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XmlSerializer (32)

06/10/2009 Breaking All The Rules with WCF
09/16/2007 Changing where XmlSerializer Outputs Temporary Assemblies
08/28/2007 Mixing XmlSerializers with XElements and LINQ to XML
07/23/2007 WPF Sample in IronRuby talking via C# to Wesabe
04/17/2007 XmlSerializing a Generic List<>
07/19/2006 Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 2
07/15/2006 ScriptBlock and Runspace Remoting in PowerShell
07/11/2006 Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 1
05/25/2006 Subtle Behaviors in the XML Serializer can kill
03/12/2006 XmlValidatingReader problems over derived XmlReaders
03/07/2006 Xml and the Nametable
02/23/2006 Leaning on the Language and Leaning on the Libraries
02/15/2006 Using the XmlSerializer to Read and Write XML Fragments
10/20/2005 Permanent Redirects with HTTP 301
09/01/2005 Making the XmlSerializer output alternate values for simple types
08/24/2005 You must implement the Add(System.Object) method on MyClass because it inherits from IEnumerable
08/04/2005 XmlFragmentWriter - Omiting the Xml Declaration and the XSD and XSI namespaces
06/24/2005 Stripping Out Empty XmlElements in a Performant Way and the Bus Factor
03/22/2005 Enabling Evil - Tunnelling Xml within Xml using the XmlSerializer and some Magic
02/21/2005 What Great .NET Developers Ought To Know (More .NET Interview Questions)
02/09/2005 Zen of Web Services - Join me at the Boise .NET Developers User Group
12/18/2004 Brute force check to ensure access to the TEMP directory in order to use the XmlSerializer
12/03/2004 GUI Front End to Chris Sells' XmlPreCompiler - For Debugging XmlSerialization Errors
11/06/2004 HOW TO: Debug into a .NET XmlSerializer Generated Assembly
08/26/2004 Woof. XmlSerializer written in JavaScript - for the Chubby Client
06/03/2004 - Episodes you may have missed...
01/10/2004 Added Search to my Blog, PLUS Highlighting
12/05/2003 XmlSerializer Madness: The Guts and the Conclusion
12/05/2003 XmlSerializers Part II: Am I Insane?
12/05/2003 Are XmlSerializers ThreadSafe?
10/29/2003 PDC - Day 2 - WSV303 - Indigo, Using XSD, CLR Types and Serialization in Web Services
02/19/2003 Undocumented configuration setting for XmlSerializer - and a new question emerges?

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