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09/13/2013 Teaching Kids Electronics, Computers, and Programming Fundamentals with Snap Circuits
03/08/2013 Our first year. A new web conference - <anglebrackets>
03/04/2013 Programming's not for you? How about thinking? Be empowered.
02/17/2011 New Interview Questions for Senior Software Engineers
11/15/2010 Back to (Parallel) Basics: Don't Block Your Threads, Make Async I/O Work For You
08/12/2010 The Weekly Source Code 56 - Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit - Code Contracts, Parallel Framework and COM Interop
07/16/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 222 - Art is Shipping - Designers and Developers with Jin Yang
04/21/2010 Back to (Parallel) Basics: Do you really want to do that? or Why doesn't the new Parallel.For support BigInteger?
04/09/2010 Spring Speaking Rollup 2010: Recent Talks and Upcoming Talks at Microsoft WebCamps
03/25/2010 Programmatically Detecting Screen Readers
03/05/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 203 - Women in Technology in the Muslim World
02/12/2010 Back to Basics: C# 4 method overloading and dynamic types
02/09/2010 The Weekly Source Code 49 - SmallBasic is Fun, Simple, Powerful Programming for Kids and Adults
02/04/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 198 - Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx) with Erik Meijer
01/27/2010 The Weekly Source Code 48 - DynamicQueryable makes custom LINQ expressions easier
01/15/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 194 - Hello World: Computer Programmer for Kids and Other Beginners
01/14/2010 2010 Survey Results: What .NET Framework features do you use?
01/14/2010 Favor - Help Us Test .NET 4 Beta 2 on Windows Update (WU)
01/08/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 193: Axum - A domain-specific concurrent programming language with Niklas Gustafsson
10/19/2009 Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
10/08/2009 A new MSDN for a new Operating System and a new Development Environment
09/25/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 181 - Monomania - Mono, MonoTouch, MonoSpace, and MonoVS with Joseph Hill and Scott Bellware
09/23/2009 MultiBrowser or CrossBrowser Testing and deconstructing Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview
09/22/2009 Programming for Absolute Beginners
09/10/2009 Microsoft creates the CodePlex foundation
07/26/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 172 - Dan Bricklin on Technology
07/10/2009 Hanselminutes on 9 - The .NET Micro Framework with Colin Miller
04/21/2009 Social Networking for Developers - Conference Talk Video
04/04/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 156 - Dealing with Diversity in Agile Teams with Aslam Khan
04/01/2009 .NET 4.1 Preview - New Base Class Library (BCL) Extension Methods - RFC
03/27/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 155 - A C64 Emulator with Silverlight 3 by Pete Brown
02/13/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 148 - MEF - Managed Extensibility Framework with Glenn Block
02/11/2009 Back to Basics: 32-bit and 64-bit confusion around x86 and x64 and the .NET Framework and CLR
02/10/2009 Hanselman List of Podcasts for .NET Programmers
01/29/2009 RTFLF - Read the Expletive Log File
01/27/2009 BizSpark - Free Software and Production Licenses for Startups in the Startup Phase
01/08/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 145 - SOLID Principles with Uncle Bob - Robert C. Martin
01/02/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 144 - Week Three in South Africa - Ntombenhle
12/17/2008 ASP.NET MVC Samples, Oxite, and Community
12/04/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 140 - Rob Conery learns about Domain Driven Design
11/15/2008 Update on the GDR that is coming for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
11/13/2008 Using Crowdsourcing for Expanding Localization of Products
10/22/2008 Survey RESULTS: What .NET Framework features do you use?
10/17/2008 Microsoft Web Application Installer - Open Source Web Apps Delivered and Installed
10/14/2008 T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit) Code Generation - Best Kept Visual Studio Secret
09/23/2008 Update on .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Windows Update
09/12/2008 The Weekly Source Code 33 - Microsoft Open Source inside Google Chrome
09/11/2008 The .NET Framework and the Browser's UserAgent String
06/25/2008 Back to Basics: var != Dim
06/18/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 115 - Rediscovering Your Passion for Software
06/13/2008 Back to Basics - Life After If, For and Switch - Like, a Data Structures Reminder
06/08/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 116 - Distributed Caching with Microsoft's Velocity
05/31/2008 Professionalism, Programming, and Punditry and Success as a Metric
05/20/2008 The Weekly Source Code 27 - Suck Less Libraries
05/08/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 110 - Microsoft Research: Spec#
04/27/2008 A Smarter (or Pure Evil) ToString with Extension Methods
04/26/2008 Hack: Parallel MSBuilds from within the Visual Studio IDE
04/24/2008 Faster Builds with MSBuild using Parallel Builds and Multicore CPUs
04/23/2008 ALT.NET Geek Code: Should you care about these ALT.NET guys?
