ASP.NET Core
10/31/2017 Optimizing ASP.NET Core Docker Image sizes
10/28/2017 How to Build a Kubernetes Cluster with ARM Raspberry Pi then run .NET Core on OpenFaas
10/12/2017 Botwin offers an interesting alternative option for routing with ASP.NET Core
10/08/2017 Learning about the F# SAFE stack -, Azure, Fable, Elmish
09/21/2017 What would a cross-platform .NET UI Framework look like? Exploring Avalonia
09/14/2017 The ASP.NET Interns ship their project - A basic blog template for .NET Core
09/10/2017 Experiments in Open Source: Exploring vcr-sharp for Http record and playback
09/07/2017 T4MVC and R4MVC - Roslyn code generators for ASP.NET Core tag helpers
09/02/2017 Cloud Database? NoSQL? Nah, just use CSVs and CsvHelper
08/21/2017 Referencing .NET Standard Assemblies from both .NET Core and .NET Framework
08/16/2017 Exploring refit, an automatic type-safe REST library for .NET Standard
08/12/2017 .NET and WebAssembly - Is this the future of the front-end?
07/27/2017 Peachpie - Open Source PHP Compiler to .NET and WordPress under ASP.NET Core
07/20/2017 Monospaced Programming Fonts with Ligatures
06/25/2017 Exploring CQRS within the Brighter .NET open source project
05/17/2017 Suggestions and Tips for attending your first tech conference
04/03/2017 Writing and debugging Linux C++ applications from Visual Studio using the "Windows Subsystem for Linux"
03/27/2017 Command Line: Using dotnet watch test for continuous testing with .NET Core 1.0 and
02/13/2017 dotnet new angular and dotnet new react
02/07/2017 Trying out "dotnet new" template updates and csproj with VS2017
12/14/2016 Playing with an Onion Omega IoT device to show live Blood Sugar on an OLED screen
12/11/2016 Exploring Wyam - a .NET Static Site Content Generator
11/29/2016 Docker on a Synology NAS - Also running ASP.NET and .NET Core!
11/16/2016 WinAppDriver - Test any app with Appium's Selenium-like tests on Windows
11/11/2016 Stateless 3.0 - A State Machine library for .NET Core
11/02/2016 ASP.NET Core RESTful Web API versioning made easy
10/29/2016 Using dotnet watch test for continuous testing with .NET Core and
10/23/2016 Exploring ServiceStack's simple and fast web services on .NET Core
10/18/2016 Learning Arduino the fun way - Writing Games with Arduboy
10/14/2016 Exploring ASP.NET Core with Docker in both Linux and Windows Containers
09/18/2016 Self-contained .NET Core Applications
09/01/2016 Publishing an ASP.NET Core website to a cheap Linux VM host
08/18/2016 Announcing PowerShell on Linux - PowerShell is Open Source!
08/10/2016 Two tools for quick and easy web application load testing during development
07/30/2016 Exploring a minimal WebAPI with .NET Core and NancyFX
07/18/2016 Exploring dotnet new with .NET Core
07/10/2016 Where's DNVM? Safely running multiple versions of the .NET Core SDK and Tooling with global.json
06/27/2016 .NET Core 1.0 is now released!
06/16/2016 The Promising State of Diabetes Technology in 2016
06/04/2016 MSBuild Structured Log: record and visualize your builds
05/15/2016 Playing with TensorFlow on Windows
04/09/2016 Installing Fish Shell on Ubuntu on Windows 10
04/06/2016 Visual C++ for Linux and Raspberry Pi Development
03/30/2016 Developers can run Bash Shell and user-mode Ubuntu Linux binaries on Windows 10
03/23/2016 How to set up a Raspberry Pi 3 from scratch (with video)!
