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Choosing the best computer for 1982.

February 18, '04 Comments [10] Posted in Musings
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Found this little gem in the archives and scanned it for y'all.  Couple of great ads inside. 

  • An IBM PC ad, the one with Charlie Chaplin - 16k bytes.  16 bit, 8088.  optional 5.25" 160k floppy.  4-color 320x200. Good times.  Only $3k.
    "The modem that plugs into your phone takes the codes your IBM Personal Computer understands and turns them into signals that can be transmitted over phone lines"
  • Some nice articles on acoustic vs. direct-connect models. The acoustic model from Novation was only $189.
  • This was back before computing was limited to a few companies. Some highlighted models:
    • $g(Apple II)
    • $g(Atari 800)
    • $g(Commodore 64)
    • $g(Franklin ACE 1000)
    • $g(IBM PC)
    • $g(TRS 80 Model III)
    • $g(Apple III)
    • $g(Casio FX9000P)
    • $g(Corvus Concept)
    • $g(Cromemco C10)
    • $g(DEC Rainbow 100)
    • $g(Fortune 32 16)
    • $g(Heathkit H90 Zenith Z89)
    • $g(MTU130)
    • $g(NEC APC)
    • $g(North Star Advantage)
    • $g(Olivetti M20)
    • $g(TFI if800)
    • $g(Victor 9000)
    • $g(Wang PC)
    • $g(Xerox 820II)
    • $g(Dynalogic Hyperion)
    • $g(Epson HX20)
    • $g(Grid Compass)
    • $g(Kaypro II)
    • $g(Lexicon LEX31)
    • $g(Osbourne I)
    • $g(Otrona Attache)
    • $g(Panasonic RLH1000)
    • $g(Sharp PC1500)
    • $g(Atari 400)
    • $g(Commodore VIC 20)
    • $g(TI99 4A)
    • $g(Timex Sinclar 1000)
    • $g(TRS80 Color Computer)

Do you have any fond memories of these beauties?

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