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December 13, 2006 Comment on this post [2] Posted in ASP.NET | Programming | Tools | Web Services | XML
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It's happened! Kevin Miller has released his FireFox Extension for CardSpace as reported by Garrett Serack. It's got full JavaScript support and Garrett has posted some JavaScript code that you can use to detect support for CardSpace within any browser, including FireFox.

There's been work by Chuck Mortimore to implement the complete stack without .NET 3.0:

Chuck Mortimore, with great diligence, has begun work on the first true, cross-platform extension for FireFox to enable interoperatability with CardSpace, and the Identity Metasystem. He's made some fantastic progress in getting FireFox up to par with that. The only down side is, that Managed Cards may take some serious, significant effort to implement. And, what if one actually wanted to use the Windows CardSpace identity selector, but from FireFox?

This extension, however, enables the Windows CardSpace identity selector. As we talked about in a recent podcast, the CardSpace system at a protocol level doesn't require Windows or .NET 3.0. There will likely emerge complete stacks, server and client, that include identity selectors for Linux and Mac, and of course, Windows. Here's a Java-based Relying Party and sample Identity Selector from Chuck.

Kevin's extension also supports extension (ha) as well, as a generic identity selector, so when other selectors come out, they can be hooked into his FireFox XPI-based extension. Be sure to watch his site in the coming weeks as he'll be releasing more code and samples. Also, be sure to read these (PDF) Slides on the Mono Infocard Project.

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December 13, 2006 16:51
Hi Scott

Just a quick fix

The download at does not work.

However the download at does work.

Rory Becker - DX-Squad
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December 15, 2006 6:56
This is fantastic news.
I'm sold to CardSpace ever since I listened to your podcast and watched a number of TechEd 2006 sessions about it.
I'm wondering how do the personal STSs (PSTS) security USB drives play in the picture. That's not entirely clear to me. If I can store the cards anywhere I want (as a file, I assume, although I think right-away Vista does not support it, right?), including an encrypted pendrive, why would I need a PSTS?

Anyway, interesting stuff.

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