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A Test of Google and Blogs: Selling my wife's car

June 12, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Musings
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This is not really technical or .NET related, but hey.  The signal-to-noise ratio is still high around here, eh? :)

So, my wife bought herself a Honda Civic Hybrid, as previously posted, and we need to sell her '97 Mitsubishi Mirage DE Coupe.  I suppose I could post adds on and or <gasp> the newspaper.   But, I could also (possibly) take advantage of the power of Google, Weblogging and Keven Bacon and post the link here:

Then, I sit back and hope that this thrilling blog post is linked to furiously, driving my site up the Google Page Ranks system to the point where ANYONE in Oregon who even THINKS, "Used Cars Oregon," "Good Used Car Oregon" or "Mitsubishi Oregon" will be magnetically sucked into my world and compelled to purchase.

Updates on this crucial experiment as the queries pour in.

Or, could I just use the Nickel Ads...

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