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NDC: North African Developer's Conference is upon us...

March 14, 2004 Comment on this post [2] Posted in NDC | ASP.NET | DasBlog | Africa
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Malek, Moroccan RD and all around great person, has organized a fantastic conference this year.  If you're in the neighborhood (including most of Europe, it's just an hour or two from everywhere), check it out.  I'm bringing my wife along, and we'll also stop by RSA and Zim on our tour of the continent I can call my second home.

The greatest yet... The North Africa Developer conference this year features the future Microsoft technologies : Longhorn, Whidbey and Yukon, alongside the deep inside .Net development sessions covering most areas of interest for the developer, the software architect and the solutions decision maker... In this second edition of the NDC, we expect 1500 attendees at the 3 keynotes and 45 breakout sessions. Among the speakers, a strong Regional Directors presence including :

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March 14, 2004 23:41
Will you be having a Meet-Up at Rick's American Bar?
March 17, 2004 20:19
Too bad there is no Rick's in Casablanca... There is a Bar on the movie theme (called Casablanca) at the Hotel where the conference is taking place

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