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03/11/2021 Ryujinx is an Experimental Nintendo Switch Emulator written in C# for .NET Core
10/29/2020 Using an Xbox Adaptive Controller and Xbox Copilot to get back into gaming after surgery
09/07/2020 How to use a Raspberry Pi 4 as a Minecraft Java Server
04/23/2020 CoreBoy is a cross platform GameBoy Emulator written in C# that even does ASCII
01/29/2020 Retrogaming by modding original consoles to remove moving parts and add USB or SD-Card support
10/10/2019 Visual Studio for Nintendo Switch? - FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is an amazing coding app
09/12/2019 Emulating a PlayStation 1 (PSX) entirely with C# and .NET
08/08/2019 The PICO-8 Virtual Fantasy Console is an idealized constrained modern day game maker
05/28/2019 Bringing the SpaceOrb game controller forward with an Arduino Bridge via The Orbotron 9001
05/16/2019 Using the Steam Link app to stream PC Games directly to your iPhone or mobile device
03/14/2019 Xbox Avatar accessories for People with Diabetes! Sponsored by Nightscout and Konsole Kingz
03/12/2019 How to stream PC games from Windows 10 to your Xbox One for free
02/12/2019 How to convert an IMG file to an standard ISO easily with Linux on Windows 10
02/05/2019 Teaching Kids to Code with Minecraft Mods made easy using MakeCode and Code Connection
12/21/2018 The Fun of Finishing - Exploring old games with Xbox Backwards Compatibility
12/19/2018 Enjoy some DOS Games this Christmas with DOSBox
04/13/2018 Retrogaming on original consoles in HDMI on a budget
11/02/2017 The perfect Nintendo Switch travel set up and recommended accessories
06/07/2017 RetroPie and X-Arcade Tankstick - The perfect Retro Arcade (plus keybindings and config and how-to)
03/12/2017 Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are an ABSOLUTE JOY
01/25/2017 Solved and Fixed: StreetPass stopped working on Nintendo 3DS XL
12/08/2016 Awesome, legal, wireless retrogaming with a Hyperkin Retron 5 and 8bitdo's nes30pro
09/28/2016 FIXED: Xbox One losing TV signal error message with DirectTV
06/11/2014 Easy accelerated 3D Games in a browser with JavaScript and WebGL using Three.js or Babylon.js
06/09/2014 How to use an Xbox One controller on your Windows PC
03/22/2011 Microsoft "Video Kinect" Chat Review - Video Chat on the Big Screen, The Good and The Bad
11/19/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 240 - Developing Indie Games for Xbox 360 and XNA with George Clingerman
06/23/2009 Accidental Prescience and the Secrets of Project Natal
03/02/2009 Quake Live Review and Rant - Why is this interesting?
11/20/2008 Xbox 360 NXE - Forget Games, The Xbox is a Media Center
05/27/2008 Wii Fit Review
10/13/2007 Retrospective: Halo 3 Fights Diabetes
10/09/2007 REMINDER: Register TODAY for the Fight Diabetes with Halo 3 Big Screen Party
10/04/2007 The Red Ring of Death makes itself known
09/28/2007 Raising Money for Diabetes with Halo 3 on Oct 11
09/25/2007 Halo 3 Review
07/27/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 74 - Jeff Atwood overclocks the Ultimate PC
07/06/2007 Xbox360 XNA Game Development - Hanselman Conversation Simulator
06/18/2007 Flashing the Firmware of an Xbox MN-740 Wireless Adapter to a D-Link 108AG to support WPA Security
02/26/2007 Enabling Aero Glass on Windows Vista with a Toshiba M200/M205
02/24/2007 Gerwiiatrics - Old People play the Wii
02/16/2007 Xbox 360 Controller Wireless Receiver Adapter for Windows
01/25/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 48 - Introduction Board Gaming for Geeks and Programmers
01/21/2007 Happy Birthday to Mii - Wii Review
12/31/2006 Zune vs. iPod Video vs. iRiver Clix
11/23/2006 Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver
11/22/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 42 - Next Generation Gaming and the Developer
07/20/2006 A half-year Podcasts
07/18/2006 Portland Code Camp 2006 contracts and expands
07/02/2006 Using FFMPEG to squish lots of videos using PowerShell
06/03/2006 God of War Review
05/11/2006 If you love your family and your kids, do not play Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - It's that good
04/18/2006 Hacking Video Game Consoles
04/12/2006 The Elder Scrolls - emulated in a Dos Box
04/04/2006 Interview with a PSP Developer - Doug Beck
04/03/2006 More and more Audible instead of iTunes
03/27/2006 Alternative Power - Kensington 120W Notebook Power Adapter
02/28/2006 Microsoft's Newton? Project Origami
02/20/2006 Answering Questions (and putting your gamercard on your desktop)
02/17/2006 Connect your Xbox360 to your Mac
02/17/2006 Browsing the Web from your Xbox360
02/12/2006 Configuring PPTP VPN with alternate Linksys Router Firmware
02/07/2006 More on Alternate Linksys Firmware
02/03/2006 Confessions of an Audio Visual Geek
02/01/2006 The return of PayPal? TextPayMe offers Pay Over SMS
01/23/2006 Media Center Games
01/23/2006 OnTurning0x20AndLookingBackArt2005
01/20/2006 Good mid-level 3D cards
01/19/2006 Media Center Extenders and the Xbox 360
01/18/2006 XM Satellite Radio for Windows Media Center PC
01/17/2006 Z's first all-nighter
01/16/2006 First Person Shooters on the PSP
01/09/2006 Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000
01/03/2006 Can't download Quake4 or Condemned on Xbox Live Marketplace and other bugs/features
12/29/2005 Watching Videos on the Xbox 360
12/28/2005 My stark realization that I may be an early adopter
12/26/2005 My Year In Blogging - 2005
12/15/2005 Xbox 360 as Media Hub
11/13/2005 BeyondTV4 Upgrade Review - Media Center Alternative?
