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Back to Basics (31)

03/13/2014 Back to Basics: Assert your assumptions and diff your source code
01/10/2013 NuGet Package(s) of the Week #12 - Accessing Google Spreadsheets with GData from C# *and* hosting Razor Templates to generate HTML from a Console App
12/11/2012 Comparing two techniques in .NET Asynchronous Coordination Primitives
11/12/2012 The Internet is not a black box. Look inside.
06/26/2012 Back To Basics: You aren't smarter than the compiler. (plus fun with Microbenchmarks)
04/26/2012 Back to Basics: Moving beyond for, if and switch
04/07/2012 Back to Basics: Dynamic Image Generation, ASP.NET Controllers, Routing, IHttpHandlers, and runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests
11/06/2011 Back to Basics: Daylight Savings Time bugs strike again with SetLastModified
09/15/2011 Back to Basics: Big O notation issues with older .NET code and improving for loops with LINQ deferred execution
03/23/2011 Good Exception Management Rules of Thumb - Back to Basics Edition
11/15/2010 Back to (Parallel) Basics: Don't Block Your Threads, Make Async I/O Work For You
04/21/2010 Back to (Parallel) Basics: Do you really want to do that? or Why doesn't the new Parallel.For support BigInteger?
02/12/2010 Back to Basics: C# 4 method overloading and dynamic types
02/04/2010 Back to Basics - Keep it Simple and Develop Your Sense of Smell - From Linq To CSV
01/01/2010 2009 Blogged - Greatest Hits
06/23/2009 Back to Basics - Trust Nothing as User Input Comes from All Over
05/21/2009 Back to Basics: Using Fusion Log Viewer to Debug Obscure Loader Errors
04/21/2009 Social Networking for Developers - Conference Talk Video
03/02/2009 Experiencing ALT.NET Seattle 2009 Open Spaces
02/19/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 150 - Uncle Bob Martin, this time with feeling
02/11/2009 Back to Basics: 32-bit and 64-bit confusion around x86 and x64 and the .NET Framework and CLR
01/03/2009 Back to Basics: Explore the Edge Cases or Date Math will Get You
09/17/2008 Back To Basics: Algorithms and Going Back To Virtual School
07/18/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash and Back to Basics - Making Assumptions and When to Turn to Books
07/16/2008 Learning Opportunity - .NET Terrarium is back!
07/11/2008 Back To Basics - Everyone Remember Where We Parked (that memory)!
07/04/2008 Back to Basics - Do namespace using directives affect Assembly Loading?
07/02/2008 Back to Basics - This is not the object you're looking...wait, oh, it is the object
06/28/2008 A Back To Basics Case Study: Implementing HTTP File Upload with ASP.NET MVC including Tests and Mocks
06/25/2008 Back to Basics: var != Dim
06/13/2008 Back to Basics - Life After If, For and Switch - Like, a Data Structures Reminder

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