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Do you miss MIX? Join us at AngleBrackets 2.0 in Vegas

October 03, 2013 Comment on this post [10] Posted in Musings
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Later this month we're doing AngleBrackets again, you may have heard. Last spring we had a blast with folks like Lea Verou, Denise Jacobs, John Papa, and myself.

I miss the MIX conference. It was a fun web-focused conference with developers, designers, and web heads of all types. AngleBrackets, I think, is trying to bring MIX back.

This time we're going even "awesomer" with Douglas Crockford and Scott Guthrie!


We've got a great schedule lined up with Ward Bell, Elijah Manor, Miguel Castro, Michelle Bustamante, and lots more!

There's also pre- and post-conference workshops on User Experience, PhoneGap, Essential HTML5, Single Page apps, as well as "Fun with Functions with Douglas Crockford" himself!

Here's some sessions you'll see at AngleBrackets:

  • AngularJS SPA Jumpstart - Dan Wahlin
  • Apps & Opportunities - Steve Guggenheimer
  • Build a Business Application using ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms - John Kuhn
  • Building an End-to-End AngularJS App - Dan Wahlin
  • Building Rich Data HTML Client Apps with BreezeJS - Brian Noyes
  • Cloud-Powered Apps in Minutes with Windows Azure Mobile Services - Josh Twist
  • Code First Development with Entity Framework - Glenn Condron
  • Comparing AngularJS and Durandal for SPA Development - John Papa
  • Data Binding with Knockout.js - John Papa
  • Design or Die: The Challenge for Line-of-Business Developers - Billy Hollis
  • Designing RESTful Services with Web API - Brian Noyes
  • Doing More with LESS for CSS - Todd Anglin
  • End-to-End Security for Your Web API and MVC Applications - Michele Leroux Bustamante
  • Fixing Common JavaScript Bugs - Elijah Manor
  • Gamify Your Work - Denise R. Jacobs
  • Herding JavaScript File Cats with Dependency Management - Ward Bell
  • How to Build ASP.NET Web Applications Using Async - Glenn Condron
  • Implementing the HTML5 History API - Miguel Castro
  • Introduction to MVC - Scott Allen
  • JavaScript Patterns to Clean Up your Client-Side Code - Dan Wahlin
  • JavaScripts, Virtual Machines, the Cloud and The Metal - Scott Hanselman
  • jQuery-free JavaScript - Elijah Manor
  • Making Design Simpler for Developers - Shawn Wildermuth
  • Making HTML5 Work Everywhere - Todd Anglin
  • Mobile ASP.NET Web Forms - Making the Impossible Possible - Jeff Fritz
  • Mobile First Responsive Design with Bootstrap 3 - Shawn Wildermuth
  • Scalable and Modular CSS FTW! - Denise R. Jacobs
  • SignalR: The Real-time Web Made Simple - Damian Edwards
  • Syntaxation - Douglas Crockford
  • Understanding Dependency Injection & Writing Testable Software - Miguel Castro
  • Unit Testing 101 in JavaScript - Ward Bell
  • Web API 2: Web Services for Websites, Modern Apps, and Mobile Apps - Scott Hunter
  • What's New in Visual Studio 2013 ASP.NET Web and Cloud Tools - Scott Hanselman
  • What's your job, anyway? An indictment of current programming practices - Billy Hollis
  • Windows Azure Today and Tomorrow - Scott Guthrie

When you register for AngleBrackets you also get to go to all the conference sessions for our "sister conference" DevIntersection. Check out the DevIntersection promotional video and note that you can get $50 off with Registration Code SCOTTHA.

See you there!

Also mark your calendars for April 13 - 16, 2014 at the JW Marriott in Orlando.  We'll have AngleBrackets on the east code and busses to Disney World for folks bringing family.

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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October 03, 2013 10:42
I am really looking forward to this event.
To bad we don't get Mads Kristensen and his "Visual Studio Web Essentials" awesomeness.
October 03, 2013 13:58
+1 for Mads

Wish I could be there but not possible from the UK - will the content be available online as videos?
October 03, 2013 14:58
I miss Mix too, got to enjoy the one they did in London, was trying to work out Vegas but...

So I was really excited by the prospect of the event in Orlando as for various reasons that's more achievable for me.

Except that I'm not sure you could possibly have picked a worse week...

That's the middle of the UK Easter holidays and the single most popular fortnight to visit Orlando, every flight (from/to the UK) and much of the accommodation will be stuffed.

Sad face.
October 03, 2013 19:19
I'd better not attend an event in Vegas, lest I be seen as a rockstar. ;)
October 03, 2013 19:23
Isnt the time to move to cloud meetings ? especially all here are web gurus
October 04, 2013 12:32

There are two obvious merits in going to a physical conference or similar event, first the ability to focus on the event and the content - you're there to a purpose and the very fact of being away from your normal place of work can help focus on "learning".

Second is the contact with new and different people (or sometimes familiar people that you only see at the odd conf) with similar interests it provides a different opportunity to learn - and again in an environment that to some extent encourages interaction.

There are online conferences - and there are session recordings from many great conferences too, but its not quite the same as being there.
October 07, 2013 11:37
Is the "b" suffix the new ".net"? The Schedule page has you and Scott Hunter hosting a possibly riveting "Whatb" session, which is a coincidence since Paul Litwin is also having a "Whatb" session. Jeff Fritz has an "lb" session. In addition, your panel session is about "ASP.NETb".

(Good luck with the conference and I look forward to seeing some videos or at least hearing about it.)
October 07, 2013 13:18
Would the videos be available online later as like mix?
October 08, 2013 20:04
@James Murphy

I understand that "being there" I will get more out of the conference but schedule, time cost and budget simply do not align for many to attend these things in person.

I am willing to pay for a "live feed" or videos after the fact to help keep this alive.
November 06, 2013 13:31
Is it possible to get this event on DVD?

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