03/15/2016 Building Visual Studio Code on a Raspberry Pi 3
03/02/2016 The Importance of the LED Moment - I DID THAT
02/25/2016 Benchmarking .NET code
02/17/2016 The Joy of Live Coding - CodePen, REPLs, TOPLAP, Alive, and more
02/09/2016 GitHub Activity Guilt and the Coder's FitBit
01/29/2016 Interactive Coding with C# and F# REPLs (ScriptCS or the Visual Studio Interactive Window)
01/19/2016 ASP.NET 5 is dead - Introducing ASP.NET Core 1.0 and .NET Core 1.0
12/24/2015 Exploring the new .NET "dotnet" Command Line Interface (CLI)
12/09/2015 Announcing Open Live Writer - An Open Source Fork of Windows Live Writer
12/04/2015 Brainstorming development workflows with Docker, Kitematic, VirtualBox, Azure, ASP.NET, and Visual Studio
11/26/2015 RFC: Server-side Image and Graphics Processing with .NET Core and ASP.NET 5
11/19/2015 ASP.NET 5 and .NET Core RC1 in context (Plus all the Connect 2015 News)
10/28/2015 How to simulate a low bandwidth connection for testing web sites and applications
10/27/2015 NuGet Package of the Week: Microphone registers and discovers Web APIs and REST services with Consul
10/22/2015 It's happening - OpenSSH for Windows...from Microsoft
10/20/2015 Integrating Visual Studio Code with dnx-watch to develop ASP.NET 5 applications
10/16/2015 Control how your bower packages are installed with a gulpfile in ASP.NET 5
10/02/2015 Introducing ASP.NET WebHooks Receivers - WebHooks made easy.
08/05/2015 Apt-Get for Windows - OneGet and Chocolatey on Windows 10
07/23/2015 Bring Kindness back to Open Source
07/21/2015 Visual Studio 2015 Released plus ASP.NET 5 Roadmap
07/08/2015 VS Refactoring Essentials (formerly) NR6Pack - Free analyzers and refactoring for Visual Studio 2015
05/27/2015 Publishing an ASP.NET 5 app to Docker on Linux with Visual Studio
05/19/2015 Git-deployable F# based Web Applications in the Azure Cloud with WebSharper
04/27/2015 Running and F# with FAKE in Azure Web Apps with Git and the Deploy Button
04/20/2015 UPDATED for 2015: How to install the nodejs Ghost blog software on Azure Web Apps (and the Deploy to Azure Button)
04/16/2015 Conference Season Spring 2015 - DotNetFringe, AngleBrackets, BUILD and more!
04/03/2015 On the importance of OpenSearch
04/02/2015 Setting up a VPN and Remote Desktop back into your home with a Synology (from an iPhone)
03/17/2015 Getting admin by adding a new user to sudoers when you're locked out of an Azure Linux VM
03/14/2015 Bridging Dexcom Share CGM Receivers and Nightscout
03/10/2015 Arduino 101 with an Intel Edison - Hooking up JSON to an LCD Screen
03/03/2015 How to run ASP.NET 5 Beta 3 or GoLang on a Raspberry Pi 2
02/24/2015 Running the Ruby Middleman Static Site Generator on Microsoft Azure
02/20/2015 Proper benchmarking to diagnose and solve a .NET serialization bottleneck
02/17/2015 NuGet Package of the Week: A different take on ASP.NET MVC Forms with ChameleonForms
02/13/2015 JavaScript Has Won: Run Flash with Mozilla Shumway and Develop Silverlight in JS with Fayde
02/04/2015 The .NET CoreCLR is now open source, so I ran the GitHub repo through Microsoft Power BI
11/27/2014 OmniSharp - Making cross-platform .NET a reality, and a pleasure
11/12/2014 Announcing .NET 2015 - .NET as Open Source, .NET on Mac and Linux, and Visual Studio Community
11/03/2014 Enabling Websockets for Node apps on Microsoft Azure
10/28/2014 Building a working Robot controlled by a C#, an iPhone, and Monkey.Robotics
10/17/2014 Put yourself out there and publish that Open Source project today
10/06/2014 Automating the tedious parts of open source on Azure
09/25/2014 Towards a better console - PSReadLine for PowerShell command line editing
08/29/2014 ASP.NET vNext - August 2014 Status Rollup
08/26/2014 How to run Background Tasks in ASP.NET
06/17/2014 Thinktecture.IdentityManager as a replacement for the ASP.NET WebSite Administration tool
06/11/2014 Easy accelerated 3D Games in a browser with JavaScript and WebGL using Three.js or Babylon.js
05/12/2014 Introducing ASP.NET vNext
05/07/2014 FREE Pluralsight video: "Get Involved" in community!
