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Google GuestMap - Where are my Readers?

August 10, 2005 Comment on this post [12] Posted in Javascript | Musings
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StaticguestmapUPDATE: Ok, THAT was wildly successful. So successful that now my site is slow because of it! :)

I've swapped out the IFRAME and now you can just see my guestmap here. This picture is a static shot of the map this morning at 9am.

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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August 11, 2005 6:49
Dude, you've placed yourself in Sheridan... that's where the prison is. What up?
August 11, 2005 7:14
I definitely put my little marker over Perth (Australia) but ended up on a small tropical island in the Indian ocean near Bali. There's either some sort of subliminal “where I want to be” thing going on here... or just a fault due to a combination of a particular browser version and scroll bar positions.
August 11, 2005 7:25
sadly, I get the "this isn't licensed" nonsense when I load the page.
August 11, 2005 7:35
That is just wicked cool. The only problem is that now I can see more local blogs to subscribe to. I already don't have enough free time to read my current subscriptions.
August 11, 2005 17:17
Neat idea! Only seems to work in IE - not FireFox.
August 11, 2005 20:31
Odd...I'm RUNNING it in's google maps, works just fine.
August 11, 2005 20:36
I was thinking it was your site, not my browser. I was getting set to throw you an IM and bitch about the speed but figured I'd check one more time!
nice idea though!
August 12, 2005 0:17
Very cool, but now I can't add myself with your static image. ;-)
August 12, 2005 6:17
Scott, The guestmap stuck a nerve with Firefox on my comp. I posted a screen capture of it. Very wierd.
August 12, 2005 6:25
Sishant, yes, on slower machines so many people have signed it that the little javascript that spins through them all to paint them takes too long!
August 12, 2005 14:38
Scott, but my machine isn't slow. Its got 1.5GB of Ram with an Intel P4 2.8ghz cpu. I also use a GeForce FX 5700 256MB graphics card. Is it really that large that my machine can't handle the load?
August 12, 2005 20:16
Regards from Florida.

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