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NUnit (48)

04/13/2016 How to host your own NuGet Server and Package Feed
07/06/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 169 - The Art of Unit Testing with Roy Osherove
03/21/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 104 - Dave Laribee on ALT.NET
04/29/2007 Continuous Integration Screencast - Jay Flowers and I on DNRTV
03/09/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 54 - Squeezing Continuous Integration
02/08/2007 KB928388 Breaking Tests with Windows DST TimeZone Patch and Past Dates
08/30/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 31 - Test Driven Development
07/30/2006 Sandcastle - Microsoft CTP of a Help CHM file generator on the tails of the death of NDoc
06/30/2006 Testing PowerShell scripts with NUnit
04/27/2006 DasBlog moved from CVS to SVN
04/25/2006 Open Source versus Source Out in the Open
03/01/2006 NUnit Expansion Templates in CodeRush
02/16/2006 NCoverExplorer and integrated code coverage marches on
02/14/2006 WatirNUt - Portable Watir Tests integrated with NUnit
01/31/2006 Code Coverage comes to the masses
01/26/2006 Calling NUnit from NAnt Pragmatically
01/14/2006 NUnit/Watir/Ruby Test Integration
12/28/2005 Getting NAnt 0.85 to get along with NUnit 2.2
12/26/2005 My Year In Blogging - 2005
12/08/2005 New CodeRush Screencasts
11/23/2005 Using the ASP.NET Cache outside of ASP.NET
09/28/2005 Nicest. Email. Ever. Totally Made My Month.
07/03/2005 A few dasBlog changes coming tonight
06/30/2005 Integrating Ruby and Watir with NUnit
06/20/2005 Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List
06/09/2005 My GrokTalk - Ten Tools in Ten Minutes
04/23/2005 Continuous Integration for .NET - Patrick Cauldwell and I will be at PADNUG on Weds, April 27th, 2005
04/01/2005 How do you organize your code?
02/21/2005 What Great .NET Developers Ought To Know (More .NET Interview Questions)
01/28/2005 Is this a good idea? Has it been done? Should it? An Aggregating ToString() implementation...
01/01/2005 Testing Code-Generated Code with NUnit, Temporary Files, Voodoo, Rubber Bands and Reflection
12/01/2004 NUnit Unit Testing of ASP.NET Pages, Base Classes, Controls and other widgetry using Cassini (ASP.NET Web Matrix/Visual Studio Web Developer)
11/29/2004 TestDriven.NET 1.0 Launch - What are you waiting for?
11/12/2004 Scott's List of Ultimate Visual Studio.NET AddIns
06/23/2004 Using NUnit and a better way to Unit Test with External File Dependancies
06/17/2004 Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now - Should be named: "...should know how to use"
05/26/2004 TechEd 2003 - More Pictures and Heading Home
05/24/2004 TechEd 2004 - Keynote and the Wizzy Release and more innovation
03/30/2004 Building MSI files from NAnt and Updating the VDProj's version information and other sins on Tuesday
03/05/2004 UEX = User Education and Generating <devdoc>
11/11/2003 But what price my soul?
10/29/2003 Avalon - CLI307: Automated UI Testing
10/25/2003 Finishing what was Quite A Day to start what we will be Quite A Week
10/17/2003 DLL Hell - redux?
08/13/2003 The Syllabus for CST407 - Learning C# with .NET
05/05/2003 NUnit 2.1 discussion at the Portland XP Users Group and later in Seattle
11/26/2002 Automated Testing NET Web Services and Applications I just found Jim Klo
10/04/2002 Lots of thoughts on Web Services todayits no because doubt of Chris Sells upcoming A hrefhttpwwwsellsbrothersco

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