11/01/2005 Windows Live - I just don't get it.
10/29/2005 Gaming at 16 by 10 on a Widescreen LCD
10/21/2005 Squishing TV onto your PSP
10/14/2005 All the world abuzz about Sudoku
09/29/2005 Using the PSP Playstation Portable as a Portable Media Center
09/27/2005 Creating my own Mame Arcade Cabinet, Mame for Media Center PC, and the X-Arcade Joystick
09/06/2005 Overwhelmed and enamored with FolderShare
08/25/2005 PSP Playstation Portable 2.0 Firmware Update
08/16/2005 Dungeon Siege II Demo - Sucks Too Much?
07/09/2005 Toolbars Galore
07/01/2005 Code Camp Portland - July 23 and 24
06/20/2005 Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List
06/12/2005 Microsoft's Paint Program Legacy - YAMPP
05/22/2005 GuildWars and the ErgoDex DX1
05/09/2005 XBox Wireless Adapter MN-740 Update
05/09/2005 Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Control Review
04/18/2005 Coding4Fun is LIVE! - A new syndicated MSDN Column
03/27/2005 The State of (My) Digital Media
02/19/2005 Fixing an XBox DVD Drive
01/22/2005 Own a LinkSys WRT54G? Sveasoft released Alchemy v6.0RC6 and I HAD to install it at 2am
01/07/2005 Scott's List of Great Tools for your TabletPC
11/29/2004 Scott Hanselman's Holiday List
11/22/2004 A Hanselman Review: Doom 3 vs. FarCry vs. Half-Life 2 vs. Halo 2
11/17/2004 What are you reading?
11/10/2004 Halo 2: There's more to it than you think. Have you seen the "GameViewer?" And the Games RSS Feed?
10/26/2004 GlucoBoy - Diabetes Monitoring for your GameBoy
08/25/2004 [OT] Thanks Mr. Blizzard!
07/06/2004 The Video Card and Pentium Overheating Saga ends...and \Overclocking a ATI Radeon 256Meg 9800 Pro
06/28/2004 I am SO sick of PC Gaming - I HATE IT
06/10/2004 3D Graphics may NEVER achieve Human Realism? - The Masahiro Mori Uncanny Valley
06/09/2004 XBox Live still working out the MSN Messenger integration details...
05/28/2004 The ErgoDex Alternative Keyboard and the Rise of "CodeRush IL"
05/24/2004 "ConfigFree" Wireless at TechEd and the advent of Windows XP SP2
04/06/2004 Scott's Movie Versions: 3 down! 1 to go.
03/17/2004 XBox Friends
03/14/2004 Yukon and Whidbey Slip, and your life goes on. Film at 11.
02/07/2004 New Digital Photo Techniques from Microsoft Research integrated into Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9
02/06/2004 Whew. What a week. Rediscovering the basics.
01/06/2004 GamerTag: Glucose
12/12/2003 Books that should be made into Movies before I die
12/09/2003 Salem, my Salem
12/08/2003 Choose Your Own Adventure, HyperMedia, and the death of the permalink.
12/05/2003 PacMan written entirely in Excel...
11/16/2003 My Christmas (or Birthday List)
11/09/2003 XBox Live v2 <xbox gamertag="Glucose"/>
10/27/2003 .NET Rocks! - PDC Edition Quotes
10/21/2003 Multiple Monitors and Productivity
08/21/2003 Wireless Blogging in SFO on the way to HKG on the way to KUL
08/19/2003 Roshambo and Rise of Nations
07/31/2003 .DOT COMMON - A Beat Poem by Scott Hanselman
07/22/2003 Ender's Job - Software Engineer or Protector of Mankind?
05/27/2003 Not a bad weekend...
05/09/2003 Happiness is...
04/10/2003 More Talk about Certification from an MC*.*
04/05/2003 Scott Hanselman, MC*.*, Good SATs, AS, Almost BS, 3 digit IQ, blah blah blah...
02/18/2003 BBSs, Dead OSs, and Door Games
02/02/2003 My Weekend
02/02/2003 Revolutions don't always start at the hardware transport layer...
01/22/2003 GamerTag = Glucose
12/09/2002 The Five Biggest Myths About Web Services
11/25/2002 I used this Atari 10in1 Game to open up a talk on Web Services recentlynbsp Its a great tangible example in case anyon
11/18/2002 Games Im making my Christmas list of XBox
09/26/2002 Last night I finished the complete Hyperion

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