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Holy Crap, 70-300

September 23, 2003 Comment on this post [1] Posted in Programming
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I woke up today and checked my Outlook Calendar first thing, like I do every morning, just to make sure I wasn't missing any 8 am meetings, and dammit if I didn't completely forget that like 6 months ago I scheduled a MCSD.NET test for Exam 70-300: Analyzing .NET Requirements.  Original MCSDs were given a free coupon for the new 70-300 but only if they took it by September 30th.  I got the coupon, cheapskate that I am, and immediately schedule the exam WAY out in September (today) figuring, "Hey, I've got months to worry about this."

This is the test with all the "new" kinds of questions.  It's got a chunk of multiple choice questions, but as soon as you get comfortable, you're faced with some weird E-R diagram with an interface that's straight out of Windows for Workgroups.  It's the Year-of-Our-Lord-Two-Thousand-and-Three and I'm taking this brand new test on 16-bit Windows.  I swear it was the same computer running the SAME software at the same testing center that certified me on WfW in 1993.

But, long story short, I passed it in about 40 minutes and made it back in time for lunch.  Now I can go back to my personal hypocrisy of bad-mouthing certifications.

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September 24, 2003 5:20
Hey, congratulations on passing 70-300! What a test, eh? More than a few trick -- er, subjective -- questions on there.

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