04/18/2008 The Weekly Source Code 24 - Extensibility Edition - PlugIns, Providers, Attributes, AddIns and Modules in .NET
04/04/2008 How do Extension Methods work and why was a new CLR not required?
03/28/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 105 - Rocky Lhotka on Data Access Mania, LINQ and CSLA.NET
03/27/2008 The Weekly Source Code 22 - C# and VB .NET Libraries to Digg, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Live Services, Google and other Web 2.0 APIs
03/21/2008 The Weekly Source Code 21 - ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 Source Code
03/21/2008 ASP.NET MVC Source Code Available
03/19/2008 The Weekly Source Code 20 - A Web Framework for Every Language
03/14/2008 List of .NET Dependency Injection Containers (IOC)
03/13/2008 I'm Just a Caveman - The Hanselman Corollary to the Clarke/Wheeler Laws
03/13/2008 The Weekly Source Code 19 - LINQ and More What, Less How
03/12/2008 ASP.NET MVC Cheesy Northwind Sample Code
03/08/2008 ASP.NET MVC Session at Mix08, TDD and MvcMockHelpers
02/23/2008 LINQ to Everything - LINQ to XSD adds more LINQiness
02/15/2008 Geek Developer Cribs on10
02/15/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 100 - Building Community with Norm Judah - CTO of Microsoft Services
02/12/2008 MS-Ajax Client Javascript integrated within the Aptana IDE
02/07/2008 Visual Studio Programmer Themes Gallery
02/04/2008 The Weekly Source Code 15 - Tiny Managed Operating System Edition
02/02/2008 Firefox, WPF and XBAP
01/31/2008 The Weekly Source Code 14 - Fluent Interface Edition
01/24/2008 The Weekly Source Code 13 - Fibonacci Edition
01/23/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 97 - ADO.NET "Astoria" Data Services with Shawn Wildermuth
01/17/2008 Get namespaces from an XML Document with XPathDocument and LINQ to XML
01/16/2008 .NET Framework Library Source Code available for viewing
01/15/2008 Book - Professional ASP.NET 3.5: in C# and VB
01/14/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 96 - Starting Small with F# with Dustin Campbell
01/14/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 93 - Pex with Jonathan 'Peli' de Halleux and Nikolai Tillmann
12/21/2007 How-To: New ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Video Screencasts
12/19/2007 Moq: Linq, Lambdas and Predicates applied to Mock Objects
12/15/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 92 - Visual Basic Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow with Paul Vick
12/10/2007 ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions - plus MVC How-To Screencast
12/07/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 91 - Eclipse and Open Source with Bjorn Freeman-Benson
12/03/2007 CodeMash 2008 - January 10th
12/01/2007 Wiring the house for a Home Network - Part 5 - Gigabit Throughput and Vista
11/27/2007 Visual Studio 2008 InstallFest - Portland Edition
11/16/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 89 - Larry Osterman Makes Windows Go Ding
11/11/2007 The Weekly Source Code 11 - LOLCode DLR Edition
11/10/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 88 - Writing FaceBook Applications with .NET - Interview with Mel Sampat, author of OutSync
11/08/2007 DevConnections - The ASP.NET MVC Framework
10/25/2007 Release IS NOT Debug: 64bit Optimizations and C# Method Inlining in Release Build Call Stacks
