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November 10, 2003 Comment on this post [1] Posted in Musings | Tools
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Freed!  Free from the tyrany of the Alternate Data Stream!  If you've ever run ETrust's Anti-Virus solution and then decided to switch to another solution, you probably have a crapload of alternate data streams on your for EVERY FILE.  Oy.  I've always wanted to get rid of them and never had a simple utility (or the interest to write one). 

  • Streams, a command-line utility that enumerates NTFS alternate data streams, now takes an option to delete the streams that it finds.
  • Another major Process Explorer update on the heels of v7.0 brings a slew of enhancements in addition to a more menu options: only non-zero CPU usage is displayed (you'll wonder why Task Manager doesn't do this), replace Task Manager with a new option, see interrupt and DPC time, view context switch counts, look inside .NET processes, configure highlight colors, view CPU usage in a color-coded tray icon, and much more.
  • This significant Autoruns update introduces the ability to easily delete auto-start items, a toolbar, better refresh, and more accurate path information
  • [from Sam Gentile]

Also, check out Autoruns.  You'll be suprised how much crap is set to run at startup on your system.

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November 10, 2003 2:19
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