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Steven Frank's Blogging Anthem

March 27, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Musings
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Steven Frank (who I had the pleasure of going to college with, as well as buying Apple Newton together) has recorded "Ben & Mena," a blogging anthem if ever there was one...

"It relays the epic saga of a lonely everyblogger who dreams of finding the ultimate link that will catapult his puny blog into the limelight."

Here's some sample lyrics:

Blank page, nothin' to say
Just pictures of my cats today
Thought about the war a bunch
Now let me tell you what I had for lunch

Boys all hate me, my girlfriend dumped me
They're bombing Iraq, my oatmeal's lumpy
Wi-Fi networks in Central Park
Funny Photoshops up on Fark

Semantic web, RSS, and e-mail
Single white guy seeks athletic female
I'm busy building the digital commons
Cook me up another bowl of ramen

Referers say no-one came today...

I wanna be Ben, I wanna be Mena
The master of my domain
So send me a ping, send me a trackback
I promise I won't complain

Check it out, it's up at ~stevenf.

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