10/24/2007 How to easily disable Reply To All and Forward in Outlook
10/20/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 85 - - Moving from LAMP to .NET 3.5
10/15/2007 Catching RedBits differences in .NET 2.0 and .NET 2.0SP1
10/15/2007 If your method can't do what it's name promises it can, throw
10/12/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 84 - Concurency Programming with .NET Parallel Framework Extensions
10/11/2007 The Weekly Source Code 7
10/09/2007 ScottGu MVC Presentation and ScottHa Screencast from ALT.NET Conference
10/06/2007 Mixing Languages in a Single Assembly in Visual Studio seamlessly with ILMerge and MSBuild
09/27/2007 WS-AtomicTransaction Configuration on Windows Server 2008 RC0
09/27/2007 How-To: Installing Windows Virtualization Services (Hypervisor) on Windows Server 2008 RC0
09/21/2007 Multi-threaded Debugging in Visual Studio 2008
09/21/2007 Managing Multiple Configuration File Environments with Pre-Build Events
09/04/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 79 - LINQ to XML
08/31/2007 Improving LINQ Code Smell with Explicit and Implicit Conversion Operators
08/31/2007 Fixing Instance Failure when connecting to SQL Server 2005 Express
08/30/2007 5:01 Developers, Family, and Excitement about the Craft
08/28/2007 Mixing XmlSerializers with XElements and LINQ to XML
08/28/2007 Paste XML as XLinq XElement Visual Studio AddIn
08/28/2007 XLINQ to XML support in VB9
08/22/2007 Sharpen the Saw for Developers
08/16/2007 The Weekly Source Code 1
08/12/2007 A vCard Preview Handler using the Coding4Fun DevKit
08/12/2007 Reading to Be a Better Developer - The Coding4Fun DevKit
08/10/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 76 - F# with Robert Pickering
08/10/2007 Changes in the .NET BCL between 2.0 and 3.5
08/02/2007 Gone Quad - Day 0 with the Ultimate Developer PC
07/31/2007 Unit Testing Silverlight with Selenium
07/26/2007 The Developer Theory of the Third Place
07/23/2007 John Lam presenting at PADNUG on Thursday
07/23/2007 WPF Sample in IronRuby talking via C# to Wesabe
07/21/2007 Task: Remove a Programmatic Crutch
07/20/2007 First Rule of Software Development
07/13/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 72 - Be a Better Developer in Six Months
07/13/2007 Wesabe makes Financial Data available programmatically
07/10/2007 Sez You Architecture and the Architecture Ninja
07/06/2007 Xbox360 XNA Game Development - Hanselman Conversation Simulator
07/06/2007 Beyond Elvis, Einstein and Mort: New Programming Stereotypes for Web 2.0
06/28/2007 Three Things I Learned About Software WHILE NOT in College
06/28/2007 How To: Use the SVNBridge to get TortoiseSVN working with CodePlex
06/21/2007 ADD and Flaming Potato Development
06/20/2007 Assembly Fiefdoms: What's the Right Number of Assemblies/Libraries?
06/15/2007 Teaching Children and Kids to Program the Old School Way
06/13/2007 Some Guiding Principles for Software Development
06/13/2007 The Value of Writing Windows PowerShell Cmdlets
06/13/2007 Six Essential Language Agnostic Programming Books
06/02/2007 Educating Programmers with Placemats - NDepend Static Analysis Poster
05/24/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 65 - Martin Fowler and David Heinemeier Hansson
05/21/2007 Is Microsoft losing the Alpha Geeks?
