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NUnit Expansion Templates in CodeRush

March 02, 2006 Comment on this post [3] Posted in NUnit | XML | CodeRush
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CodeRushNunitTemplatesI noticed via Larkware that Scott Bellware had created a series of Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets for NUnit. Very cool, I said. However, we're not all using Visual Studio 2005 at my company. Much of our bread and butter is 2003/.NET 1.1. But, many of us have CodeRush. Ah! I said, I should duplicate ScottB's work as Code Rush templates!

I rushed into the Templates section of CodeRush only to notice that they are already there! Damn you, Mark Miller and your forethought!

Anyway, I looked at Scott's List and added a few from his, and there's a few built into Mark's that aren't in Scott's, blah blah blah, union, blah blah, intersection, and here's the Code Rush Templates file if you're a Rushie and want to import them. This file includes the whole NUnit folder with my few changes.
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March 02, 2006 5:53
I'm happy to see the C# snippets making their way out there (I still scratched my head when I saw all the ones and only a few C# ones in the OOTB product).

On a sidenote (but related) do you think ReSharper is out and CodeRush is in? I'm seeing a lot more movement and discussion mentioning CodeRush lately. I'm a ReSharper guy and while it has it's problems, I'm pretty happy with it. I should check out CR to see how it compares but just wondering what your take is on it?

March 03, 2006 5:43
Here's a training video (from DevExpress site) on using CodeRush NUnit templates:
March 04, 2006 1:56
Hey Scott, thanks for posting these. The new NUnit templates are now part of default install for all languages we support (C#, VB, and C++).

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