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January 23, 2006 Comment on this post [7] Posted in Z | DasBlog | Javascript | Tools
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I was just trying out Flickr for some Z pictures and I noticed:

There's such a fantastic amount of work going on with Geotagging and Photo sharing, but it all feels so skunkworks. Maybe that's just what meta-data feels like, but even the geo-tagged name=value pairs that appear in "tunnelled" within flickr's geotagged photos seem hacky. There's a lot of equipment needed to pull this stuff off.

How long until GPS's are so tiny that they are just inside any small digital camera and the JPEG's EXIF data is automatically geo-tagged? Its interesting to me that Wi-Fi is in Nikons but I can't seem to find a camera that includes a GPS. It'd sure be shiny. It's so hard now that only phillip torrone can do it. Sigh. These pictures ARE NOT geo-tagged. :)

UPDATE: RichB points me to the 3.2MP Ricoh Camera/GPS combo. A little funky because the GPS is a CF Card in the bottom of the camera, but still very cool. Definitely better than a 1MP GPS-enabled camera phone.

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January 23, 2006 11:51
> How long until GPS's are so tiny that they are just inside
> any small digital camera

A search for GPS cameraphone returns lots.
January 23, 2006 12:31
Sure, but I'm talking about widely available digital cameras. I've got a Casio Exilim. I'd love to have a GPS-enabled 6-8MP camera for snapshots. Does such a thing exist?
January 23, 2006 13:04
You didn't say....
...anyway, here's a 3.2Mp compact digital:
January 23, 2006 15:53
Wow I got hanselmanned. My life is now complete;)
January 23, 2006 20:50
RichB - thanks! Updating post...
January 23, 2006 22:12

What about videos along with audio? It seems everyone is posting photos online but a few doing video.

Check out sites like and I didn't like because they post seminude videos along your family oriented ones. I guess to attract moew users. Not cool.

March 07, 2006 0:54

Forgive me if I missed your reference to this, but I think you missed one of the most useful applications of "GPS cameras" - figuring out who is in the pictures. When you take pictures, the camera names the pictures something useless, like DSC_2154.jpg. I have no idea who or what's in that photo until I look at it again. By using the GPS information, I could, for example, add my parent's names to every photo taken at their home. That would make for searching for photos of them a lot easier.

I don't know of any cameras that have GPS built-in, but you're right - they're coming soon. The Nikon D2H ( has a GPS interface, but it's not built in.

Great shows, BTW.

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