Scott Hanselman

Coding4Fun (42)

01/19/2012 Abusing the Microsoft Research's Touch Mouse Sensor API SDK with a Console-based Heat-map
05/05/2011 Developer Stand up Comedy - Coding 4 Fun
02/17/2010 Building an Embodied Social Proxy or Crazy Webcam Remote Cart Thing
07/14/2009 Windows Home Server Twitter Notification Plugin
12/05/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 141 - Coding4Fun with Dan Fernandez and Brian Peek - Wiimotes and YouTube
08/12/2007 A vCard Preview Handler using the Coding4Fun DevKit
08/12/2007 Reading to Be a Better Developer - The Coding4Fun DevKit
03/08/2007 Screencast: Writing Managed .NET Plugins for the Optimus Mini Three Keyboard
03/06/2007 Coding4Fun: Interfacing with a Microsoft FingerPrint Reader
02/19/2007 Coding4Fun: Microbric Viper Robot with an Iguanaworks IR Serial Port and PowerShell
02/06/2007 Showing Video on an Optimus Mini Three
12/08/2006 Controlling a Microbric Viper using .NET and a custom IR Serial Port
09/16/2006 Coding4Fun Hardware Boneyard - Using the CueCat with .NET
09/02/2006 Coding4Fun Hardware Webcast - Available Offline
07/21/2006 Review: Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS
06/30/2006 Capturing Video a Web Camera using WIA - Not Possible?
05/24/2006 XPaper - Digital Paper and the Logitech io2 Pen
05/01/2006 Coding4Fun Hardware Webcast
04/22/2006 The Immediacy and the Remoteness
04/19/2006 New USB Wireless Security Lock software doesn't work with new hardware
04/08/2006 Some Assembly Required - the AIC250 as a motion detecting ClickOnce application
02/22/2006 First Trip Away since Z and the magic of the webcam
01/31/2006 Code Coverage comes to the masses
01/23/2006 OnTurning0x20AndLookingBackArt2005
12/26/2005 My Year In Blogging - 2005
12/18/2005 Blogging with the Logitech Pen
11/20/2005 Coding4Fun Videos up on Channel 9
11/13/2005 BeyondTV4 Upgrade Review - Media Center Alternative?
11/09/2005 Blogging directly from a Logitech IO2 Pen
11/05/2005 Building .NET 1.1 Projects using Visual Studio 2005
10/31/2005 Logitech IO2 Pen - .NET Support, Google Desktop Support, and Upcoming Article
09/30/2005 Coding4Fun - Look at Me! Windows Image Acquisition
09/27/2005 Phidgets Library for .NET released
09/20/2005 USB Wireless Security - Call For Plugins
08/13/2005 Coding4Fun - Some Assembly Required - USB Wireless PC Lock
07/01/2005 Code Camp Portland - July 23 and 24
06/18/2005 New Coding4Fun Article - Where the Heck am I?
06/01/2005 Top 10 Customer Issues in Visual Studio 2005 - I'm in the Top Ten!
05/24/2005 Machine.Shift.Left and Bit Shifting in VB.NET
05/19/2005 May 2005 - What is Scott up to?
05/14/2005 New Coding4Fun Article - It's Getting Hot in Here
04/18/2005 Coding4Fun is LIVE! - A new syndicated MSDN Column

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