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First Trip Away since Z and the magic of the webcam

February 22, 2006 Comment on this post [4] Posted in Z | Coding4Fun
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4600208.boxVideocamI'm down here in Birmingham, AL, on the first business trip since Z was born. He's 12 weeks old today. Thank goodness for Video Chat and Webcams.

I picked up an Airlink101 AIC250 at Fry's for $99. They are also available around the net. I was pricing wireless video IP cameras, but they are like $300+ for one that runs their one web server. I didn't want to get a cheapo button camera because I'd have to run the video output through my computer. The idea of a camera with it's own web server is/was very attractive to me.

This camera is interesting in that it includes Java and ActiveX controls that access the video stream. However, tinkerer that I am, that's not acceptable, so I started poking around. The results will turn into a Coding4Fun article and a .NET 2.0 ClickThrice application that's a modification of some code I found and modified with permission on CodeProject. Look for that soon, I should turn it in this week.

Here's some the interesting things that I found and done, as a teaser:

Motion  Tcptrace

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February 22, 2006 19:01
Is there any difference in the wireless version of this camera here: ? Every now and then I see these on sale at the Fry's in Austin (I'm pretty sure it's $70-$80 today and tomorrow) and think about picking one up. Does this camera show up as a standard WIA device?
February 22, 2006 19:21
Ah, I've got the WIRED version. Otherwise, they are identical. It doesn't show up as a WIA device, it shows up as a website that you visit. If you want to visit it from the outside you forward ports. Interestingly, I bet you could make it LOOK like a WIA device with some of the code I'll release soon. The trick was getting the video stream from the device at the RAW level, bypassing their ActiveX/Java crap.
February 24, 2006 7:21
I want to set this up for my kids as well. How is the camera's performance in low light? I want to be able to see them when they are sleeping. Thanks!
February 24, 2006 22:48
This particular camera isn't night-savvy, but there are lots of ones that do.

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