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Zen of Web Services - Join me at the Boise .NET Developers User Group

February 09, 2005 Comment on this post [2] Posted in ASP.NET | Web Services | XmlSerializer | Tools
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I'll be in Boise on 2/17 at the Boise .NET Developers User Group giving a "two hour talk on angle brackets" as Simon Fell once describe it so astutely. It's my famous (in my own mind) "Zen and the Art of Web Services" talk, also known as "WS-SoWhat?" (also known as WS-BFD) and "How I stopped worrying and learned to love WSDL."

If you're in, around, near, or adjacent to Boise on 2/17 at 6:30pm, come hang out with me and mention that you saw it on my blog. I'll also show about four dozen free tools and utilities that will make your life easier. Come see my talk and I promise it won't suck, plus Law&Order is a repeat that night anyway.

Will Web Services save the world? More importantly, will they save you time? We'll separate the good from the bad and dig into the WHY of Web Services and the HOW of the .NET Framework. We'll go low level and sniff packets on the wire and we'll go high level and design business documents with XML schema. We'll auto-generate Business Domain Objects and Messages. We'll discuss the meaning of the WS*.* specifications, interoperability and get our heads around the "Zen" of Web Services and see where .NET succeeds and where it falls down. This talk will be as technical as you want it to be, but it will also be valuable for the Business Person or Project Manager who really wants to answer the question "Web Services: So What?" Doesn't sound like the typical Users Group meeting, does it? You'll just have to come by and find out!

Ever wish you could launch Visual Studio.NET and go “File|New Enterprise?”  Well, you can’t just slap [WebMethod] on your existing stuff and go to market.  Web Services and WS*.* have turned out to be the biggest buzzwords since ActiveX – let’s really dig in technically and find out what’s going on.  We’ll look at:

  • The Primordial Ooze that we called CSV files up until XML Schemas today
  • The Internals of XSD.EXE and the XmlSerializer
  • We’ll ILDASM and Reflect(or) our way through System.Web
  • Examples of replacing XSD.EXE with your own generated code
  • Exactly how Visual Studio.NET promotes Microsoft’s view of The Matrix, and how you can be more like Neo, and less like Neo’s cube-mates and co-workers.
  • How to use Web Services in any context, and how to promote Interop with other languages.
  • How to sniff SOAP on the wire and why you should care
  • How XSD Types map to CLR Types and how to deal with the NULL problem
  • How WSE applies to you, and how to CYA as we wait for Indigo.

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February 09, 2005 22:05
I will be there.
February 19, 2005 23:24
Dang! I couldn't make it.

Oh well, another time.

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