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April 07, 2004 Comment on this post [2] Posted in Movies | Gaming
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Ah...yes...Ringworld will be a Miniseries.

RINGWORLD: Based on Larry Niven's RINGWORLD series of novels, a four-hour mini-series is in development. In the future four explorers crash on an artificial structure in deep space, a mammoth ring that circles a distant star. Exploring this strange place, the humans discover that there is life here and secrets that could change the universe forever. [Cinescape]

Clearly this happened because of the power of blogging. ;)  They must have seen my post on the four books that MUST be made into movies and immediately began the production deal.  Read the comments from that post, they are fabulous

An additional note, the Ender's Game Movie is slowing moving along, with the X-Men 2 writers working on it.  Also, The Sparrow may be happening at Warner Brothers.  Now, if we can only get Snow Crash'll probably end up with Will Smith as Hiro Protagonist.

I  think it's time for movie versions of:

What 'technical geek' movies are you just iching for? [Scott Hanselman (me) Last Year]

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April 07, 2004 6:07
I think that the Honor Harrington series [1] would make great movies. They're hard-core space opera, but the main character is so strong that I cried at the end of the most of them when she was threatened (seriously, I'm that big of a sap).

April 07, 2004 21:29
Well, I would have said "Battlefield Earth", but the one already made was so bad that nobody would come to the new one, no matter how good it is.

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