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August 03, 2006 Comment on this post [13] Posted in ASP.NET | DasBlog
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Tagcloud ExampleSpeaking of DasBlog, one of the other things we're working on for the upcoming 1.9 release (remember, you can always get the latest source each day - many folks do like to live on the edge) is Tagcloud support, as seen in the image at right (the real thing is on the left, scroll down).

Here's a from memory list of cool new things (we'll do release notes soon):

  • Much better multi-user/blogger support including a Top Posters macro and total comments - from Christoph De Baene
  • TagCloud - from Scott
  • Huge (100x+) speedup in Macro execution - from Scott
  • Support for If-Not-Modified to speed up execution, improve RSS bandwidth and CPU cycles - from Scott
  • Direct Feedburner Support with 301 redirection for RSS and Atom feeds. Don't lose a single subscriber. We're the only blog with direct support for Feedburner and Feedflare I believe. - from Scott
  • Delete comments directly from your mail reader - from Omar
  • New themes out of the box, 18 at last count - from Many Folks
  • New XML-RPC support for newMediaObject - from Omar and Giuseppe Dipietro
  • New support for RSD so client software can autoconfigure itself - from Omar
  • Pluggable Rich Text Editor, choose from FreeTextBox or FCKEditor or write your own adapter - from Josh Flanagan
  • Support for CoComment - from Scott
  • Organized source, build, and packing for clarity - from Josh Flanagan
  • New Feed Icons - from Omar
  • Automatic disabling of Comments after a certain number of days. Also manual "close comments" support - from Omar
  • ContentLookAhead show future dated posts - from Josh Flanagan
  • Other misc fixes and suggestions from Tomas Restrepo, Jason Follas, Rene Lebherz and Steven Rockarts. Added entry CPU usage optimizatons from George V. Reilly.
  • Better strings and support for Portuegue, Turkish and Vietnamese from Ph?m Ð?c H?i.

One other thing...folks know that DasBlog is all file-based - no database - so doing mass operations like Category renames, re-categorization is non-trivial and non-performant. I'm working on that and currently have a number of Powershell scripts to make large-scale changes offline. In testing those scripts I took the opportunity to re-categorize my whole site over the last four years of content (some better than others) and in the process added a lot more categories to help folks find what they need.

Attention New Subscribers: I encourage you to peruse the Complete Archive with categorized links to every post ever as well as the Tag Cloud/Category Thing over on the in the left side. Also, for those temporally-minded view, check out the Calendar View (here's 2006) to find what you need.

The next mini-project is to tune a robots.txt file to make Google search a DasBlog site more intelligently, resulting in better search results.

Stay tuned.

Thanks folks.

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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August 03, 2006 9:41
Will this release be .NET 1.1 or 2.0?
August 03, 2006 10:17
Hi Scott,
Thats an awsom features list and I'm anxiosuly waiting v1.9. I've tried running the current release from SVN but ran into some stability issues...
I was wondering if you're considering moving the dasBlog project to CodePlex?
I'm willing to help in making such a move...

Eran Kampf
August 03, 2006 10:51
Any future plans to make the codebase .Net 2.0? I know you can do with Web Application Project installed but would be nice to have a standard version of it? I'd even contribute to it then :)

I found this fork that Jeswin did but is based on an older version of dasBog.
August 03, 2006 15:20
"Direct Feedburner Support with 301 redirection for RSS and Atom feeds. Don't lose a single subscriber. We're the only blog with direct support for Feedburner and Feedflare I believe. - from Scott"
Community Server 2.1 will have a similar feature, though it's not restricted to FeedBurner (see
August 03, 2006 15:27
Ohh, this is sweet Scott. Looking forward to updated very much :)
August 03, 2006 16:45
This is all awesome stuff! I was just looking at 1.8 version wondering if I wanted to use it- so when is 1.9 coming out?

August 03, 2006 18:02
Any better support for allowing outside form code? currently, the templates don't support adding any code that has form tags inside, because the page takes over form operations, thus making included forms useless. I'm thinking of stuff like being able to submit form data to another site for email subscriptions ( feed blitz ), pay pal donations, poll voting, etc. The poll voting we do right now utilizes javascript includes from website, but a lot of service providers don't provide javascript code for those purposes, just straight form code.

Also: any improved support for including other pages other than .format.html ? I'm thining like .format.asp, etc? Using other scripting pages is currently not supported.
August 03, 2006 20:42
The Tag Cloud is cool, however pulling up the "Web Services" choice under the cloud gives me 414 files totally nearly 3.5 Megs due to the complete history I'm given. That's a BIG page.

Any way that could be broken down into many, more manageable, pages?
August 03, 2006 22:55
"The next mini-project is to tune a robots.txt file to make Google search a DasBlog site more intelligently, resulting in better search results."

Funny you should mention that... I've been wrestling with asking if you'd let me contribute an HttpHandler for Google Sitemaps ( Problem is, I'd hate to commit to something and then totally not deliver...
August 03, 2006 23:32
Rich - Paging is totally on my list to do. Wanna help?

Rob - Are you sure you can't just compile a separate .dll and include your own .aspx pages?
August 04, 2006 9:30
Scott, I noticed on one of your posts you were using a lightbox - so I checked and you were referencing prototype and scriptaculous and a lightbox file. Are you guys including this type of stuff in dasBlog or is it just your site? As much as they are slick, I don't think the Object.prototype hacking that the prototype lib does is A Good Thing. You were checking out MochiKit a while back ( and I was wondering if you have looked at it much lately, it is one sexy piece of work and does a lot of what prototype/scriptaculous does without any Object.prototype fornication.
August 06, 2006 18:41
Aah, finally a tagcloud control. I was thinking of crafting a custom macro myself that would use the cloud control that can be found on codeproject. I hope however that the amounts can be set to Off or only when you hover over the tag in the cloud.

Recently I also created a small tutorial on how to create custom macros for dasBlog:,category,Technical%2cdasBlog%2cMacros.aspx.

Grz, Kris.
August 10, 2006 1:15
Great! This is going to be a major update. I've been using DasBlog for almost a year now, and it's great.

Recently, I already added a tagcloud on my blog at ... guess this will be better however :).

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