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Lots of email and comments on the Messenger thingapparently in my ignorance I assumed that a jump from 47 to 50 indicat

November 23, 2002 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Musings
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Lots of email and comments on the Messenger thing...apparently in my ignorance, I assumed that a jump from 4.7 to 5.0 indicated a product upgrade.  When my Windows Messenger 4.7 told me there was a new version of Messenger available, it was really just asking "Do you want the MSN butterfly to appear in more places on your IM client?" 

Steve Makofsky told me: "The 5.0 version is of MSN Messenger, and the 4.7 version is Windows Messenger. "Windows" messager is what shipped with XP (and is still required for office integration, etc), and the MSN Messenger is for everyone else.. They just released the XP version, which is why it was upgraded. "

Well, I get it NOW, but what the heck to I do with this information? :)  I mean, what happens when they release MSN Word, or MSN Excel?  What's the point of me having two parallel competing (and each fighting to log in automatically) IM clients?  And apparently this one doesn't even integrate with Outlook?  I say again, the devil's in the details have to avoid confusing the customer.  I'm uninstalling MSN Messenger 5.0, but remember that I installed it because Windows Messenger 4.7 ASKED ME TO! 

Now, how do I explain this debacle to my mom, brother, and the 15 other computers that I maintain as neighborhood computer geek?

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