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Linux (43)

11/02/2021 WSL2 can now mount Linux ext4 disks directly
10/28/2021 How to set the default user for a WSL distro that has been manually installed with wsl --import
10/18/2021 Space Cadet Pinball for Windows 95 recompiled for Linux running on Windows 11 as a Linux app under WSLg
10/05/2021 Shrink your WSL2 Virtual Disks and Docker Images and Reclaim Disk Space
04/22/2021 Can you really develop with Linux GUI Apps on Windows 10 with WSLg? How about PyCharm?
04/21/2021 How to run Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 with WSL and WSLg
01/22/2021 Using Tailscale on Windows to network more easily with WSL2 and Visual Studio Code
10/13/2020 Classic Path.DirectorySeparatorChar gotchas when moving from .NET Core on Windows to Linux
10/06/2020 Keeping your WSL Linux instances up to date automatically within Windows 10
08/04/2020 THE EASY WAY how to SSH into Bash and WSL2 on Windows 10 from an external machine
07/30/2020 How to SSH into WSL2 on Windows 10 from an external machine
07/23/2020 Official Support for Remote Debugging a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 from Visual Studio on Windows
03/24/2020 Easily adding Security Headers to your ASP.NET Core web app and getting an A grade
03/12/2020 CSI: The case of the missing WAV audio files on the FAT32 SD Card
03/10/2020 How to SSH into a Windows 10 Machine from Linux OR Windows OR anywhere
02/25/2020 How to set up a tab profile in Windows Terminal to automatically SSH into a Linux box
02/21/2020 How to set up Docker within Windows System for Linux (WSL2) on Windows 10
12/13/2019 Moving an ASP.NET Core from Azure App Service on Windows to Linux by testing in WSL and Docker first
12/03/2019 Remote Debugging a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 from Visual Studio on Windows
11/22/2019 Easily move WSL distributions between Windows 10 machines with import and export!
11/13/2019 Cool WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) tips and tricks you (or I) didn't know were possible
10/15/2019 Assert your assumptions - .NET Core and subtle locale issues with WSL's Ubuntu
10/01/2019 A wonderfully unholy alliance - Real Linux commands for PowerShell with WSL function wrappers
09/20/2019 What's the difference between a console, a terminal, and a shell?
09/17/2019 Patching the new Cascadia Code to include Powerline Glyphs and other Nerd Fonts for the Windows Terminal
07/30/2019 Docker Desktop for WSL 2 integrates Windows 10 and Linux even closer
07/25/2019 Ruby on Rails on Windows is not just possible, it's fabulous using WSL2 and VS Code
11/14/2018 Web Development and Advanced Techniques with Linux on Windows (WSL)
10/10/2018 Using Enhanced Mode Ubuntu 18.04 for Hyper-V on Windows 10
07/27/2018 SQL Server on Linux or in Docker plus cross-platform SQL Operations Studio
06/05/2018 Carriage Returns and Line Feeds will ultimately bite you - Some Git Tips
05/25/2018 The year of Linux on the (Windows) Desktop - WSL Tips and Tricks
05/18/2018 Installing PowerShell Core on a Raspberry Pi (powered by .NET Core)
03/16/2018 Cross-platform GUIs with open source .NET using Eto.Forms
03/01/2018 Running ASP.NET Core on GoDaddy's cheapest shared Linux Hosting - Don't Try This At Home
01/11/2018 Building 0verkill on Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux - 2D ASCII art deathmatch game
07/10/2017 Ubuntu now in the Windows Store: Updates to Linux on Windows 10 and Important Tips
06/08/2017 Trying .NET Core on Linux with just a tarball (without apt-get)
04/13/2017 Setting up a Shiny Development Environment within Linux on Windows 10
04/12/2017 Ruby on Rails on Azure App Service (Web Sites) with Linux (and Ubuntu on Windows 10)
04/03/2017 Writing and debugging Linux C++ applications from Visual Studio using the "Windows Subsystem for Linux"
09/01/2016 Publishing an ASP.NET Core website to a cheap Linux VM host
04/09/2016 Installing Fish Shell on Ubuntu on Windows 10

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