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TechEd 2003 - More Pictures and Heading Home

May 26, 2004 Comment on this post [1] Posted in TechEd | Speaking | NUnit | CodeRush
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Here's the last of the pictures of TechEd.  I need to head home to work on our SDK.  Sorry I didn't blog a lot of technical stuff this year.  I do however have a lot of thoughts about what I've seen and will try to put some commentary up this week.

Here's Aussie Adam Cogan who gave a talk on reporting in Exchange with SQL Reporting Services to a packed room.  I'm wincing as he's sitting on me.

It's Bob Reselman, author of Coding Slave!  If you buy a copy, buy it from his website so he gets more $.

It's James Newkirk signing a book for Benjamin.  James was the primary on NUnit!

Carl Franklin and Rory hosting the .NET Rocks BoF.  Note that there were a few people walking around with T-Shirts that said "Rory was invited." ;)

The whole Cabana session concept was a FABULOUS one.  It really built a sense of community and gave a formal place to hang out.  This really was one of the best TechEd's ever for me, and I wasn't even speaking! (other than an informal Cabana on CodeRush and the CodeGen BoF).  (Note that Scott Golightly is the only one actually looking at the camera! :) )


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May 26, 2004 16:21
Dude! I was waiting for the picture of us at the beach club so I could link to it!
if you still have it, bung it in an email!


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