04/30/2014 "It's just a software issue"- Edge.js brings Node and .NET together on three platforms
04/16/2014 Exploring ASP.NET Web Pages - A fully-featured MiniBlog using just Razor
04/13/2014 Open Source is a thankless job. We do it anyway.
04/09/2014 NuGet Package of the Week: Humanizer makes .NET data types more human
03/25/2014 NuGet Package of the Week: Canopy Web Testing Framework with F#
03/20/2014 Changes in the Microsoft MVP Program - MVPs for Open Source Contributions
03/14/2014 Exploring FAKE, an F# Build System for all of .NET
03/04/2014 NuGet Package of the Week: FluentAutomation for automated testing of Web Applications
12/27/2013 How to run old but awesome games from the 90s on your new computer with DOSBox
11/21/2013 Introducing node.js Tools for Visual Studio
11/14/2013 Portable Class Libraries just got REALLY useful with new licensing changes
11/04/2013 Why do my Font Awesome icons show up as blank squares?
10/24/2013 How to install the nodejs Ghost blogging software on Azure Websites
10/17/2013 Generating complex math visualizations in SVG using C# and ILNumerics
08/12/2013 Over 400 Virtual Machine Images of open source software stacks in the VM Depot Azure Gallery
07/20/2013 If you're not using Glimpse with ASP.NET for debugging and profiling, you're missing out
07/02/2013 One of Microsoft's Best-Kept Secrets - Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS)
06/06/2013 How to delete Open or Insecure Wi-Fi HotSpots from Windows 8: Wifi.exe Command Line Utility with Source
06/06/2013 Announcing "Get Involved" from Tekpub - Enhance your career by engaging with your peers
05/28/2013 Is the Windows user ready for apt-get?
05/06/2013 One ASP.NET: Nancy.Templates for Visual Studio
04/26/2013 Penny Pinching in the Cloud: How to run a two day Virtual Conference for $10
04/24/2013 Project-less scripted C# with ScriptCS and Roslyn
04/05/2013 Streaming Diagnostics Trace Logging from the Azure Command Line (plus Glimpse!)
02/06/2013 Simultaneous Editing for Visual Studio with the free MultiEdit extension
01/30/2013 Git support for Visual Studio - Git, TFS, and VS put into Context
01/24/2013 Integrating Mozilla Persona with ASP.NET
01/10/2013 NuGet Package(s) of the Week #12 - Accessing Google Spreadsheets with GData from C# *and* hosting Razor Templates to generate HTML from a Console App
11/08/2012 Many Raspberry Pi projects - How can you not love a tiny computer?
11/06/2012 Reactive Extensions (Rx) is now Open Source
10/23/2012 Cloud-Controlled Remote Pan Tilt Zoom Camera API for a Logitech BCC950 Camera with Azure and SignalR
10/02/2012 Why does TypeScript have to be the answer to anything?
09/20/2012 Moving a website to Azure while adding Continuous Deployment from Git
09/19/2012 WebMatrix 2 - Front End Web Developers take note (ASP.NET, PHP, node.js and more)
09/13/2012 FREE: Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop
09/11/2012 ASP.NET Web Forms DynamicData FieldTemplates for DbGeography Spatial Types (plus Model Binders and Friendly URLs)
09/09/2012 Introducing ASP.NET FriendlyUrls - cleaner URLs, easier Routing, and Mobile Views for ASP.NET Web Forms
08/17/2012 Installing HTTPIE (HTTP for Humans) on Windows - Great for ASP.NET Web API and RESTful JSON services
08/15/2012 Visual Studio 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5 is RELEASED - Here's 5 minute videos to get you up to speed quick
08/10/2012 Tiny Happy Features #2 - ASP.NET Web API in Visual Studio 2012
08/06/2012 Adding AirPlay to a Receiver without an Apple TV - Raspbmc and the Raspberry Pi
07/30/2012 Top 10 Raspberry Pi Myths and Truths
07/26/2012 Free ASP.NET Training Videos from aspConf now available for download or streaming
07/19/2012 Entity Framework Magic Unicorn (and much more!) is now open source with take backs
07/03/2012 Introducing Lync 2010 Super Simple Auto Answer Video Kiosk with Full Screen
06/20/2012 Managing the Cloud from the Command Line
06/11/2012 ConEmu - The Windows Terminal/Console/Prompt we've been waiting for?