05/13/2007 DNRTV Screencast - ASP.NET Debugging and Tracing
05/09/2007 Call for Sessions: Portland Code Camp v3.0
05/09/2007 Software Estimation: Remember that Targets are not Estimates
05/08/2007 Garage Sales and Garage-Sale Quality Code
05/03/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 62 - Inside the Mind of Chris Sells and The Next 15 Years of Programming - Part 2 of 2
05/01/2007 Putting Mix, Silverlight, the CoreCLR and the DLR into context
04/29/2007 Continuous Integration Screencast - Jay Flowers and I on DNRTV
04/29/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 61 - Inside the Mind of Chris Sells and The Last 15 Years of Programming - Part 1 of 2
04/20/2007 The (Programming) Language Explosion
04/19/2007 New Release of Notepad2 - Updated (again) with Ruby Support
04/17/2007 Automating Adding iTunes Album Art to MP3 ID3 tags from the Command Line in C#
04/17/2007 XmlSerializing a Generic List<>
04/14/2007 Managing Change with .NET Assembly Diff Tools
04/13/2007 Fusion Loader Contexts - Unable to cast object of type 'Whatever' to type 'Whatever'
04/11/2007 Adding PNGOUT to the Explorer Right Click Context Menu
04/06/2007 Naming a File a Reserved Name in the Windows Vista Operating System
04/03/2007 Programmers, keep your wits about you and Code Mindfully
04/02/2007 Rescuing the Tiny OS in C#
03/29/2007 Life Beyond Pie Charts: The right visualization for the right job
03/24/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 56 - The Old New Thing with Raymond Chen
03/13/2007 Managed Snobism
03/09/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 54 - Squeezing Continuous Integration
03/08/2007 Screencast: Writing Managed .NET Plugins for the Optimus Mini Three Keyboard
03/03/2007 Portland: Special BONUS March PADNUG Meeting with Adam Cogan
03/02/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 53 - Hiring and Interviewing Engineers
02/27/2007 You Can't Teach Height - Measuring Programmer Competence via FizzBuzz
02/23/2007 The Programmer Phases of Grief: or Language Translation is Harder Than It Looks
02/22/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 52 - End to End Tracing
02/15/2007 Exiting The Zone of Pain - Static Analysis with NDepend
02/15/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 51 - Static Code Analysis with NDepend
02/08/2007 KB928388 Breaking Tests with Windows DST TimeZone Patch and Past Dates
02/06/2007 Showing Video on an Optimus Mini Three
02/02/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 49 - Interview with PowerShell Language Designer Bruce Payette
01/31/2007 Making your Application Automatically Update Itself
01/22/2007 Channel 9 Video - Talking to Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect
12/21/2006 - Interviewed by Ron Jacobs at TechEd 2006
12/13/2006 CardSpace InformationCard Extension for FireFox
12/08/2006 Controlling a Microbric Viper using .NET and a custom IR Serial Port
11/30/2006 Camera Panner using a Floppy Drive Stepper Motor controlled by a Parallel Port
11/23/2006 MIcrosoft Best Practices Analyzer Tools
10/23/2006 Is there a good reason to mark a class public?
10/06/2006 Google Code Search - Now you can search the Bathroom Wall of Code
09/30/2006 Set up your system to use Microsoft's public Symbol Server
09/16/2006 Coding4Fun Hardware Boneyard - Using the CueCat with .NET
09/13/2006 IE7 RC1 can't update Password Protected Feeds
08/30/2006 How to Programmatically Detect if an Assembly is Compiled in Debug or Release mode
08/25/2006 Performance of System.IO.Ports versus Unmanaged Serial Port Code
08/25/2006 Flip the endian-ness of a long in C#
08/16/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 29 - Dynamic vs Compiled Languages
08/04/2006 Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 4
08/02/2006 Example: How to contribute a patch to an Open Source Project like DasBlog
07/26/2006 Dictionary Password Generator in Powershell
04/13/2006 Programming Sudoku
01/04/2006 ReleaseComObject and IsComObject
11/15/2005 VS.NET 2005 Publishing SignTool Confusion
11/01/2005 Reflector Plus Plus - AddIns, IronPython and other Peli Goodness
10/25/2005 Infoworld SOA Executive Forum
09/13/2005 Making a new Admin User and Getting into SQL Express 2005
08/17/2005 CTP Madness
07/01/2005 Take advantage of the extra resolution
05/27/2005 NotMuchofAREPL - CSREPL back-ported for .NET 1.1
04/20/2005 Creating an Explorer Overlay for NTFS Junctions/ReparsePoints/SoftLinks
03/23/2005 "Check Junctions" - A small explorer add-in/context-menu for discovering NTFS reparse points.
03/22/2005 Visual Studio Team System and Pricing - My brief historical perspective
03/17/2005 How to add a .REG file to your Registry silently
03/10/2005 You have GOT to be kidding me
02/16/2005 Building your own Windows Media Center Edition 2005 Home Theater PC System
01/16/2005 Vote on this Whidbey Bug: How to create a Tray Icon (NotifyIcon) with WinForms 2.0
01/11/2005 How to detect where and if the .NET Framework SDK is installed?
