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I think even when go 15 years without a confirmed BSOD sighting and our k

December 24, 2002 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Musings
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I think even when go 15 years without a confirmed BSOD sighting, and our kids look at us funny when we try to explain what they were, there will still be a population complaining about "all the BSODs." ***!!!*** PARITY ERROR PANIC ***!!!*** anyone?
[Sean 'Early' Campbell & Scott 'Adopter' Swigart's Radio Weblog]

You know, I've only seen blue screens in two places in the last few years...

1. Crappy hardware...usually video drivers from ATI...

and more interestingly,

B. The Airport.  I travel a lot, and I see a BSOD nearly ever trip.  Usually some touch screen e-ticket kiosk blows chunks and it's left like that for hours.  We flew back from Las Vegas today and saw a very nice Blue Screen of Death actually OVER head above the Alaska Air ticket counters.  It was not a typical BSOD since the monitor it was on didn't like the refresh rate of this particular BSOD.  But with the over-hertz-y-ed flickering and the nice, regular columns of DLLBase, DateStamp and module name were very recognizable.  Needless to say, I continually chuckle that some schmuck doesn't just set the thing to restart automatically.  It is a kiosk after all.

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