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The Charity Auction has Begun: Bid on an Hour of .NET Consulting Time to help Banda Aceh

January 22, 2005 Comment on this post [6] Posted in ASP.NET | INETA | Learning .NET | Web Services | DasBlog | XML
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The link is live 9am EST Sunday, spread the word!

.NET Charity Auction - 


This auction is a charitable contribution. Winners will pay for an hour each of .NET consulting time to benefit the Tsunami victims of Banda Aceh.  ALL of the money will go to help the victims (tax benefit for you as well). ALL eBay fees are going to be paid by thinktecture ( an European consulting firm.


Bid for an hour of a .NET Celebrity Consultant’s time. Winners can pick the brain of a .NET Expert for an hour (highest bidders will be first in the “draft” for the consultant assigned to them). Winners can call, email or IM the consultant and use the hour to answer that nagging question, do a code review, or just get some general .NET advice.

There will be 30 winning bids. eBay rules require that all 30 winners pay the lowest bid price. So you are required to pay the lowest bid amount, but are encouraged to pay for your final bid (we will invoice you for both, it is your choice how much you want to donate to IDEP (payments via PayPal)). Here are the participants we have RDs and INETA speakers from all 6 continents and 12 countries!

We've added even more consultants for you to bid on!

Michelle Leroux Bustamante, Kimberly L. Tripp, Jonathan Goodyear, Andrew Brust, Richard Campbell, Adam Cogan, Malek Kemmou, Jackie Goldstein, Ted Neward, Kathleen Dollard, Hector M Obregon, Patrick Hynds, Fernando Guerrero, Kate Gregory, Joel Semeniuk, Scott Hanselman, Barry Gervin, Clemens Vasters, Jorge Oblitas, Stephen Forte, Jeffrey Richter, John Robbins, Jeff Prosise, Deborah Kurata, Goksin Bakir, Edgar Sánchez, Thomas Lee, J. Michael Palermo IV, Vishwas Lele, and John Lam

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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January 23, 2005 1:42
we had to kill that auction. It's tomorrow at 9am est. THere's a link on my blog.
January 23, 2005 2:33
Just out of curiosity, how was the list of consultants decided on? Was it invite only or did they get nominated somehow or ...?
January 23, 2005 3:45
Well now I've seen it all - celebrity .net consultants. Just about as self serving as Nicole Kidman auctioning a watch she gets paid to promote. Bunch of losers.
January 23, 2005 3:59
Bob, why so negative? We're just trying to raise some money. Hopefully a few thousand bucks for Charity. How is that self-serving?

Dave, it's just a bunch of people, started by Julia Lerman. She emailed her contacts. If you want to be in on the auction, totally email me or her and let's get you involved! This isn't an exclusive group by any means.
January 23, 2005 7:34
"This listing (5552696499) has been removed by eBay. Make sure that you've entered the item number correctly."

I assume you're going to re-post a link once it goes back up.
January 23, 2005 8:15
I believe that link will be live at 9am. I'll check it out and make sure I get a correct one posted.

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