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NewsGator Desktop Sync Beta (Windows RSS Platform / NewsGator Online Synchronization)

September 23, 2006 Comment on this post [6] Posted in Musings
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Ngossync1I just noticed this...NewsGator Desktop Sync Beta (download if you have IE7RC1/.NET 2.0 or VistaRC1 and a Newsgator Account.)

It's an applet that keeps the Common Feed Store and NewsGator Feed Store synchronized.

I haven't found a use/purpose for the Common Feed Store yet, but at least it's synchronized! Outlook 2007 will then synchronize that store with your PST version in outlook. That's a crapload of feeds in three places, eh?

It's beta, but it's cool of Newsgator to have a sync plan with what will likely become the defacto store for RSS feeds - the Microsoft Common Feed Store, even if it doesn't have a totally clear story for secure storage and retrieval of feeds yet.

One thing that is nice about the NewsGator Desktop Sync:

When a post is marked as read in IE7, that read state is sent right away to NewsGator Online. But if you mark a post as read in NewsGator Online, it will not be marked read in IE7 until the next time Desktop Sync does it's synchronization with NewsGator Online.

Personally I have a lot of trouble with NewsGator Online Sync. I run FeedDemon on three machines and often my feeds are randomly gray/disabled, or not grayed but stop updating, and sometimes, if rarely, disappear. I also find that the read state - the "what I've read and what I haven't" is out of sync a few times a week.

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September 23, 2006 13:35
You need to use the feed store to add feeds to the RSS gadget in the sidebar. This is super-non-intuitive, as most things in Vista seem to be.
September 23, 2006 16:19
My big problem with the newsgator sync is that it once you've marked a post as read, it stays read even if it is updated by the publisher, which means you sometimes loose interesting stuff when someone updated a post to include new information and you never notice :(
September 23, 2006 17:19
also take a look at NewsGator go! a mobile client that can sync with your desktops
September 24, 2006 0:54
Awesome find - this is exactly what i was looking for.
September 25, 2006 21:45
I've been looking for a perfect way to view my numerous feeds for quite some time, tried pretty much all the clients, online services and am currently stuck on Doubt I'll switch soon.
September 26, 2006 23:09
I have the same issue with FeedDemon and it drives me nuts. You can go into a burried dialog and resync your sync state but that's a bit of a hack.

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