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Top 10 Customer Issues in Visual Studio 2005 - I'm in the Top Ten!

June 02, 2005 Comment on this post [4] Posted in Coding4Fun
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Madness. Soma posted the Top 10 Customer Issues in Visual Studio 2005 and there I am at #4 (or #6, depending on your point of view) with Tray Icon support is limited: System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon doesn't support Balloon Help without P/Invoke. I ran into this during a early build of Beta 1 while writing "What's Playing" for the Coding4Fun site. I found the P/Invoke solution intolerable. They actually fixed this one early on, I think in the November CTP, as it's a pretty easy thing to have fixed.

I declare that I shall now be known as "The Savior of Balloon Help" - at least around my house. ;)

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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June 02, 2005 0:33
"Savior of the Balloons"... "God of the Wind Bags"... It's all good! :)
June 02, 2005 3:26
Good work balloon boy.
June 02, 2005 3:29
You can also see how any ratings system can be turned totally ineffective in the world with blogs. The importance gained by any issue is no more proportional to its "real" criticality but to the popularity of the person who mentioned it. The scale of the problem is obviously universal. A site would recursively get more importance if gets linked by popular website irrespective of existance of more relavent content elsewhere. Not to take on you, but just thought about thinking a thought I'd been thinking for quite ;)
June 06, 2005 7:19
You aren't kidding Shital...

I blogged about a couple issues I had recently with ASP.NET and pointed people at the issue via the Blog. Promptly these two relatively minor issues ended up with 20 votes or so and within a day I heard back from Microsoft directly on this issue.

I previously posted a few other issues that were much more critical but didn't have a blog tie in and they got 0 votes, presumably because nobody sees them. So yeah, attention is definitely the number one factor on votes.

I think very few people actually go looking through bugs and vote - I mean who has time for that unless it's an issue you've already run into and need solved.

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