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11/23/2021 A Nightscout Segment for OhMyPosh shows my realtime Blood Sugar readings in my Git Prompt
05/11/2021 Updating FloatingGlucose to .NET 5 - Display Nightscout or Dexcom Glucose Values on the Windows Desktop
06/06/2019 This changes everything for the DIY Diabetes Community - TidePool partners with Medtronic and Dexcom
04/23/2019 Open Source Artificial Pancreases will become the new standard of care for Diabetes in 2019
03/14/2019 Xbox Avatar accessories for People with Diabetes! Sponsored by Nightscout and Konsole Kingz
02/07/2019 Lighting up my DasKeyboard with Blood Sugar changes using my body's REST API
09/07/2018 The Extremely Promising State of Diabetes Technology in 2018
12/17/2017 Visualizing your real-time blood sugar values AND a Git Prompt on Windows PowerShell and Linux Bash
08/01/2016 GitKraken Pro git client teaming up with NightScout to support Open Source Diabetes software
06/16/2016 The Promising State of Diabetes Technology in 2016
10/13/2015 Diabetes Technology: Dexcom G5 CGM Review - So much wasted potential
03/14/2015 Bridging Dexcom Share CGM Receivers and Nightscout
11/03/2014 Enabling Websockets for Node apps on Microsoft Azure
06/30/2014 Diabetics: It's fun to say Bionic Pancreas but how about a reality check
09/29/2013 It's WAY too early to call this Insulin Pump an Artificial Pancreas
10/05/2012 Hacking Diabetes
06/17/2012 The Sad State of Diabetes Technology in 2012
08/05/2011 Hackers can kill Diabetics with Insulin Pumps from a half mile away - Um, no. Facts vs. Journalistic Fear mongering
09/07/2010 Details on the 2010 Diabetes Walk and a Thank You
05/07/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 214 - Type 1 Diabetes and Running Marathons with Gary Schmidt
04/22/2010 A Diabetic Product Review for Non-Diabetics - The Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm "Revel" Insulin Pump and CGM
04/19/2010 Team Hanselman and Diabetes Walk 2010
12/11/2008 South Africa 2008 - Diabetic Time Zones
10/13/2007 Retrospective: Halo 3 Fights Diabetes
10/09/2007 REMINDER: Register TODAY for the Fight Diabetes with Halo 3 Big Screen Party
09/28/2007 Raising Money for Diabetes with Halo 3 on Oct 11
09/23/2007 The 2007 Walk Against Diabetes approaches
09/05/2007 Welcome Good Day Oregon Viewers - Fight Diabetes 2007
06/08/2007 Video: Twittering your Diabetes on NBC11 News in San Francisco
05/22/2007 Twittering my Diabetes - Conclusion and Complete Transcript
05/18/2007 Twittering my Diabetes
05/05/2007 Diabetes Walk 2007 - Blog Matching Challenge and Silverlight Presentation in Portland
04/12/2007 Team Hanselman and Diabetes Walk 2007
04/10/2007 A Call for Good Design - One Guy, an Insulin Pump, 8 PDAs and an iPod
03/21/2007 SweetSpot - Web-Based Diabetes Management and ClickOnce
12/16/2006 Arusha Tanzania 2006 Day 14 - Travelling as a Diabetic
10/25/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 38 - Diabetes Technology
10/18/2006 The First 12 Hours - The Medtronic Minimed Paradigm REAL-time Continuous Glucose Monitor
05/06/2006 Diabetes Walk 2006 - The Day of the Walk
04/19/2006 New integrated real-time glucose meter and pump coming THIS SUMMER
03/30/2006 Type 1 Diabetes will likely be cured in my lifetime - and just in time
03/20/2006 Team Hanselman and Diabetes Walk 2006
03/04/2006 Continous Glucose Monitoring
02/20/2006 Answering Questions (and putting your gamercard on your desktop)
01/30/2006 GlucoPilot for the Palm - Open Sourced?
01/17/2006 Z's first all-nighter
01/07/2006 2006 is the year of Video Chat
12/28/2005 My stark realization that I may be an early adopter
11/27/2005 Symlin plus Insulin equals new Diabetes Therapy
11/07/2005 What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?
01/17/2005 Another dasBlog Slashdot, this time Greg Hughes' CopsOnTop Charity...audioblogging in Kilimanjaro
01/13/2005 I'm digging Skype more and more, the I'm tired of all the different "Me" issues. Also, moving your Skype contacts.
10/26/2004 GlucoBoy - Diabetes Monitoring for your GameBoy
09/27/2004 GlucoMON - Long Range Wireless delivery of Blood Sugar information for Diabetic Kids
09/06/2004 Minimed Pump Equipment
08/18/2004 Dietary and Nutritional Information for Fast Food Restaurants
08/02/2004 Medtronic Minimed 508 Insulin Pump vs. my New Paradigm 512 Insulin Pump and Blood Glucose Meter
05/25/2004 The Wall Street Journal on the Power of Blogging, the Power of Scoble and My Spot Watch
05/19/2004 Crazy Small World
05/10/2004 Hooked on Skype
05/06/2004 Scott's Diabetes Explanation: The Airplane Analogy
01/14/2004 The Bat Belt Effect - Geeks, Dorks and Diabetics
10/09/2003 Wireless Blood Sugar/Glucose Meter...
10/09/2003 Getting back in the swing...
09/21/2003 Technology and the first insulin pump...
09/16/2003 Switching [all] Providers...
09/10/2003 ASPLive! and flying on 9/11
09/02/2003 My buddy Garrick just got a LifeScan UltraSmart meter and heres his detailed review BLOCKQUOTE dirltr styleMARGINR
08/14/2003 The New Minimed Paradigm 512
07/28/2003 Garrick Neal's Ten Commandments of Diabetes
07/11/2003 It's beginning...
07/03/2003 Dinner at the Crossroad Mall on 7/7?
04/21/2003 Glucagon-like peptide 1 (1-37) converts intestinal epithelial cells into insulin-producing cells.
03/11/2003 The New Lifescan OneTouch UltraSmart
03/11/2003 The New Look for
01/22/2003 It's official, my twenties are winding down
11/23/2002 Sue has to go do a 2 hour Glucose Tolerance Test this morning Im going She might have Gestational Diabetes with this perg
11/21/2002 I found this older article from TheFeaturecom about Wireless Health Care andnbspDiabetes called A hr
10/09/2002 Theres a story about me and m
10/07/2002 Couple of new books over at my bookstore DiabeticBookscomnbsp check them out
09/26/2002 Fantasticnbsp So because I was an early user of the GlucoWatch
05/04/2002 Ive been using the GlucoWatch for a week nownbsp A hrefhttpradioweblogscom0106747imagesGlucoWatchTrend1JP
04/25/2002 Ive been a diabetic for almostnbsp9 years nownbsp It just randomly happened when

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