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Ruby (66)

07/25/2019 Ruby on Rails on Windows is not just possible, it's fabulous using WSL2 and VS Code
04/12/2017 Ruby on Rails on Azure App Service (Web Sites) with Linux (and Ubuntu on Windows 10)
02/24/2015 Running the Ruby Middleman Static Site Generator on Microsoft Azure
02/09/2015 Announcing: Running Ruby on Rails on IIS8 (or anything else, really) with the new HttpPlatformHandler
02/04/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 197 - The Dynamic Language Runtime, IronRuby and IronPython with Jimmy Schementi
06/24/2008 The Weekly Source Code 29 - Ruby and Shoes and the First Ruby Virus
03/22/2008 IronPython and the DLR march on
03/19/2008 The Weekly Source Code 20 - A Web Framework for Every Language
03/04/2008 2008 Window Scripting Games - Advanced PowerShell Event 7
01/31/2008 The Weekly Source Code 14 - Fluent Interface Edition
10/09/2007 ScottGu MVC Presentation and ScottHa Screencast from ALT.NET Conference
08/03/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 75 - John Lam on Iron Ruby from OSCON
07/23/2007 John Lam presenting at PADNUG on Thursday
07/23/2007 WPF Sample in IronRuby talking via C# to Wesabe
05/24/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 65 - Martin Fowler and David Heinemeier Hansson
05/23/2007 Programmer Intent or What you're not getting about Ruby and why it's the tits
05/21/2007 Is Microsoft losing the Alpha Geeks?
05/17/2007 Ruby on .NET, Silverlight Gems, the DLR, and RailsConf 2007
05/01/2007 Putting Mix, Silverlight, the CoreCLR and the DLR into context
02/20/2007 Tips on 2007 Conference Attendance
01/06/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 45 - IronPython ASP.NET and Language Extensibility
09/26/2006 Why Would a .NET Programmer Learn Ruby on Rails?
08/18/2006 WATIR for .NET - WatiN approaches 0.8 release and automating IE from PowerShell
07/25/2006 New Release of WatirMaker now WatirRecorder
07/20/2006 Time Saver - Using Watir as a Startup Program in your ASP.NET Projects
07/18/2006 Portland Code Camp 2006 contracts and expands
07/10/2006 Portland (and SW Washington) CodeCamp 2006
07/07/2006 WatirMaker written again in Ruby
07/05/2006 Serializing Objects as JavaScript using Atlas, JSON.NET and AjaxPro
07/02/2006 Sapphire In Steel - Ruby within Visual Studio 2005
07/02/2006 A Very Poor Man's Vonage Web Service using Watir
06/22/2006 TechEd 2006 In Conclusion
06/12/2006 TechEd 2006 Microcast - John Lam on Ruby
06/09/2006 TechEd 2006 Approaches
04/25/2006 Speaking Schedule - 2nd Quarter 2006
04/05/2006 Ruby as Cross Platform Monad
03/30/2006 Ruby Birds of a Feather at TechEd 2006
03/23/2006 Loving Mush - I mean Monad
03/15/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 10
03/10/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 9
02/14/2006 WatirNUt - Portable Watir Tests integrated with NUnit
02/14/2006 Accessing Fields with Regular Expressions and Watir
02/10/2006 WatirMaker redux or Watir WebRecorder ne WatirMaker
01/23/2006 OnTurning0x20AndLookingBackArt2005
01/17/2006 VB.NET and C# - Duplication of Effort?
01/14/2006 NUnit/Watir/Ruby Test Integration
01/14/2006 Clicking a JavaScript Dialog using Watir
01/12/2006 Paving my machine for a fresh 2006
12/26/2005 My Year In Blogging - 2005
09/30/2005 Boo - Shiny CLI Language
08/03/2005 WatirMaker Version 0.01 Source
07/27/2005 Introducing WatirMaker - Recording for Ruby-based Watir
07/07/2005 New Notepad2 with Ruby Syntax Highlighting
07/03/2005 A few dasBlog changes coming tonight
07/01/2005 Code Camp Portland - July 23 and 24
06/30/2005 Integrating Ruby and Watir with NUnit
05/23/2005 UML 2.0 Diagrams and Shape Downloads for Microsoft Visio
03/07/2005 Stop Complaining
02/04/2005 The DebuggerDisplayAttribute in Visual Studio 2005 and IFormattable
10/24/2004 EWeek story on the XmlDevCon
10/07/2004 Word of Mouth means more these days...
07/29/2004 "Neo, there is no boolean." - Web Services, Product Releases, Travel and Famous Bloggers.
06/15/2004 UML Symbols for Visio
06/14/2004 Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn
07/11/2003 From my blog to God's Ear...
10/09/2002 And now for something completely different A hrefhttpw

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