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Sapphire In Steel - Ruby within Visual Studio 2005

July 02, 2006 Comment on this post [0] Posted in PowerShell | Ruby | Watir | Bugs
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Steel_ideWell, apparently I'm the last to notice this one (likely because I've been up to my ears in PowerShell, not Ruby) but "SapphireInSteel" is a Visual Studio 2005 Project add-on that adds Ruby *editing* support to Visual Studio.

This has nothing to do with turning Ruby into IL or making Ruby a .NET Language (although those projects exist.) This is about editing and debugging Ruby within Visual Studio 2005.

If you haven't played with Ruby, take a moment and do this:

This'll be great for everyone who does both Ruby and .NET, but especially for those doing .NET plus Watir development. This is apparently a very actively development project so subscribe to their blog.

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