06/07/2012 Windows Azure - No Kidding
05/31/2012 Visual Studio 2012 RC is released - The Big Web Rollup
05/02/2012 Introducing Workspace Reloader - A Visual Studio AddIn to save your open files across project reloads
04/17/2012 Given I like reading Source Code by the fire with my smoking jacket and brandy snifter, a list of books
04/14/2012 Visual Studio 11 Express for Web for Front End Development - JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3
04/13/2012 The Big Glossary of Open Source JavaScript and Web Frameworks with Cool Names
03/28/2012 ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Web Pages v2 (Razor) now all open source with contributions
03/09/2012 How to access NuGet when is down (or you're on a plane)
03/06/2012 On the nightmare that is JSON Dates. Plus, JSON.NET and ASP.NET Web API
02/27/2012 How to upgrade an HP TouchPad to Android Ice Cream Sandwich
02/25/2012 One ASP.NET - Making JSON Web APIs with ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta and ASP.NET Web API
02/01/2012 Prompts and Directories - Even Better Git (and Mercurial) with PowerShell
01/30/2012 From Concept to Code in 6 hours: Shipping my first Windows Phone App
01/25/2012 Get involved in Open Source today - How to contribute a patch to a GitHub hosted Open Source project like Code 52
01/06/2012 Easy steps to a mobile-friendly responsive design with an embedded YouTube video and a fluid resize
10/31/2011 NuGet Package of Week #11 - ImageResizer enables clean, clear image resizing in ASP.NET
10/14/2011 The Weekly Source Code 59 - An Open Source Treasure: Irony .NET Language Implementation Kit
08/28/2011 Installing and Running node.js applications within IIS on Windows - Are you mad?
07/22/2011 CoffeeScript, Sass and LESS support for Visual Studio and ASP.NET with the Mindscape Web Workbench
07/22/2011 NuGet Package of the Week #9 - ASP.NET MiniProfiler from StackExchange rocks your world
06/21/2011 Hanselminutes Podcast 271 - Inside IronJS - A complete JavaScript/ECMAScript open source implementation on the .NET DLR
06/14/2011 Hanselminutes Podcast 270 - Nancy, Sinatra and the Explosion of .NET Micro Web Frameworks with Andreas Håkansson
05/25/2011 NuGet for the Enterprise: NuGet in a Continuous Integration Automated Build System
05/17/2011 Hanselminutes Podcast 266 - Open Source vs. Making Money vs. Freaking Lasers - Are we all Evil? With Chris Sells
05/02/2011 TechDays/DevDays Netherlands and Belgium:
04/29/2011 Hanselminutes Podcast 264 - This is not your father's WCF - All about the WebAPI with Glenn Block
04/21/2011 Hanselminutes Podcast 262 - The Rise of the Micro-ORM with Sam Saffron and Rob Conery
04/01/2011 NuGet Package of the Week #4 - Deserializing JSON with Json.NET
02/08/2011 Hanselminutes Podcast 252 - ReactiveUI extensions to the Reactive Framework (Rx) with Paul Betts
01/13/2011 ASP.NET MVC3, WebMatrix, NuGet, IIS Express and Orchard released - The Microsoft January Web Release in Context
01/05/2011 The Weekly Source Code 58 - Generating (Database) Test Data with AutoPoco and Entity Framework Code First
12/18/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 244 - Kayak, OWIN, Open Source Web Servers and more with Benjamin van der Veen
12/04/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 243 - Knockout JavaScript with Steve Sanderson
11/22/2010 The Weekly Source Code 57 -Controlling an Eagletron TrackerPod with C# 4, ASP.NET MVC and jQuery
11/19/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 241 - The MVVM Pattern with Laurent Bugnion
11/17/2010 A Better ASP.NET MVC Mobile Device Capabilities ViewEngine
10/22/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 237 - Deeper into the Netduino with Chris Walker from Secret Labs
10/01/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 232 - .NET Micro Framework with Colin Miller
10/01/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 231 - Eric Sink on Distributed Version Control Systems
09/20/2010 The Best Controller for FPS - A SpaceTec SpaceOrb 360 Controller working with Windows 7 using Arduino and OrbShield
