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Some Assembly Required - the AIC250 as a motion detecting ClickOnce application

April 08, 2006 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Coding4Fun
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Babies_5My Coding4Fun MSDN Column "Some Assembly Required" is back after a hiatus. This article is about interfacing with a MotionJPEG Stream and AirLink AIC250 Network Camera extending Andrew Kirillov's brilliant Motion project.

I took Andrew's application and ported it to .NET 2.0 and made it a ClickOnce application. Then I extended his implementation of MotionJPEG to get around some of the [psycho] quirks in the AIC250's Web Server.

I hope you enjoy "Everyone Loves Babies! Webcams and Motion Detection." I use it to have video calls with my wife and son while at work.

UPDATE: Andrew has updated his original article with a Motion Alarm, as well as the ability to save arbitrary video streams.

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