01/11/2005 On the record, I owe Richard Grimes lunch - Free .NET Fusion (Assembly Loading) Workshop
01/06/2005 Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta detects ATL.DLL as spyware?
01/05/2005 Mapping/Connecting a Drive Letter to a WebDAV or Front Page website
12/29/2004 Clarity, Junior Engineers, Requirements, and Frustration
12/15/2004 ServiceProcessInstaller HelpText has very little documentation
12/14/2004 The Desktop Search battle continues - yawn? Inside MSN Desktop Search
12/06/2004 Where are User Tasks from the Task List in Visual Studio.NET Stored?
10/27/2004 Giving a Mapped Network Drive "FullTrust" with .NET Code Access Security
10/26/2004 Why don't developers switch/migrate/convert from VB6 to VB.NET?
10/15/2004 Google Desktop Search and My TabletPC Web Search Power Toy - A match made in heaven?
09/09/2004 Piping command-line output directly to the Clipboard with .NET - now THAT'S useful
09/02/2004 Quote of the Day and the Laws of Prototypes
08/31/2004 Half-price ticket to Devscovery
08/31/2004 .NET Framework SP1 on MSDN Downloads
08/23/2004 .NET Compact Framework Examples and Good Demos for Presentations
08/15/2004 Free Anti-Virus Software...clever marketing ploy or useful software?
08/13/2004 .NET to COM and back.
08/12/2004 The Zen of .NET
08/09/2004 Doom 3 - Too Scary!
08/02/2004 Visual Studio.NET MSI Setup Creation: "Cannot delete folder. Folder is not empty or it might contain excluded files, which are not shown"
08/01/2004 .NET 2.0 - What's the difference between System.Collections.Generic.Collection and System.Collections.Generic.List?
07/19/2004 The Computer Back - Pain and the Programmer
07/02/2004 Why the using statement is better than a sharp stick in the eye, and a SqlConnection refactoring example
07/01/2004 VB6->VB.NET->VB.NET/Whidbey Collection Class change
06/29/2004 How to list all the files in an MSI Installer using VBSciript
06/26/2004 Another VS.NET Add-in enters the Fray...."Solvent" for Solution Explorer
06/17/2004 How do I automatically size (autosize) Columns in a WinForms DataGrid?
06/10/2004 Version Independent ProgIDs in the .NET Framework and C#
06/09/2004 Getting ready for Mono, and The Importance of Being (Using) Constant(s)'
06/09/2004 The SQL Queen, Kimberly Tripp, is blogging!
06/02/2004 The Winners are Announced (Finally) in the TabletPC "Think In Ink" PowerToy contest
05/27/2004 Edward Tufte is need to be there
05/21/2004 Abbreviations and you...
05/20/2004 "Searching Conversations, Not Content" or "Is there a difference between CONTENT and PAGES?"
05/06/2004 N.exe
03/04/2004 Code Complete
03/01/2004 My next big purchase...
02/23/2004 The Myth, The Legend, the Interop - Using the .NET Framework SDK Interoperability Tools
02/20/2004 Here's a great list of tips on Optimzing Performance with Virtual PC (VPC)
02/18/2004 Test Coverage IS important...
02/11/2004 Nine Reasons Not to Use "int" in .NET
02/09/2004 Gryoscopes and Remapping a Windows Button for the IBM ThinkPad
02/01/2004 Blogging from OneNote
01/30/2004 Does Your Code Think In Ink? Contest ends on the 31st!
01/26/2004 UltraMagnifier
01/03/2004 Part 2: Shadows of future versions of Outlook - the researcher speaks
12/20/2003 Shadows of future versions of Outlook?
12/18/2003 The Retirement Cycle begins again...
12/08/2003 Role Fragmentation
11/08/2003 StringBuilders vs. String Concatenation
11/08/2003 Measure twice, cut once...CLR Profiler 2.0
10/22/2003 Checking post-conditions in SOA as (or more) important than checking pre-conditions
09/22/2003 Holy Crap, 70-300
09/18/2003 How to find out what's running inside that out-of-control Services.exe or Svchost.exe

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