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My quest for the ultimate TabletPC

November 07, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Musings
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Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc wrote me to tell me that a french Geek Site (apparently Geek is Geek everywhere) has a story on a mysterious Toshiba TabletPC M200 [Spéculations et vérités sur le M200 de Toshiba].  Use the Fish if you want to translate it to English, or ask Rory what it says.

Here's the juicy parts of a my lousy translation.  Note this strange news that doesn't jive with my previous scoop about Video RAM.  If this is true, it sucks, and I wonder if it's a heat thing?  I wonder if the Avalon team reads this and has a comment?

Can anyone confirm the release date on this baby? know that Toshiba will leave its new generation TabletPC...used by Bill Gates to show OneNote 2003...

...a little more about the specifications of this Portegé M200...

- have a range of significant power in this model...
- the resolution would seem to be SXGA+ compared with the traditional XGA . In fact the two resolutions are announced in rumour on the Web also it is difficult to have an idea
- the 80 Gb will be with 5400 RPM, while the 60 Gb will be with 7200 RPM
- the video is a nVIDIA last generation with only 32 Mb of Video RAM  -the model with 128 Mb was a non-marketed prototype (Scott: bad news for Longhorn?)
- hardware button to automatically to launch OneNote
- the battery of almost 4 hours
- the bluetooth seems to be integrated
- a Secure Digital Slot

CPU - 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8GHz
Memory - DDR333 256mb-2gb
LCD - 12.1"TFT SXGA+
Video - Ext. nVIDIA Map34-32/32MB
HDD - 40, 60, 80GB (5400rpm) 60GB (7200rpm) (Scott: Definitely the 60GB)
Ports - 2xUSB2.0, FIR, RGB, Mic, H.Phone, Rj-45, Rj-11
Communication - V.90/92 + Ethernet(10/100) + 802.11b, 11ab, 11g, 11ag + BT
Battery life - 3.9H W/Primary(4400mAh)
Dimension - 295x239x36(MAX)mm - TBD
Weight - 2kg (Scott: oy!)

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