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Coding4Fun is LIVE! - A new syndicated MSDN Column

April 18, 2005 Comment on this post [13] Posted in Coding4Fun | XML | Gaming
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I can finally tell my little secret. I'm a part of the new Coding4Fun site that was launched as a part of Beta2 today.

Coding4Fun is a new .NET 2.0-focused hobbyist site with a number of great syndicated columns including ones on creating games, web development, XML and my new column on interfacing with hardware called Some Assembly Required. (It's a triple play on words if you think for a sec)

My first article is on interfacing a CrystalFontz USB LCD Display to Windows Media Player or iTunes using .NET 2.0.

There's a lot of great code up there now, and lots more coming. I'm pretty impressed with the 'Express' SKUs for Visual Studio, and I hope they will inspire more hobbyist developers to jump in and enjoy.

Updated: Here's an RSS Feed.

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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April 18, 2005 14:09
Oh That is SWEET! Nice article Scott. Keep up the good work :-)
April 18, 2005 16:44
Nice article. Where is the rss feed for the entire Coding4Fun site?
April 18, 2005 18:23
Nice!!! The articles are great, but as Chris said, where is the RSS feed?
April 18, 2005 19:00
Really, I mean how hard is it to add an RSS feed to an ASP.NET site? Just slap an http handler in there and point to it. That's lame cassarole with a tart lame sauce on it.

The content looks good though.
April 18, 2005 19:13
Seriously needs an RSS feed for me to keep up with it. Looks like great content, but without an RSS feed it'll soon be forgotten by me. A sad state of information overload :(
April 18, 2005 19:58
Scott, as I don't have an LCD display I skim read your article - it looks excellent!
One thing I noticed is that you obviously use the same test that I do when playing with new stuff: 'What does "Hello World" do?' ;-)

I've always wanted an LCD in the rear window of the car, scrolling "Turn your foglights off, you moron". Perhaps now is the time to invest in a wide LCD display and a more thorough reading of your first article!

cool stuff, keep up the good work.
Oh, and just for good measure - please get them to add an RSS feed :-)
April 18, 2005 20:15
I just wanted to quickly respond on the Coding4Fun site getting an RSS feed. Originally the site was planned to be fully consume a blog with each column having an RSS feed. Late last week we ran into some problems consuming from an RSS feed, but very shortly, less then two weeks we will have:

- An RSS feed for all articles on the site
- An RSS feed for each individual column

Sorry for the inconvenience,
April 19, 2005 2:10
Hooray, the squeeky wheel has been greased.

Now, where are the per category RSS feeds? (ducking and running)
April 19, 2005 23:24
Great article... not a .NET expert, but like many others a wannabe :)

The LCD article is really nice...Once I have VS 2005 downloaded from MSDN (its slow!), and have that LCD (Btw, those are costly! 60-80$), I should be all set.

Noticed, the download link is broken. Any ideas when will MS start hosting those samples on the same site? (or maybe you can post a link in the blog?)

Keep 'em coming!

April 20, 2005 1:14
The download link works now... must have been a temporary glitch in their download page...

Woohoo I am off to coding (err, copying the code first and running ;) )

- Keeron
April 20, 2005 4:39
Hey everybody -

In case you didn't notice, the RSS feed is available from off the main page now.
Link is

Sorry this didn't make the initial launch - it has been in our plan all along, honest. :-)

Thanks for checking out the site!

Brian Keller & The Coding4Fun Team
April 22, 2005 18:22
This is not just for hobbiests, but also for professionals, right?
May 09, 2005 13:40
Just the kind of site you need after you've been coding on your 23rd average database driven web site.

There is a problem reading the left column of news on the front page though, the text gets clipped off.

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