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.NET Rocks! - PDC Edition Quotes

October 27, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in PDC | Speaking | Web Services | Gaming
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Heh, cheesy for me to re-blog what Peter blogged about .NET Rocks (especially since I was especially silly tonight) but here's what we did:

They ran a game where Carl and Mark ask .NET related questions and an audience member has to decide if the panelists answers are correct or not. Kinda like Hollywood Squares -- including the silly initial answer (see below).

They were giving away a number of XBoxes and other good stuff.

Funny quotes:

Michelle Bustamante (sp?): "Web Services are like teenage sex. Everyone is talking about doing it and those who are actually doing it are doing it badly."

Scott Hanselman in response to the question how to you access private members: "A glass or two of red wine."

Scott Hanselman: "If you dial 10-10-987 you can save at least a dollar on every web service call."

Carl Franklin: "Dot Net Freakin' Rocks!" [Peter Provost]

Peter is keeping a very detailed account of his PDC experience, it's worth your read.

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