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The perfect Nintendo Switch travel set up and recommended accessories

November 02, 2017 Comment on this post [11] Posted in Gaming | Reviews
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I've had a Nintendo Switch since launch day and let me tell you, it's joyful. Joyous. It's a little joy device. I love 4k Xboxen and raw power as much as the next Jane or Joe Gamer, but the Switch just keeps pumping out happy games. Indie games, Metroidvania games like Axiom Verge, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (worth the cost of the system) and now, super Mario Odyssey. Even Doom and Wolfenstein 2 are coming to the Switch soon!

I've travelled already with my Switch all over. Here's what I've come up with for my travels - and my at-home Switch Experience. I owe and use these items personally - and I vouch for their awesomeness and utility.

BlueTooth Adapter


This TaoTronics BlueTooth adapter fixes the most obvious problem with the Switch - no blueooth headset support. If there is ever a Switch 1.5 release, you can bet they'll add Bluetooth. This device is great for a few reasons. It's small, it has its own rechargeable battery, it charges with micro USB, and it supports both transmit and receive. That's an added bonus in that it lets you turn any speakers with a 1/8" headphone jack into a BT speaker. Again, tiny and fits in my Switch case. I pair my Airpods with this device by putting the Airpods into pairing mode by putting the case button, then holding down the pairing button on this adapter, which promiscuously pairs. Works great.

Switch Travellers Case


I have a Zelda version of this case. It's very roomy and I can fit a 3rd party stand, a dozen cartridges, BT adapter, headphones, screen wipes, and more inside. There's a number of options and styles past the link, including character cases.

Switch Joy-Con Gel Covers


These gel-covers - or ones like them - are essential. The Switch Joy-Cons are great for children's hands, but for normal/larger-sized people they are lacking something. It's not the cover, it's the extra depth these gel covers give you. I can't use the Switch without them.

HORI Compact Playstand


This is an airplane must. I want to use my Pro Controller one a plane - or at least detached Joy-Cons - so ideally I want to have the Switch stand on its own. The Switch does have its own kickstand, but honestly, it's flimsy. Works when the world isn't moving, but the angle is wrong and it tips over easily on a plane. This playstand folds flat, fits in the case above, and is very adjustable. It also works great to hold your phone or small tablet for watching movies, so it ends up playing double duty. Plus, it's $12.

Switch Grip Kit


This one is optional UNLESS you have little kids and Mario Kart. When you're using Switch Joy-Cons as individual controllers, again, they are small. These turn them into tiny Xbox-style controllers. They are plastic holsters, but the kids love them.

HDMI Type C USB Hub Adapter for Switch


This can replace your not-portable Switch Dock. I didn't believe it would work but it's great. I can also fit this tiny Dongle in my Switch Case, and along with an HDMI cable and existing Switch power adapter I can plug the Switch into any hotel TV with HDMI. It's an amazing thing to be able to game in a hotel on a long business trip with minimal stuff to carry.

BASSTOP Portable Switch Dock


Another docking option that requires some assembly and disassembly on your part is this Portable Dock. It's not the dock, it's just the plastic shell. You'll need to take apart your existing giant dock and discover it's all air. The internals of the official dock then fit inside this one.

What are YOUR must have Switch Accessories? And more important, WHY HAVE YOU NO BUY SWITCH?

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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November 02, 2017 22:17
If there is ever a Switch 1.5 release, you can bet they'll add Bluetooth

The nice thing is that the regular Switch already has Bluetooth (that's how the wireless controllers work), so there's a chance that they'll add Bluetooth audio support through software.

Great list though! Something to keep in mind with those portable docks (I have the nyko one myself) is that there seem to be reports of them frying Switches' USB ports, and since there's no cloud saving (yet? I hope), if that happens, we're likely to lose our saves while Nintendo fixes it.
November 02, 2017 22:22
Another option besides the portable dock shell if you're still doing 3D printing regularly:

This design has worked far better for me than the others I've tried.
November 02, 2017 22:26
Oh also, your link for the bluetooth adapter links to Axiom Verge, this is what you're looking for
November 02, 2017 22:28
Scott, your Bluetooth adapter link goes to the Axiom game :(

Great blog as always, great seeing your raspberry pi cloud demo in Vegas yesterday.
November 02, 2017 22:33
On a plane. :)

Should be fixed now?
November 03, 2017 13:32
it's a shame.. HDMI Type C USB Hub Adapter for Switch can not be shipped to the Netherlands :(
otherwise i ordered it.
November 03, 2017 16:25
Darn you Hanselman - I managed to resist the urge to buy a Switch/Zelda when they were first released, but now you've planted the seed again... ;)
November 03, 2017 18:16
<blockquote cite"Scott">It's an amazing thing to be able to game in a hotel on a long business trip with minimal stuff to carry.</blockquote>

To me, the Switch looks appealing solely for the exclusive games. TBH, carrying around half a dozen additional gadgets just to use the one main gadget sounds like an absent-minded person's nightmare.

A laptop can do 100% of everything you list here as features of your setup, and has been able to do all those things for 25+ years. One step forward, two steps back.
November 05, 2017 2:09
What I'd buy is a daydream/gear VR headset thing. Doesn't even need to do VR, just hold the Switch like 6" away from my head so I can play with the detached Joy Con without hunching over or holding the Switch in my hands.

I have big hands so it's about a zillion times more comfortable playing with them detached versus clicked onto the sides of the system, but setting it on a table usually means it's uncomfortably far away or too low so you wind up hunching in a really uncomfortable position to see the screen clearly.
November 06, 2017 20:39
Wow, this is cool. Thanks for sharing
November 08, 2017 16:31
A great idea for people like me, who travel a lot. It can give me a chance to utilized it well. I have a question about BASSTOP Portable Switch Dock. How I can put power in it as it has no physical hatch attached?

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