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11/09/2021 Let's upgrade my main site and podcast to .NET 6 LTS
04/20/2015 UPDATED for 2015: How to install the nodejs Ghost blog software on Azure Web Apps (and the Deploy to Azure Button)
10/19/2013 IE10 and IE11 and Windows 8.1 and __doPostBack
08/05/2013 Add Social Sharing Links to your Blog without widget JavaScript
02/09/2013 Video: Effectively Managing Your Personal Brand Online
08/19/2012 Your words are wasted
04/13/2012 Facebook's privacy settings are too complex for ANYONE to use - Change these settings today
03/22/2012 Technical Analysis: The Abercrombie and Fitch Brown Pants Fiasco, "Splogs," and you
03/22/2012 Why You Should Never Argue in 140 Characters or Less - Geeklist
02/21/2012 Supporting high-dpi pixel-dense "Retina" Displays like iPhones or the iPad 3 with CSS or IMG
01/05/2012 Your Blog is The Engine of Community
01/03/2012 Ten Things To Do to Secure an Important Person's Computer (or even Ashton's or a Kardashian's)
12/08/2011 You probably don't need a Twitter client, just learn the hotkeys in New Twitter
11/04/2011 Your images are a virus. They are EVERYWHERE on the Internet
11/04/2011 Google+ Ripples brings something interesting to the table
10/28/2011 Embrace Authorship - The importance of rel=me and rel=author on your content's SEO and Google
10/10/2011 410 Gone - Thoughts on Mark "diveintomark" Pilgrim's and _why's infosuicides
09/13/2011 Essential IFTTT (IfThisThenThat) - Programming Workflows for Humans using the Web's Social Glue
08/22/2011 Summer 2011 Stats - Tailoring your Blog to your Readers' Browsers
07/25/2011 A Social Media Brand Primer: Managing your (personal) brand with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
07/21/2011 Scott's Wonderful Twitter Favorites - Link Roundup 2
07/01/2011 Scott's Wonderful Twitter Favorites - Link Roundup 1
08/10/2010 How to Post Code To Your Blog and other Religious Arguments
08/02/2010 The Weekly Source Code 55 - NotABlog: A Local XML-RPC MetaWebLog Endpoint That Lies To Windows Live Writer
06/22/2010 Do they deserve the gift of your keystrokes?
06/21/2010 Found Video: Social Networking for Developers and Making Your Blog Suck Less

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