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More dasBlog 1.7 changes coming soon

January 02, 2005 Comment on this post [3] Posted in ASP.NET | DasBlog | HttpModule | Bugs | Tools
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Omar and I are still busting our butts on a "newtelligence dasBlog Community Edition 1.7" release in the next few weeks. There will likely be a number of changes, many of which Omar has on the dasBlog Wiki.

In the last week we've:

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January 02, 2005 6:11
Sounds good Scott. That's a bunch of features you guys are adding. I'd be interested to see a side by side comparison of features of dasBlog and .Text. It would be nice to know what I'm missing out on/why I would switch. I started using .Text without really comparing it with anything.
January 02, 2005 7:02
This is excellent news. THanks for all of the hard work. Last September, I switched from dasBlog to .Text. Last week, I switched back. I had a lot of entries in dasBlog and I also like the way it works better. Anything that .Text can do that dasBlog doesn't do, I can help add it.

Speaking of which, I'm anxiously awaiting the switch to Sourceforge.
January 19, 2005 0:39
2 days ago i found this dasblog application. and just saw that you are putting all this work into it still. I have to say. Congrats put a paypal link up somewhere.

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