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NUnit 2.1 discussion at the Portland XP Users Group and later in Seattle

May 05, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Web Services | Speaking | NUnit
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Looks like Charlie Poole is speaking the Portland Extreme Programming (XPUsers Group on Tues, May 6th.  Charlie will be talking about NUnit 2.1.  Charlie's a fun guy, and the folks in the XP Users Group are hardened, battle-tested engineers.  If you want to know how Test Driven development can change your world, you should check it out.  If you're in Seattle, Charlie will present on Thurs, May 8 at the Seattle XP Users Group.

 Charlie says:

"NUnit is an open source unit test framework for .Net. We're about to release version 2.1 and I'll talk about new as well as old features. Some of the new things include a much cooler and more responsive gui, various option settings, the ability to load and test multiple assemblies, the ability to save and reload test projects with support for multiple configurations, opening Visual Studio projects directly and more accessible information about individual test results in the gui.

Once you grasp the idea behind it, unit testing as used in test-driven development is a beautifully simple concept. But some things present hard problems: GUI, multi-threading, etc. What can we do about these? This talk is based on material that's part of my tutorial "Advanced Unit Testing Techniques for .NET" being presented at XP2003 in Genoa this month and also for the book I'm working on. I'll outline some key tricks that apply  everywhere and show some code for specific issues."


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