09/07/2010 The .NET Micro Framework - Hardware for Software People
08/12/2010 The Weekly Source Code 56 - Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit - Code Contracts, Parallel Framework and COM Interop
08/12/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 225 - Learning about NHibernate 3 with Jason Dentler
08/10/2010 How to Post Code To Your Blog and other Religious Arguments
06/26/2010 The Weekly Source Code 53 - "Get'er Done" Edition - XML in the left hand becomes HTTP POSTs in the right hand
05/20/2010 Extending NerdDinner: Exploring Different Database Options
05/20/2010 Extending NerdDinner: Adding MEF and plugins to ASP.NET MVC
04/30/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 213 - Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and LinFu with Philip Laureano
03/28/2010 Creating an OData API for StackOverflow including XML and JSON in 30 minutes
03/17/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 205 - Open Data Protocol (OData) with Pablo Castro
03/02/2010 The Weekly Source Code 51 - Asynchronous Database Access and LINQ to SQL Fun
02/25/2010 Put Missing Kids on your 404 Page - Entirely Client-Side Solution with YQL, jQuery, and MSAjax
02/21/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 202 - A different way to do ASP.NET WebForms with WebFormsMVP
02/21/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 201 - The Making of a Open Source MonoTouch iPhone app with Chris Hardy
02/06/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 199 - How Craigslist Works - with Jeremy Zawodny
02/04/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 195 - Open Source, Microsoft and The WiX Project with Rob Mensching
01/27/2010 The Weekly Source Code 48 - DynamicQueryable makes custom LINQ expressions easier
10/17/2009 Hanselminutes on Channel 9 - Inside
10/02/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 182 - The History and Future of Web Standards with Molly Holzschlag from
09/25/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 181 - Monomania - Mono, MonoTouch, MonoSpace, and MonoVS with Joseph Hill and Scott Bellware
09/14/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 179 - Hanselminutes Live: Open Source and the Codeplex Foundation
09/10/2009 Microsoft creates the CodePlex foundation
07/14/2009 The Weekly Source Code 44 - Virtu, an Apple Emulator in C# for Silverlight, WPF and XNA
07/06/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 169 - The Art of Unit Testing with Roy Osherove
06/05/2009 How to Remove the .NET ClickOnce Firefox Extension
05/21/2009 Demo Dashboard and IDE Extensions - Whirlwind Tour around .NET 4 (and Visual Studio 2010) Beta 1
05/20/2009 The Weekly Source Code 42 - Tree Trim, Plugins, and MEF
04/23/2009 ELMAH: Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET (and MVC too!)
04/03/2009 The Weekly Source Code 40 - TweetSharp and Introducing Tweet Sandwich
04/01/2009 .NET 4.1 Preview - New Base Class Library (BCL) Extension Methods - RFC
03/27/2009 The Weekly Source Code 39 - Commodore 64 Emulator in Silverlight 3
03/20/2009 Mix: Mobile Web Sites with ASP.NET MVC and the Mobile Browser Definition File
03/18/2009 Microsoft Web Platform, Web Application Gallery, Web Platform Installer (and DasBlog)
03/02/2009 Experiencing ALT.NET Seattle 2009 Open Spaces
02/12/2009 Moonlight 1.0 Release - Open Source Silverlight 1.0 Implementation on Linux
12/17/2008 ASP.NET MVC Samples, Oxite, and Community
12/04/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 139 - Moonlight (Silverlight on Linux with Mono) with Miguel de Icaza and Joseph Hill
12/02/2008 Best Code Syntax Highlighter for Snippets in your Blog
11/06/2008 The Weekly Source Code 36 - PDC, BabySmash and Silverlight Charting
10/22/2008 The Weekly Source Code 35 - Zip Compressing ASP.NET Session and Cache State
10/17/2008 Microsoft Web Application Installer - Open Source Web Apps Delivered and Installed

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